Rapala countdown 7 series! What kind of fishing is it good for?

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What kind of lure is Rapala's Countdown?

Countdown is a lure series released by Rapala. It has been used by many anglers for over 50 years as a super standard lure for lure fishing. Normally, lures are mainly made of plastic or metal, but the Countdown series is made from wood such as balsa, and is characterized by good floating and sharp action.

Rapala countdown series

There are currently 7 types in the countdown series. We will introduce each of them below.


This is the basic model of the Countdown series, and there are 6 types: CD1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11, and the weight range is wide from 2.7 to 16g. You can use different sizes depending on the fish you are targeting, but CD7 or CD9 are the easiest to use in terms of size. The material is balsa wood, and it attracts fish with a very crisp action.


The start of the swim is a little slow, but you can make it swim smoothly by winding or darting quickly after landing on the water. When you just wind it, it wobbles violently and attracts fish.

rapala countdown

countdown lipless

This is a countdown lipless model. Since there is no lip, there is no violent action just by reeling, but by making it swim swaying, it is effective on threaded fish that do not respond to violent movements. Also, the lack of a lip reduces air resistance, resulting in longer flight distance than a countdown.

rapala countdown lipless

countdown jointed

This is a Rapala lure with a unique joint movement. It is also used for lure fishing.

It is a lure with a joint type in the center of the countdown. Therefore, the back half of the lure moves very smoothly, and you can create a natural swimming appearance of the fish.

rapala countdown jointed

countdown abashi

It is a lure made from Abasi instead of balsa. It has a higher specific gravity than balsa, so it can fly farther, and it has a faster fall and can quickly reach the target range. In addition, most colors have a holo finish, making them more appealing to fish.

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Rapala Countdown Abasi


Countdown Abasi Ripless

Countdown Abashi lipless model. Because of the Abashi material, it is possible to carry longer distance and quickly range search than Countdown Lipless.

Rapala Countdown Abasi Lipless

countdown magnum

Countdown Magnum was developed as a saltwater model. A major feature is that the lip is made of metal, which acts as a weight. Also, by reflecting light on the lip, the appeal to fish is perfect. It is also used for trolling, and it sinks properly even at a high speed of 8 knots.

rapala countdown magnum

countdown stainless steel magnum

This lure has a countdown magnum surface treated with stainless steel. The size is quite large at 18cm and 70g, so it can be said to be a lure for big fish.


What kind of fishing is Rapala's countdown effective for?

The Countdown series not only targets popular fish such as bass and sea bass, but also has a rich lineup that can be used for light games such as mebaring and chinning, as well as big fish such as dolphinfish and bonito when trolling. If you use it properly depending on the fish you are aiming for and the situation, the possibilities are endless.


Rapala's countdown is an eternal classic lure!

As mentioned above, Rapala's Countdown series has been supported for 50 years and has a very long history as a lure. The fact that it has been used by many anglers during that time means that it has a proven track record, and I think each user has their own preferences and patterns. It can be said that the countdown, which has an unchanged appearance but continues to evolve depending on the user every day, is a timeless classic lure.

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