World Rush 56F is the first lure with a flash boost on a cover crank!

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Features of World Rush 56F

What kind of lure is World Rush 56F?


I would like to introduce the World Rush 56F, a new style cover attack type crankbait equipped with a flash boost.


This is a new type of cover crankbait that is completely focused on cover avoidance performance and is equipped with the flash boost mechanism used in sea fishing plugs. During the stay after avoiding the cover, the inside of the body will continuously flash, inviting a reaction bite.

flash boost

A reflector is suspended from a spring bar inside the body, and it is Shimano's unique mechanism that continuously sways even when the lure is not in action, causing continuous flashing and appeal.


This mechanism was installed in minnows for sea bass and blue fish, and has also been incorporated into bass plugs with minnows and vibrations, but the World Rush 56F is the first to be equipped with this mechanism as a cover crank.


Specifications of World Rush 56F

As a spec of World Rush 56F Total length 56mm, weight 16g, floating typeIt is Hooks are equipped with #8 hooks on both the front and rear.


The lineup includes a total of 10 colors, from colors that are resistant to muddying such as black chartreuse and gold chartreuse to natural colors, and the wide variety of colors is also attractive.

Tackle suitable for World Rush 56F

Tackle suitable for World Rush 56F


We will introduce the appropriate tackle settings when using World Rush 56F. This setting can be used not only for World Rush but for crankbaits in general, so please use it as a reference.

Zodias 170M-G/2

This rod is made of glass material and is extremely compatible with crankbaits.It is a rod that can fly as far as 7ft, yet is affordable and has high cost performance.


It has undergone a model change in 2020 and has even better sensitivity, making it a highly recommended rod. Since it is a medium rod, it can be used for scroll lures other than crankbaits.

Total length (m): 2.13
Joint number (book): 2
Closure (cm): 109.2
Own weight (g): 120
Lure weight (g): 7-28
Fit line (lb): 8-20

SLX MGL 70/71

Although it is reasonably priced, it can handle everything from lightweight lures to big baits, and since it is equipped with an MGL spool, it can achieve a perfect distance, and the spool diameter is 32mm, making it a versatile reel that can be handled.


The weight of the World Rush 56F is 16g, which is the weight that SLX is good at, making it the perfect reel.


How to use World Rush 56F

Where can I use World Rush 56F?


Since it is a cover crankbait, it is recommended to use it around all kinds of structures, such as terrain changes such as piles, piers, and break lines, weeds, riprap such as cobblestones, and rocks.


Basically, you just wind the lure down, and when the lip touches the structure, stop winding and let the lure surface. world rush is this Stopping action is very importantThen, when the lure rises gently, the flash boost effect also occurs, and the bass bites unexpectedly.


Since the lip is square, it has high cover avoidance performance and allows you to attack the structure tightly. Equipped with a flash boost mechanism that has outstanding appeal, Effective in muddy and stained water areas.

A new one at World Rush 56F

Let's catch bass at World Rush 56F!


How was it? Crankbaits that incorporate a continuous flushing mechanism inside are unprecedented in the past, so they will be extremely effective against bass.


Use World Rush 56F, which is easily available at mass retailers, to attack cover and structure and catch big bass in spring, summer, fall, and winter! !

Cover strategy with World Rush 56F