Headlamps are a must-have item for night fishing! Recommended 15 selections and how to choose!

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Headlamp fishing uses

A headlamp is essential for night fishing!

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Headlamps are often used for outdoor activities such as camping, but they are also an essential item when fishing at night. The main purpose of a headlamp when fishing at night is for safety. When fishing at night without light, if you cannot see your surroundings, you may accidentally fall into the sea or fall and get injured. Another role is to illuminate your hands. A headlamp will free up your hands when attaching bait or setting up bait, allowing you to work more smoothly.

How to choose a headlamp

How to choose a headlamp?

Shooting: FISH PARADISE! Editorial department

Here are some important points to consider when choosing a headlamp. Regarding the types of lamps, LED lights, which have a longer lifespan, are now mainstream.


First and foremost, brightness is important. Of course, the brighter the headlamp, the more convenient it is to illuminate your surroundings in dark conditions. The brightness of light is expressed in units called lumens (lm), so be sure to check this value when choosing a headlamp. For night fishing, you want a brightness of at least 100 lumens.

Battery (power supply)

Headlamp batteries are rechargeable and battery-powered. Characteristics of rechargeable batteries include the fact that they produce a strong amount of light, can be charged and used repeatedly, and are expensive due to their high performance. Characteristics of battery-powered devices include that even if the battery dies during use, you can easily get a replacement at a convenience store, etc., that it lasts a long time, and that the amount of light is lower than that of rechargeable devices. If you have enough money in your wallet, you should choose a rechargeable type from the functional aspect.

water resistance

Some degree of water resistance is also important when using a headlamp for fishing. Water resistance is expressed in 8 levels according to the IPX standard, and the higher the number, the better the water resistance. For headlamps used for fishing, IPX4-5 is sufficient for water resistance. When choosing a headlamp, it is a good idea to consider this value as well as the brightness.


15 recommended headlamps

There are various types of headlamps on the market, but we will introduce the ones recommended by our editorial team, taking into consideration functionality and price.

Petzl Tika

Brightness 200 lumens, IPX4. 3 AAA batteries. The light has 3 levels of intensity: weak, medium, and strong, and in the low mode, it can be lit for as long as 240 hours.

petzl actik

300 lumens brightness, IPX4. Can also be used with rechargeable or 3 AAA batteries. The main body is equipped with a reflector and a rescue whistle, so you can call for help in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Petzl NAO+

Brightness 750 lumens, IPX4. Rechargeable. You can customize brightness, irradiation time, etc. by linking with a smartphone app. Although the price is a little high, it is a highly functional product.

montbell power headlamp

Brightness 160 lumens, IPX6. 3 AAA batteries. Lithium rechargeable batteries can also be used. The headlamp is very light at 57g and easy to use.

Milestone MS-B3

Brightness 160 lumens, IPX5. 3 AAA batteries. Equipped with an unauthorized floor illuminance adjustment function that allows you to freely adjust the angle of the light.

Red Lenser MH10

Brightness 600 lumens, IPX4. Rechargeable battery type. When the battery is running low, the light flashes to let you know. The light has 3 colors of red, green and blue.

Red Lenser H7R.2

300 lumens brightness, IPX6. Rechargeable battery type. The irradiation distance is up to 160m and can illuminate very far.

Gentos LED headlight

Brightness 300 lumens, IP66 (also dustproof). Rechargeable lithium battery or 4 AAA batteries. It has three levels of brightness: high, medium, and eco, and has functionality that is worth the price.


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Gentos 77TTR

300 lumens brightness, IPX4. Rechargeable battery type. You can switch between 3-step dimming and slow flashing.

Gentos TX-540XM

Brightness 520 lumens, IPX7. 2 x Lithium Batteries It is a model with high performance such as a 5-step light intensity adjustment and a switch lock function to prevent accidental lighting.

black diamond spot

Brightness 300 lumens, IPX8. 3 AAA batteries. Although the battery capacity is large, the functionality is excellent and the price is reasonable.

black diamond revolt

Brightness 300 lumens, IPX8. 3 x Lithium AAA rechargeable batteries or 3 x AAA batteries. You can charge the main unit directly with the built-in battery using a USB cable.

Litom LED headlight

Brightness 168 lumens, IPX6. 3 AAA batteries. Equipped with a sensor function, you can turn the light on and off by bringing your hand closer.


Brightness 1800 lumens, IPX3. Rechargeable. Very bright, but the duration is short. The price is cheap.

Coleman CHT10 LED Extreme 2

100 lumens brightness, IPX4. 3 AAA batteries. You can adjust the light intensity in 5 steps.

Night fishing safely and comfortably with a headlamp!

Safe night fishing with a headlamp!


A headlamp is an essential tool for anglers who fish at night. To prevent unexpected accidents such as falling or falling, be sure to carry your device not only in the middle of the night, but also during dimly lit hours in the morning and evening. It also plays a big role in illuminating your hands in the dark. Use headlamps for safe and comfortable night fishing!

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