Introduction to fishing at Liberty Club! Abundant lineup such as surf rods, throwing rods, and lure rods!

What is Daiwa's Liberty Club series?

A series of entry-class rods and reels released by Daiwa, one of Japan's leading fishing tackle manufacturers, featuring a lineup that can handle a wide range of fishing genres. It is a model with a good balance of performance and price that is ideal for beginners such as those who are just starting fishing, making it a popular series for beginners.

Liberty Club (Lille)

The Liberty Club series also has a lineup of spinning reels, and there are numbers that can handle a wide range of fish species.


Liberty Club's spinning reel has performance that does not make you feel cheap even though it is an entry model. Equipped with Daiwa's unique Digigear II and Real Infinite Stopper for smooth winding comfort, high durability, and trouble-reducing functions, it boasts sufficient performance for beginners. Of course, the price is also very reasonable and it is a reel that can be said to be the best one for beginners.


Liberty Club reels have a lineup of numbers 1500 to 4000, and one of the attractions is that they are compatible with a wide range of fish species. The 1500th and 2000th classes that match light games such as horse mackerel and rockfish, and the 2500th class that is ideal for egging and chinu games for squid are excellent for shore games. No. 3000 and 4000 are ideal for sea bass games, light shore jigging, flounder, etc. Basically, the lineup of shore salt games covers most of them, so the lineup that is easy for beginners to start easily can be said to be the secret to its popularity.

Liberty club (rod) lineup

Liberty Club Isokaze

itemfull length
joint number
dead weight
Tip diameter/base diameter
hope body
Price (yen)
No. 1.5-39・K3.9041121251.2(1.1)/18.01.5-41.5-483Open price026147
No. 1.5-45・K4.4651011551.2(1.1)/18.01.5-41.5-488Open price911566
No. 1.5-53・K5.3361012151.2(1.1)/20.01.5-41.5-490Open price911573
2-39・K3.9041121401.3(1.2)/18.12-62-587Open price026154
No. 2-45・K4.4651011701.3(1.2)/18.12-62-589Open price911580
No. 2-53・K5.3361012301.3(1.2)/21.02-62-590Open price911597
3-39・K3.9041121551.5(1.4)/18.25-103-790Open price026161
No. 3-45・K4.4651011951.5(1.4)/20.15-103-793Open price911603
3-53・K5.3361012801.5(1.4)/21.25-103-794Open price911610
3-45 long throw K4.4551022301.6(1.5)/22.15-103-894Open price911627
3-53 long throw K5.3161023151.6(1.5)/22.15-103-895Open price911634
No. 4-45 Long Throw K4.4651032751.6(1.5)/24.110-153-1095Open price911641
4-53 long throw K5.3061033701.6(1.5)/24.210-153-1096Open price911658
No. 5-53 Long Throw K5.3061034251.8(1.7)/26.312-204-1296Open price911665

■The tip diameter is the closest to the tip of the rod, the outer diameter without any parts or bobbin.( ) is the outer diameter of the tip of the material.

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Liberty Club has a rich lineup of rods, and not only rods for lure games, but also rods for shore rods and Yaen have been released.

Liberty Club Isokaze

It is a versatile surf rod that is easy to handle even for beginners who can aim for various fish on embankments and sea fishing parks. It is a very easy-to-use rod that targets fish species that can be caught on any embankment, such as horse mackerel, mackerel, sardines, black porgy, and porgies. Braiding X, Daiwa's proprietary technology, is adopted, and although it is an entry model, it has sufficient performance, such as suppressing power loss when operating the rod.

