Three fishing methods and tips for scorpion fishing! Delicious root fish that you can easily aim for!

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What are the characteristics and ecology of rockfish?

Enjoy scorpion fishing!

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The scorpionfish belongs to the genus Scorpionaceae of the family Rockfish of the order Perciformes, and is a beautiful fish with vivid colors. It mainly preys on small fish, crustaceans, and lugworms. Also, scorpionfish are ovoviviparous fish, and after incubating eggs in the womb, they have an ecology that gives birth after the fry grows to some extent.


Such scorpionfish are also popular as a target fish for fishing, and since they inhabit coasts all over Japan, you can enjoy scorpionfish fishing anywhere. It is one of the fish that even beginners can easily catch because it has a habit of reflexively biting when food comes in front of it.


There are many local names, Gashira in Kansai, Arakabu in Kyushuetc.


scorpion fishing season

When is scorpion fishing season?


Scorpionfish come ashore during the winter breeding season, so December to March is the best time to fish from land. Most of the scorpion fish caught at this time are of good type, but at the same time, there is a possibility that they have babies in their stomachs. If you catch a fish with a big, swollen belly, let it go gently.


Also, scorpion fish are not only caught in winter, but depending on the location, you can catch them almost all year round if you don't mind the numbers.

Picking points for scorpion fishing

scorpion fishing point

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Because scorpionfish are a type of root fish, they wait for prey by hiding in gaps between obstacles such as rocks and seaweed. As a point, fishing ports with many roots, rocky shores, and rough grounds are suitable. In particular, the tetrapod zone of the fishing port is a first-class point, and there is a high possibility that scorpion fish are lurking there.


The good point of scorpion fish is that there are many places where the footing is not good, so let's enjoy scorpion fishing while paying due attention to safety.


How to fish for scorpion fish: hole fishing

Scorpionfish fishing Point of hole fishing

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I will introduce the popular hole fishing tackle and fishing method for scorpion fish. It is a recommended fishing method for beginners because it is easy to set up and how to fish.

tackle and tackle

Both spinning and bait tackles can be used for scorpionfish fishing, but bait tackles are better because of their hoisting power and ease of dropping the rig.


In addition, it is easy to handle large fish such as fat greenlings and soybeans. A short rod of about 1 to 1.5m is easy to handle, and a small reel that can wind Nylon No. 3 for about 50m is sufficient.


As for the gimmick, the commercially available brakuri gimmick is easy and easy to use. Weight should be around 3-5.

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How to fish (tips)

The trick to hole fishing for scorpion fish is to persevere and drop the bait into various holes. Scorpionfish are very responsive to bait and will almost certainly bite if you have one. If you drop the device and there is no hit, let's assume that there is no scorpionfish in that hole and move to the next hole.


Rather than sticking to one hole, the secret to increasing your catch is to move the points at a good tempo and increase the probability of encountering a scorpion fish.

How to fish for scorpion fish: Lure fishing (gasling)

Rockfish fishing Let's fish with lures

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Scorpionfish lure fishing is also a popular fishing method. It is a fishing method called "Gashiring", which comes from the name of scorpionfish in Kansai, "Gasira".

tackle and tackle

At present, there is no tackle specifically for Gasling, so I will use other tackle. In Gasling, which often attacks near the bottom, a tackle with a certain amount of power is good to prevent scorpion fish from hiding in the roots.


Rockfish and bass tackle will work well. Worms imitating small fish and crustaceans are often used as lures. For more information on Gasling's tackle, please see the article below.

How to fish (tips)

Gasling basically attacks the bottom. Once the worm has landed on the bottom, repeat the lift and fall to wind it up to your feet. The scorpionfish hits when it hits the bottom during a fall or after a fall, so the trick is to wait a few seconds after landing and insert a gap between them.

How to fish for scorpionfish: Throwing (a little throwing)

Scorpionfish fishing Let's aim at throwing fishing

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Scorpion fish, which often stay still at the bottom, are often caught by throwing fishing.

tackle and tackle

Scorpion fish does not need to be cast long distances, and can be caught with a short cast. Therefore, even if the tackle is not exclusively for throwing fishing, there is no problem even if it is a set of rod and reel for short throwing.


Commercially available gimmicks for throwing fishing are sufficient. Anyway, the advantage of throwing scorpion fish is that it can be done easily.

How to fish (tips)

Scorpionfish are not fish that swim around looking for bait, so the trick is not to leave the bait for too long and to move the bait frequently. Just like hole fishing, imagine sending a bait directly to where the scorpion fish is.


Scorpionfish throwing fishing often catches roots, so it is better to bring several sets of spare rigs.

Bait for scorpion fishing

Bait for scorpion fishing

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Scorpionfish are very voracious fish, so you can target them with a variety of baits. Aoisome is easy to obtain and good to eat. Krill is also a highly effective bait for hole fishing. Other effective ingredients include filleted fish (mackerel, saury, etc.), shrimp, crabs, and live small fish.


You can use the small fish you catch and the crabs that roam the rocky areas, so you can procure food locally.

Let's catch rockfish and eat deliciously!

Cook deliciously after fishing for scorpion fish!

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One of the attractions of scorpion fishing is that you can eat it after you catch it. Rockfish is a very delicious fish with white flesh that has no habit, and goes well with various dishes such as sashimi, boiled and fried. There is also the bouillabaisse, an unexpected staple of scorpion cuisine.


Bouillabaisse, a soup that originated in southern France, now contains a variety of seafood, but there is a theory that scorpion fish was originally the main soup. If you catch a scorpion fish, try various dishes and enjoy it.

Release is also important in rockfish fishing!

Let's release small scorpion fish in scorpion fishing

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Scorpionfish fishing can be easily enjoyed, but depending on the region, seedlings are released, and there may be regulations such as "Please release scorpionfish under XX cm". Even if the release size is not specified, I would like to release individuals that are at least 15 cm or less.


Let's make it easy for each angler to enjoy scorpion fishing forever by facing scorpion fish with awareness.

Easy scorpion fishing!