All 6 models of Tatula! Capture the bus with outstanding comfort!

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What is Tatula?

Tatula is extremely easy to use!

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Tatula is the name of the bait reel series and rod released by Daiwa. Tatura, which was developed with bass as its main target, has been repeatedly tested in the United States, the home of bass fishing, and its ability has been recognized by achieving excellent results in tournaments. We have a lineup of high-performance reels that incorporate technologies such as the T-wing system and magnetic brakes to reduce backlash and improve flying distance.

Tatula's well-balanced basic model

This is the first Tatura model developed with the concept of toughness. A low gear type with a gear ratio of 5.5 to an extra high gear type with a gear ratio of 8.1 are available to accommodate a variety of situations. There are two sizes: 100 and 103. The winding amount is 100m with nylon 14lb, but you can customize it to a larger amount by attaching a replacement spool (sold separately). The replacement spool has a spool diameter of 34mm and can wind 100m of nylon 16lb.

Daiwa Tatula 100SHL-TW

Daiwa Tatula 103H-TW

Daiwa Tatula 100 spool

Cast light lures accurately with Tatula SV TW

This is the latest model of the Tatura series released in March 2017, and is a versatile reel that uses the SV concept. You can cast lightweight to heavy lures stress-free without changing the spool or reel, and it also features extremely low backlash. It is easy to use techniques such as skipping, and although it weighs only 200g and has a drag performance of 5kg, it has the same functions as other models, but the price is among the cheapest in the Tatura series.

Daiwa Tatula SV TW 6.3L

Daiwa Tatula SV TW 8.1R


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Power game specification Tatula HD custom

Among the Tatura series made with a tough concept, this is a model with power game specifications that strengthens the drag and winding amount. The maximum drag force is 7 kg, the winding amount is 100 m of nylon 25 lb, and 110 m of PE5, and a 100 mm power handle is standard equipment, making it suitable for tough games. Previously, only size 150 was available, but size 153 was newly added in July 2017. It is also possible to install a replacement spool for Tatura HD as an option.

Daiwa Tatula HD Custom 150H-TW

Daiwa Tatula HD Custom 153H-TW

Spool for Daiwa Tatula HD-H

Hyper long cast model Tatula HLC

This is Tatula's Hyper Long Cast (HLC) model. Thanks to the synergistic effect of the spool made from a material called G1 duralumin developed by Daiwa and the T-wing system, it boasts an outstanding flight distance among the Tatura series. An HLC spool made of G1 duralumin is available as an option, and if attached to the Tatura 100 size, it will bring out the same performance as the Tatura HLC.

Daiwa Tatula HLC 7.3L-TW

Daiwa Tatula HLC 8.1L-TW

Daiwa Tatula HLC spool


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Compact and easy-to-handle Tatura CT TYPE-R

Tatula CT TYPE-R is a reel that focuses on being lighter and more compact than the conventional Tatula. By reducing the spool width from 27mm to 24mm, it has become more compact, easier to grip, and has improved operability. Equipped with a star drag made by ZAION, which is stronger than magnesium, lighter, and less likely to corrode.

Daiwa Tatula CT TYPE-R 100HL

Tatula also has a wide variety of rods!

Tatula has a rich lineup of reels, but they also have a wide selection of rods. You can use a variety of models depending on the situation and purpose, such as a long model with excellent long-distance casting, a short model with good handling, a frog-specific model, and a 2-piece model with good portability. Like the reel, it has sufficient functionality, and is equipped with SUV carbon, which is made of ultra-high density carbon to reduce weight and increase power, and X45 structure, which is resistant to twisting.

Daiwa Tatula 711MHXB

Daiwa Tatula 662MHFB

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Let's try using Tatura, which is extremely easy to use!

Bass fishing in Tatula!

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Tatula is built tough so that it can compete head-to-head with lunker-sized big bass. Still, the body is light, highly functional, and the performance for the price is more than adequate. Although it is not a cheap reel, why not try it once to experience its operability and usability? I'm sure it will become one of your favorites.

Try Tatula!