What are the specs and features of the Big Shooter Compact? Fight big!

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Features and specifications of Big Shooter Compact

Big Shooter Compact specs

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Big Shooter Compact is a bait reel released by Abu Garcia, and is a popular reel with high gear and high rigidity. The basic specifications such as weight and thread winding amount are as follows.

dead weight 239g
gear ratio 8.0:1
Maximum drag force 7kg
Number of ball/roller bearings 7/1
Thread winding amount 0.33mm/16lb 125m
Thread winding amount 0.37mm/20lb 100m
Thread winding amount 0.405/25lb 85m
Maximum thread winding amount (per rotation) 83cm

Anyway sturdy and high gear

One of the big features of the Big Shooter Compact is the large diameter Brass Dura Gear II. Brass Dura Gear II provides high strength and winding speed. In addition, the Big Shooter Compact is a reel with an emphasis on robustness and power, including titanium-coated aluminum side plates and 4mm thick handle arms.

Sufficient thread winding capacity makes it ideal for targeting big fish.

Although the Big Shooter Compact is called a compact, it is also characterized by the ability to wrap a large amount of thread. The capacity to wrap around 100m even with a thick 25lb line is perfect for targeting big fish. Another appeal of the Big Shooter Compact is that you can fight with big game with peace of mind.

Abu Garcia Ambassador Revo Big Shooter Compact

Big Shooter Compact reputation/impressions

Big Shooter Compact has been reviewed on many mail order sites and blogs, and it can be said that the reviews are very high. In addition to big bass and large rockfish, it is often used for fishing for monster fish overseas, and its power and robustness are highly praised.

On the other hand, one of the disadvantages that is often cited is the weight. The weight of the Big Shooter Compact is 239g, which is one of the heavier among low profile reels. However, for example, Shimano's Calcutta Conquest, which is in the 200 class, has the same weight as the Big Shooter Compact, so you often get used to it as you use it.


Big shooter compact customization

Custom parts for the Big Shooter Compact are also available from reel parts manufacturers. In terms of specs, rather than internal customization such as bearings, there are plenty of custom design parts such as star drags and handles. It might be fun to arrange it into your own original big shooter compact.

Hedgehog Studio Offset Star Drag [For Abus] SD-REV-SF (Revo, LTX, LTZ, MGX, Elite, Power Crank, Big Shooter Compact, etc.)

Libre CRANK 90 bait handle

Make full use of the Big Shooter Compact!

Big Shooter Compact and Big Catfish

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As delicate fishing such as finesse fishing develops, many bait reels are being developed that are lighter and have improved maneuverability for light lures, but the Big Shooter Compact was created with a focus on sturdiness and strength. It is a valuable reel in a sense. The Big Shooter Compact is sure to be useful not only for domestic bass and rockfish, but also for the recently popular overseas fishing. Make full use of the Big Shooter Compact and catch big fish!

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Big Shooter Compact is also great for monster fish fishing