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What is Sukali

how to use scari

Source: FISH PARADISE! Editorial department

A sukari is a net used to keep the fish you catch in the sea. There are several types of sukari, but if you want to keep the fish you catch fresh and take it home, it is a useful fishing gear.

When do you use scari?

There are several purposes for using Skari, and there are various benefits to using it.


Sukari is characterized by the fact that you can temporarily keep the fish you caught alive, and if you use Sukari, you can catch bigger fish later, or even if the number of fish increases, you can release the fish. can.


You can also use sukari when you want to keep the fish you bring home as fresh as possible. Sukali is also useful for keeping live bait fresh during swim fishing.

Kind of scallion

There are two main types of sukari, the net type and the bagan type.


The net type is a general scallop, and the upper part of the net is made of light nylon or rubber that can reduce damage to fish. There are many sizes and shapes, and many types are released from each manufacturer.


The Bakkan type is a Bakkan model made in a mesh shape such as a mesh, and there are various types such as those that can be used alone or doubled with a normal Bakkan. It is a type that has become popular recently because it can also be used as a normal bag.

how to use scari

Using the sukali is very simple, but if you do not use it correctly, the fish may escape, so let's keep the basic usage in mind.

Types of skari and rope and how to tie them

A rope is essential for using Skari. There are several types of this rope, but if you choose a relatively water-resistant material such as nylon, it will be easier to handle at first.


It is also important to remember the correct knot to keep the sukali firmly connected. how to tie bowline knotIt is easy to put out the strength and it is easy and recommended. If you practice a few times in advance, you can quickly tie it to sukari at the fishing spot.

Scar fixation method

It is also important to choose a place to fix when using Skari. You'll need to tie one end of the rope you've tied it to, preferably to a fence or pillar that won't move. However, if there is no place to fix it on the rocky shore, fix it on something as heavy as possible.


If it is too unstable, waves and wind may blow the sukari and drop it into the sea together with the fixed luggage, so be careful.

Length of rope used for scari

The length of the rope used for sukari is not specifically determined to be several meters, but it is easier to use if the length is long enough to fix it or soak it in the sea.


Especially in fishing spots with high scaffolding, Leave a margin of about 2 to 4 m in lengthI'm relieved. If it is too short, the rope may not reach the place where it is fixed, or the sukari may not be submerged in the water due to the ebb and flow of the tide. prize.

How to choose scallions

It is necessary to choose how to choose scallops according to the conditions of your own fishing and the field you are going to fish. If the target fish is large, it is easy to use a net type that can be stored compactly and is easy to carry.


When carrying luggage to a fishing spot such as a shore, it is recommended to use the bag type as a tool case when moving. The size of the fish species you are aiming for is also important when choosing scallops, so if you choose the size first and then choose based on the capacity and ease of carrying, you will not make mistakes.

Pick up 7 recommended scari!

Sukari has different uses depending on the person, such as keeping fish fresh or handling live bait. We will introduce some recommended models, so please refer to them when choosing.

Apia Pakasuka S

It's a bakkan type scallop, and it's an exquisite and convenient size to keep small fish such as horse mackerel and rockfish alive. The scallop itself has buoyancy, and the fact that you can easily put fish in through the window that pops open on the top lid is also characteristic and easy to use.

Dress (DRESS) Floating Scari L

Urethane material is used for the lid, and it has a buoyancy. It is a model that is easy to use for fishing on the beach with a large capacity size that can hold black sea bream and large fish. When not in use, it is convenient that it can be folded into a small size.

PRO MARINE PVC Bucket 30cm

The lightweight and simple shape gives it a comfortable feel, and it is highly versatile as it can be used as a bucket-type water bucket that is ideal for fishing for horse mackerel. It can be said that it is a model with excellent usability that is useful in all kinds of fishing.

OGK (Osaka fishing gear) Pilen hose wrapped skirt 2 steps 40cm

It is a common net-type skari that has been around for a long time, and in addition to the wide range of variations from small to large fish, it can be said that it is easy to use because it is spacious enough to keep fish. It is lightweight and easy to carry, and it is also attractive that it is easy to take to various fishing spots.

Daiichi Seiko Ajisukari 33cm

It is a sukari dedicated to storing horse mackerel as live bait for horse mackerel swim fishing and Yaen fishing. By using it together with a transport bucket for storage, it is easy to carry, and you can easily replace it with fresh seawater while keeping the live bait in it to maintain its freshness.

Shoei Round Mesh Viku 36cm

It is a mesh type scari with a float, and is a versatile model that is easy to use in various fishing spots such as bait fishing and rock fishing. The mesh is also solid, and it is carefully made and has sufficient strength and durability.

Prox ice smelt

It is a net type scallop specially designed for smelt fishing. It is easy to use even on ice, which is convenient for smelt fishing, and it is a handy scarf just to put it in the ice hole. The rubber coating net with a fine mesh that is gentle on fish is also attractive.

Precautions when using scallops

One thing to keep in mind when using a scari is to tie the scari's rope tightly to something. If a big fish is in the sukari, it will be too strong and the sukari may swim away with it. fasten firmlylet's Also, if you are aiming for large fish, it is better to use a stringer instead of a sukari.

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Also, many sukali are fastened with ropes or fasteners. After adding fish Make sure it's tight. If you don't tighten it tightly, you won't miss the fish you caught.

Keep your fish fresh with Sukari

Sukari, which allows you to store the fish you catch fresh, is not only convenient for taking home, but also has the advantage of being able to quickly store the fish so you can concentrate on fishing. Also, depending on how you use it, you won't waste too much, and it's a tool that is friendly to both fish and the environment, so even just having one will come in handy.


By all means, why not get a sukari that suits your style and enjoy a more fulfilling fishing life?

how to use scari