Fishing pliers are a must-have for fishing! Carefully selected recommended products with sufficient functionality!

What are fishing pliers

What kind of tool is a pliers?


Pliers are tools originally used for cutting wires and turning pipes. These pliers are specialized for fishing applications, and are called fishing pliers, which are packed with various convenient functions for fishing.


Fishing involves a lot of work such as cutting, opening, and tightening, as well as handling dangerous tools such as needles, so pliers can be said to be one of the essential tools for anglers.


Functions of fishing pliers

I will introduce the functions of the fishing pliers.

Remove split ring

Fishing pliers are a necessity for hook replacement


If you have a split ring remover, you can easily remove the split ring that connects the lure and hook. When you want to change the hook at a fishing spot, it is difficult to open the ring by hand, but with this function of the pliers you can change it quickly and easily.

needle removal

With hard-jawed fish, if you try to remove the hook with your bare hands, you may injure yourself unexpectedly, so be careful. In such a case, use fishing pliers.


If there is a needle remover, firmly grasp the hook You can safely remove the hook from the fish.In order not to carelessly touch the fish, Minimize damage to fish.

Crack opening and crushing

Fishing pliers also play the role of crushing gunballs


The function that is useful when crushing the gun ball or removing it from the gimmick is the opening and crushing of the crack. It would be a waste if the gun balls were thrown away one by one depending on the mechanism, and it is not eco-friendly.


If you have fishing pliers with this function, you will be able to use gun balls that have been used once for other gimmicks.

line cutter

fishing pliers line cutter


I think some people have a line cutter by itself, but it is surprisingly convenient if it is also attached to the pliers. Even if you don't like bulky small tools in the fishing spot, it will be very refreshing if you put all the functions in the pliers.


In addition to nylon and fluorocarbon, we recommend using a PE line cutter that is difficult to cut with ordinary scissors.

eye tuner

Some models of fishing pliers are equipped with an eye tuner function that is useful for lure fishing.


This function is very convenient for lure fishing because you can adjust the snap of the lure and the angle of the eye that connects the leader. It is recommended that you can make finer adjustments than you can do with your bare hands.


How to choose fishing pliers

Here are some points to consider when choosing a primer.



Stainless steel is very sturdy and resistant to rust, making it the perfect material for saltwater fishing. The price tends to be a little high, but maintenance is easy, It is a material with high cost performance in that it can be used tough for a long time.



Compared to stainless steel, aluminum is lighter and easier to carry, and many are cheaper than stainless steel. reasonableIt is attractive that you can get it. On the other hand, if you do not properly maintain it, it will rust easily, so you need to take care of it frequently.


Each fishing pliers has its own size, and depending on the manufacturer, there are many models that are released in different sizes even within the same series. The size of the pliers should be selected according to the size of the lure to be handled and the size of the target fish.


Small size pliers are ideal for targeting small fish such as rockfish and horse mackerel because the lures to handle are small, and large size pliers are necessary for medium to large size fish such as Spanish mackerel and yellowtail because the lure will also be large. .

nose shape

Fishing pliers nose shape

The tip of the pliers is called the nose, and the shape of the nose can be roughly divided into straight type and curved type.2there is one

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The straight type has a shape that is easy to use for removing the lure hook, and is characterized by its versatile comfort. The bent type has a curved nose tip, making it suitable for detailed work such as hook replacement and picking gun balls.

In addition, the length of the nose varies from short to long, and the shorter one is more suitable for changing hooks. .


Carefully selected recommended fishing pliers by rank!

A wide range of fishing pliers are released from various manufacturers, from inexpensive introductory models to high-end models that are loved by experts. From here, we will introduce recommended fishing pliers by rank.

Recommended cost performance strongest fishing pliers for beginners

prox needle remover pliers

Fishing pliers specializing in needle removal with complete heat treatment and rust-resistant MFG finish. Three sizes are available, straight type, curved tip type, and mini curved tip type, and you can choose according to the size of the target fish.


It has a long nose of about 75mm for the straight and about 70mm for the bent tip, and the mini bent tip is about 50mm, which is compact but easy to use and safe.

Osaka Fishing Gear (OGK) PE Cut Pliers

It is a model made of stainless steel material that is durable and resistant to rust, and is very versatile and easy to use.


