All 4 models of Big Shooter! Toughness reel made by Abu in the world!

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What is Big Shooter?

big shooter is cool

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Big shooter is a reel released by Abu Garcia, a global fishing equipment manufacturer, and is one of the bait reels included in the Revo series. It features abundant line capacity and high gear, making it the largest class of low profile bait reels. It can be used for fighting various big fish in both freshwater and saltwater, and is recommended for big bass and snakehead fish in freshwater, and for bluefish and large rockfish in saltwater. Another feature of the Big Shooter is that many people use it when fishing overseas.

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Big shooter is a monster reel

Shooting: FISH PARADISE! Editorial department

Revo Big Shooter was released as the first of the Big Shooter series. The handle reel can take up a maximum of 87cm per revolution, allowing for very high speed reeling, and the line capacity is 130m of 25lb fluorocarbon line, making it a truly monster reel when it was first released. Currently, a successor model has been released, and new production seems to have been discontinued, so the number of shops carrying it is decreasing.

Revo Big Star Compact

The Big Shooter Compact was released in 2013 as the second installment of the Big Shooter series. The first model had a disadvantage that it had a very large body and was difficult to palm, but this model has been improved on this point. The gear has also been changed to be more robust. The handle winding amount is slightly shorter at 83cm, but the maximum drag force is 7kg and the line capacity is 25lb and 85m, which is sufficient spec.


We will introduce the Big Shooter Compact in detail in a separate article.So please take a look.


Abu Garcia Revo Big Shooter Compact


Revo Big Shooter WM60

Revo Big Shooter World Monster 60 was released as the third installment in the series. It has the same name as the World Monster rod series, which was released as a series for monster fish, and as a low profile bait reel, it is a super monster class reel that surpasses the first generation Big Shooter. With a maximum drag force of 10 kg and a maximum handle winding amount of 107 cm, it can be said to be a reel for extremely large fish. Recommended for catfish fishing in the Amazon River. In Japan, it is also popular as a reel for long-distance basket fishing.

Abu Garcia Revo Big Shooter WM60

Revo Big Shooter WM50

Revo Big Shooter World Monster 50 was released in March 2016, about half a year after WM60 was released. The main difference is that the spool diameter has been reduced by 5mm from WM60 to 40mm, which has made it lighter and easier to palm. This model is recommended for those who don't need the specs of the WM60, or those who have small hands and prioritize ease of grip. Ideal for shore jigging using a jig of about 100g and casting games for large overseas fish and snakehead fish.

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Abu Garcia Revo Big Shooter WM50

Aim for big things with big shooter!

Big game with big shooter!

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A reel is an important right-hand fishing tool for anglers who pursue big fish, and the Big Shooter is sure to fulfill its role. This reel not only has high specs, but also a very sophisticated and cool design. If you are interested, why not pick up a big shooter and take to the field?

Big shooter features high gear