[Super introductory] Tackles and gimmicks necessary for octopus fishing! When is the best time to fish?

Octopus fishing has many fans all over Japan. Boat fishing in Akashi and Tokyo Bay is famous, but you can also fish from the shore, such as from the embankment. Special tools are required, but no complicated tricks or techniques are required. In this article, even beginners can easily get started. Octopus fishing from the embankmentI will explain about it.

What types of octopus can you target when fishing for octopus?

What kind of octopus can you target when fishing for octopus? We will introduce three representative types.


Madako is the main target for octopus fishing.


The common octopus is distributed along the coasts of Hokkaido and Kyushu, and is the most familiar and familiar type of octopus to Japanese people. It grows to a total length of 60 cm and a weight of about 3 kg. Generally speaking, "octopus fishing" refers to fishing for this species, and in this article, we will proceed with the premise that octopus fishing is aimed at this species.

Good octopus

You can also catch great octopuses by fishing!


The great octopus is a small octopus that is about 30 cm at most, and the size you can usually catch is about 10 to 20 cm. It is distributed all over the coast of Japan south of Hokkaido, and mainly lives in the sandy areas of inner bays. They have a habit of showing an interest in white things, so target them with rakkyo or tenya with fat on them.


For more information on octopus fishing, please see the article below.

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February 24, 2022


Can you catch the world's largest octopus?


The water octopus is the world's largest octopus, growing up to 3m in length and 50kg in weight.It is widely distributed in the North Pacific, and in Japan it lives north of the Tohoku region. They are particularly abundant in Akita Prefecture, where there are recreational fishing boats that specialize in catching octopuses.

Octopus fishing season

When is the best season for octopus fishing?


Octopus fishing is mainly Around May to OctoberIt is suitable for the warmer months of the year, especially during the high season. June~SeptemberIt's around that time. Most of them are small in size, but you can expect to catch a few. During the low water temperature period from November to April, octopuses fall into the deep water, making it difficult to catch them from the shore, but the octopuses are large and you can expect them to weigh up to 100 pounds.


Additionally, there is less pressure from other anglers in the winter, making it easier to hit the spots you want to target. Although the absolute number is small, if you are aiming for a big one, it may be interesting to target octopus in winter.


When is the best time to go octopus fishing?

When is the best time to fish for octopus?


Octopuses are nocturnal creatures, so the best time to catch them is at night. However, it is dark at night, so a headlamp is required, and it is difficult to retie the hook if it becomes snagged. There is also the risk of falling into water as it is difficult to see your feet.


Therefore, we recommend starting with octopus fishing during the daytime, when fishing is easier, and during the early morning and early evening hours. Asamamame refers to the time period of about an hour before and after sunrise, and yumamame refers to the time period of about 1 hour before and after sunset.


Although the octopus is nocturnal, that doesn't mean you can't catch it during the day. Although they are not as active as they are at night, they are naturally voracious creatures, so if they find food, they will eat it. If you are a beginner, consider safety and ease of fishing. We recommend starting octopus fishing during bright light, especially when it's early in the morning or early in the evening.

Places to target for octopus fishing (fishing spots)

What kind of place should I aim for when fishing for octopus?


Octopuses often hide behind rocks or in seaweed, so when fishing for octopuses, basically The basic idea is to explore around obstacles (structures).It will be. especially fishing portIt has many structures such as tetrapods, roots (rocks on the ocean floor), and seaweed, and there are many organisms such as crabs and shellfish that are food for octopuses, so it is a first-class point.


Another area that is surprisingly often overlooked is the edge of the embankment. It is tempting to cast far and explore a wide area, but the embankments and quays of fishing ports are large structures in themselves, and a variety of creatures hide inside. Don't forget to look under your feet.


One thing to keep in mind when choosing a fishing spot is that octopuses are hates fresh waterIt means that it has a nature. Avoid brackish waters and points around river mouths, as it will be difficult to target octopuses. Also, be aware that when it rains and the salinity level temporarily drops, octopuses will flee to deeper waters.


Octopus fishing equipment

Now let's take a look at octopus fishing equipment. Mainly for octopus fishing Octopus egi, Octopus tenya, Octopus jigThere are three types of mechanisms. We will explain the characteristics of each device and how to fish it.


Octopus fishing is a standard device for octopus fishing.



Takoegi is an artificial bait (lure) specifically for octopuses that resembles the shape of a shrimp. Of the three types of mechanisms, this is the most popular in recent years.Since you can expect to catch several octopuses regardless of their size, we recommend this octopus egi to beginners.


There is a lure called "Egi" which has a similar shape and is used for squid fishing (egging), but since the Octopus egi focuses on searching the bottom, it sinks faster than the egi for squid, and is designed to be easier to catch on the bottom. I am.


In addition, the canna (needle) part is thicker and larger than the bait for squid, so that it will not bend even if the octopus clings to the sea floor. The standard size is 3.5, and the standard colors are red, orange, and white.



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The basic method is to cast the octopus, let it sink to the bottom, and drag it along the ocean floor to attract it. It is effective to make the octopus egi lightly shaken or shaken to appeal to the taste, but the key is to avoid letting the octopus egi float too high from the bottom. Operate the takoegi while keeping in mind the sticky bottom.