It is a model that is recommended for beginners as it is equipped with functions necessary for lure fishing such as PE line cutter and gunball crusher as well as lure needle removal. It is a great value pliers with a hole that makes it easy to use by attaching cords and pin-on reels and an opening and closing stopper function.

Smith Stainless Fishing Pliers

Although it is cheap and easy to obtain, it is a highly rated pliers that many experts love to use. The stainless steel material is rust-resistant and has a simple structure that is easy to maintain.


The long nose design makes it easy to use for removing hooks from fish, and the fact that it is durable is also the secret of its popularity. It is a very popular product especially for shore jigging and offshore fishing.

Popular fishing pliers with functionality

Umibozu Fishing Pliers

These pliers are multi-functional and highly accurate, such as removing hooks, opening and closing split rings, and cutting PE lines. The body part is made of lightweight aluminum, and the nose part that touches seawater and fish is made of high-strength stainless steel, making it a lightweight, tough and easy-to-use model.


It is also attractive that the tip is highly accurate and the small split ring is easy to open and close.


These pliers have a fluorine finish that is resistant to rust, and the grip is made of rubber material, making them easy to hold and easy to operate. Split rings from #1 to 5 can be opened and closed, and even a small split ring can be opened very easily with high accuracy.


The PE line cutter is a versatile high-performance model that cuts even high-strength lines with ease and is equipped with holes for attaching lure tuners, end ropes, lanyards, etc.

Marushin Fishing Gear Ultima Pliers

Lightweight aluminum material is used for the body part, and the bone shape makes it even lighter, making it an attractive pliers. High-strength material is used for the tip, making it an ideal structure for opening and closing split rings and crushing gunballs.


The PE line cutter is also sharp, and the straight and exquisite length of the nose makes it a highly versatile model that is easy to use.

Luxury fishing pliers that satisfy even advanced users

Daiwa aluminum pliers 200H lock

It is a high-class fishing pliers that can satisfy even advanced users with its characteristic shape and aluminum material. The outstanding lightness of the aluminum material makes it easy to use, and the unique shape makes it a product that fits well when held in your hand.


The lock mechanism that can be used with one touch is an excellent one that enhances operability and storage, and it is a high-performance pliers with high design.

Daiwa Stenborn Pliers

High quality luxury fishing pliers produced by Sanjo craftsmen who have a reputation for high quality stainless steel and metal processing.


Because it is made entirely of stainless steel, it is a very sturdy and rust-resistant model, and it is easy to maintain and can be used for a long time. It has a luxurious appearance, and the precision of the tip is very high, making it an excellent model for usability.

Ryugi R-pliers ARP106

It is a high-class fishing pliers that is attractive for its operability and high-precision comfort while being rust-resistant and tough with a luxurious all-stainless model. The lure eye tuner and hook slit make it a model that even advanced users who can finely tune lures and hooks will be satisfied with.

The pliers holder is convenient for carrying!

Fishing pliers are an essential tool to bring to the fishing spot for lure fishing, so they are often lost. The pliers holder comes in handy there, and it is a convenient tool that can be attached to a belt or bag to carry the pliers.

Not only is it easy to carry the pliers, but it is also convenient to take them out rather than putting them in a bag. It is recommended that you attach a rope with a carabiner to prevent falling at the same time as the holder, as it can be used more safely.

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How to maintain your fishing pliers so they last longer

Many models of fishing pliers are basically rust-resistant, but it is recommended that you remember the correct maintenance method because you can use them longer if you maintain them. However, the maintenance method of the pliers is not so difficult, basically just wash it with water after use.


If you wash it with hot water, oil such as grease will flow out, so be sure to wash it with water.After that, it is OK if you wipe off the moisture firmly with a towel etc. and dry it. After that, lubricate the moving parts with reel oil, etc., so that the ease of use lasts longer.

Let's fish safely and comfortably with fishing pliers!

use fishing pliers


Pliers are great things that make fishing safe and comfortable. Unlike rods and reels, people tend to neglect it because it is possible to fish without it, but it is recommended that you carry it with you to avoid injury when changing hooks or removing needles.


Enjoy your precious fishing time with pliers!

What kind of tool is a pliers?