Liberty Club Kotsugi Iso

All models are 50 cm or less in the final size, making them extremely easy to carry. Because it is a small joint, it is compact and highly portable, but it also has a reinforced structure of the blanks with its own braiding X, so there is no problem in terms of strength and power. It is a model that you can enjoy a wide range of fishing from sabiki fishing to float fishing with this one.

liberty club light pack

It is a versatile rod that can be used in a wide range of ways, such as sabiki fishing, light lure games, boat casting, and choi throwing, while being very compact and portable with a closing size of 45 cm. Equipped with a glass solid tip that enhances strength, sensitivity and hooking performance, it can be said that even beginners can enjoy automatic hooking.

Liberty Club Aoriika

It is an entry rod for Yaen that is rare in the lineup. Equipped with Daiwa's unique braiding X, it is a model that you can enjoy throwing horse mackerel and swimming, taking bites, and matching. Although it is an entry model, it can be said that it is a rod dedicated to bigfin reef squid that has sufficient performance as an introduction to Yaen.

Liberty Club Egging

It is an entry-class rod dedicated to egging that aims at squid with an egg, and it is characterized by the line-up of not only the out guide model but also the interline model where the line passes through the rod. It has the ability to enjoy full-fledged egging at an affordable price, and the out-guide model and interline model are easy to use and recommended for beginners.

liberty club sea bass

It is the best model for sea bass games, and it is equipped with blanks that are strong enough to be used for light shore jigging and highly sensitive tips that are important for feeling the flow at a reasonable price. It can be said that it is a model that has power and operability that can be used not only for sea bass games, but also for small to medium-sized fish such as sardines, plating, barracuda, and mackerel.

liberty club lures

It is a swing pack rod for lures with high versatility that you can enjoy more easily. It has an exquisite ease of use with a lure weight of 0.8 to 10g that can be handled with a 44cm closing size, and it can be said that it is a greedy rod that you can enjoy various fishing such as light salt games, bass fishing and trout. It is also attractive that it is compact enough to fit in a bag or tackle box and can be easily carried.

liberty club hairtail

It is a rod dedicated to float fishing and hairtail fishing with Tenya, making it an easy-to-use model even for beginners. The blanks are equipped with a braiding X, which minimizes power loss due to twisting during casting and hooking. In addition, it is equipped with a tubular tip that is excellent in sensitivity and operability, and it is also attractive that it is easy to shake and prevents running out of food.

Liberty Club Surf T

One of the real pleasures of surf fishing is swinging the rod with all one's might in a large-scale field such as a vast surf. This model boasts enough power and operability to throw heavy weights firmly, and it is a very cost-effective model that is well-balanced in terms of price. It is a long-distance casting model that can be enjoyed not only in the surf, but also in wharves, embankments, and sea fishing parks.

liberty club short swing

It is a versatile kotsugi throwing rod that can be used for choi throwing, sabiki, and dodging, and it also matches bukkomi fishing that uses heavy weights. As a throwing fishing rod, it has a compact size of 71 to 78 cm and is highly portable, and the braiding X reduces power loss when throwing, making it an easy model for beginners to cast long distances.

What is the difference between Liberty Club and Regal?

The Liberty Club series is recommended for beginners in terms of both performance and price, but Daiwa has also released a legal series that has a better balance between performance and price. Regal is developed only for surf rods and reels with lines, but both are models with higher performance than the Liberty Club. The surf rod has more performance for the serious than the highly sensitive and strong tubular tip and the tough hard guide, making it an easy-to-use model for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced users. The PE line is also set for the reel, and the points and bearings that can be used immediately after purchase are 1/4 more than the Liberty Club. 4 reels of 2004H, 2506H-DH, 2508H and 3000H have been released. It is also a feature that both the surf rod and reel are priced higher than the Liberty Club.

Enjoy various fishing at Liberty Club!

The Liberty Club is a very attractive series with a wide range of lineups and reasonable prices that allow you to easily enjoy various types of fishing. Even so, it can be said that it is full of well-balanced models with high cost performance that are easy to handle even for beginners and have sufficient performance. By all means, why not take this opportunity to get the Liberty Club series and enjoy various fishing!

Introduction to fishing at the Liberty Club