How to choose a fish knife and recommended 5 selections! Use it properly and cook deliciously!

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What kind of knife do you need to handle fish?

A knife is a tool that is said to be the lifeblood of a chef, and it greatly influences the cooking process. However, because of this, some people may feel that the hurdles are too high and are unable to take the first step. This time, for those people, we will introduce a fish knife that is minimal and easy to use.

What are the requirements for a knife to handle fish?

Recommendations for fish knives?

Provided by: Yusuke Okude
There is no end to fish knives if you are particular about them. Prices vary from around 2,000 yen to tens of thousands of yen. However, there are certain conditions that must be met when using a knife for handling fish. If you are careful about this, you can handle fish beautifully and deliciously to a certain extent.

The conditions are

・Good sharpness

・Sharp cutting edge


If the meat is not sharp enough, not only will the cut surface become messy and not taste good, but you may slip and cut your hand when handling it. If the cutting edge is not sharp, you will not be able to push the blade forward when handling it. Therefore, the so-called Bunka knife (Santoku knife) is not recommended for handling fish.

What are the knife requirements for making sashimi?

How to choose a fish knife

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When preparing sashimi, which is the most delicate part of the process of preparing fish, in addition to the requirements for the knife used to prepare the fish,

- Must be single-edged

・The blade is long

is required.

You won't be able to remove the skin unless you use a single-edged knife. If the blade is not long, you won't be able to make fillets with one stroke, and the appearance and taste will be affected. The Yanagiha knife satisfies this condition. Be sure to have it on hand when making your own sashimi.

Points to consider when choosing a knife for handling fish ~Types~

Let's check out what types of fish knives there are.

Deba knife (small deba, mackerel cut)

Use a special fish knife

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When it comes to a knife for handling fish, this is it. It is sharp and has a thick blade, making it easy to cut through bones. There are various sizes, but choose one based on the size and weight (ease of handling) of the fish you are handling. For fish up to 20 centimeters in length, the bottom knife, known as a koideba knife, is sufficient.



Fish knife type 1

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It is a double-edged western knife. Although this knife is originally specialized for cutting meat, it can also be used to cut fish. This knife can be used for everyday use.

Sashimi knife (Yanagiba knife)

How to choose a fish knife

It's a very professional-looking knife, but many people who love fish own it. It is characterized by a thin and long single-edged blade, and is specialized for making sashimi and removing the skin of fish with a single stroke. On the other hand, it is not suitable for operations that require bold and detailed movement of the tip, such as cutting three pieces.

Honesuki knife, Garasuki knife

Fish knife photo 1

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Although this knife has an unusual shape, it meets the conditions I mentioned earlier and can be used. It is also used among professionals, so you can create a stylish ``that-ness'' look.

Points to consider when choosing a knife for handling fish ~Materials~

All fish knives look like they are made of the same metal, but there are actually two main types of materials.

it is,




Although steel rusts quickly, it also has the property of being easy to sharpen. Therefore, depending on the care, it can maintain its sharpness and can be customized in detail. Stainless steel is less likely to rust, but it is also a little more expensive. Consult your tastes and your heart.

5 Recommended Fish Knives

Introducing recommended fish knives. Find a fish knife that suits your hands.





3 convenient items for cleaning fish knives

Taking care of your tools is essential. I can understand why you feel like it's a hassle to take care of. This time, for such people, we will introduce three convenient care products that you should at least have on hand.

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Use a whetstone for fish knives

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This item gives off the atmosphere of sharpening a knife. This is also a little off, but it's actually sold at 100 yen stores. The formal method of sharpening is quite difficult, but simply rubbing along the slope of the blade a few times will dramatically change the sharpness. However, improper sharpening will not be good for the knife, so it is a good idea to use this as a guide for future practice.

diamond sharpener

sharpen a fish knife

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These often sold at home centers are for double-edged knives, so they are not suitable for Deba knives, but you can easily sharpen the blade of a Gyuto knife. You can also just rub it against the blade.

Single-edged sharpener

How to sharpen a fish knife

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This is very convenient and recommended. Double-edged blades are often sold, but single-edged ones are rare and useful. It's evil! It doesn't matter if you say so. The design is simple, just pass the knife through the groove several times in order, so please give it a try.

Sekimagoroku single-edged sharpener

A fish knife is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

mastering fish knives

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I have introduced various fish knives so far. In fact, fish knives are highly recommended as gifts, and many people who like fishing also have a hobby of eating fish. You might consider sending a fish knife to a friend or family member for a celebration. If it is a custom-made item, it may be a handmade item. Please find a good fish knife and use it carefully for a long time. And try making some delicious fish dishes.

Recommendations for fish knives?