Once the octopus is on top of it, it will feel heavy as if it's stuck on a root, so pull the octopus off the bottom all at once and roll it up. Octopus egi requires casting, so spinning tackle is recommended for beginners as it is easier to handle.


This article explains Takoegi in more detail.

Let's catch octopus with Takoegi

6 recommended takoegi! Improve your fishing results by making your own and remodeling! ?

September 25, 2023

Octopus Tenya

Typical octopus fishing device Octopus Tenya



Octopus tenya is a device that lures octopuses by tying bait to a board with a weight and a large hook. Bait includes small fish such as horse mackerel and sardines, crabs, and pork back fat. Sometimes I use soft rubber lures that imitate crabs. The standard weight is about size 15 (approx. 56g).


It takes time and money to prepare bait separately, but since bait is used, the octopus will bite better than other devices. When you have a bad reaction to Takoegi, Takotenya comes into play. In addition, it is easier to catch larger octopuses than octopus fish, Aim bigger than numbersIf you want to narrow it down, we recommend Takotenya.



The basic method of using it is almost the same as the Takoegi, after casting, drag it along the bottom and occasionally add a small shake to attract it. Even with Octopus Tenya, be aware of the solid bottom and be careful not to let the bait float off the bottom. Since it is a casting device, spinning tackle is recommended for beginners.

octopus jig

A type of octopus fishing device



An octopus jig is a device that looks like a small octopus. The skirt part flutters to appeal to the octopus. Since the needles extend in all directions, it is easy to catch calluses, but at the same time there is a high risk of them becoming entangled.



If you cast and drag an octopus jig, it will quickly become entangled, so the main way to use it is to drop it at your feet and give it a small shake to attract it.


It is also possible to connect octopus jigs together, and sometimes two or three jigs are connected vertically. By doing this, you can explore places that are slightly above the seabed, and you can appeal to octopuses hiding on the seabed as well as octopuses clinging to the sides of the quay.


As for tackle, bait tackle is suitable because it allows for easy fishing, but it is also okay to use spinning tackle in conjunction with Takoegi and Takotenya, which can be used to cast and explore a wide area. You can cast using bait tackle, but it requires some skill, so it is not recommended for beginners.


Rod used for octopus fishing

What rod is suitable for octopus fishing?


The rod used for octopus fishing needs to be strong enough to forcibly pull off the octopus's suction cups attached to rocks. We recommend a length of around 7ft (approximately 2.1m) as it is easy to handle.


Specialized rods are available from each manufacturer, but you can also use it with hard bass rods of XH or higher, snakehead rods, shore jigging rods of H or higher, jigging rods for blue fish, etc.


Major Craft Solpara Kishi Octopus SPX-S702H/TACO

This is a special model made specifically for octopus fishing from the shore, and is a reasonable spinning rod that is perfect for beginners to octopus fishing. Recommended for takoegi and octopus tenya. All guides except the top guide have double foot specifications, and are designed to be used safely even when fishing for octopus, which requires a high load.


Major Craft Solpara Kishi Octopus SPX-B702H/TACO

This bait rod is perfect for finding your feet with an octopus jig. It has more power than the spinning model and is suitable for targeting larger octopuses. Of course, it can also be used for casting with Takoegi and Takotenya. This is a recommended item for those who are used to handling bait tackle.

Reel and line used for octopus fishing

What specs do you need for an octopus fishing reel?



The reel used for octopus fishing needs to be somewhat strong, just like the rod. When casting, a spinning reel is recommended for beginners as it causes less line trouble. The number is 4Numbers 000 to 5000And the gear can be normal or high gear.


When it comes to baitcasting reels, you can definitely choose one for boat octopuses. You can use a baitcasting reel for bass, but the requirements are that it is compatible with seawater, that it has the line capacity to wind PE3 or larger for about 100m, and that the drag is at least 5kg.


Daiwa Revros LT4000-CH

This spinning reel is attractive because it is affordable and can be purchased for around 7000 yen. It has a line capacity that can wrap PE2 size 170m, and a maximum drag of 12kg, making it suitable for octopus fishing. The weight is also light at 255g for this price range, so it is easy to handle and recommended for fishing such as octopus egi, which you cast repeatedly throughout the day.


Promarine Octopus DX TSD4000

Affordable bait reel priced at around 4000 yen. PE8 50m is equipped as standard and can be used for octopus fishing as is. Drag force is 5kg. This product is perfect for fishing with an octopus jig that searches for your feet.



The line used is PE line, which has low elongation and is strong. For spinning reels, the thickness is About size 2-3is the main one, and a length of 100m is sufficient. If you are using a bait reel to find your feet without casting, there is no problem if you wind a thicker size 5 or larger for about 50m.


PE line is susceptible to root slippage, so tie a 1m fluorocarbon shock leader to the tip. For PE line size 2 to 3, the recommended thickness is leader size 8 to 10, and for PE line size 5, leader size 20 is recommended.


In addition, if you are just using a bait reel to drop the bait at your feet, there is no problem even if you connect it directly to the PE line without tying the leader.


Points to note when fishing for octopus

In order to enjoy octopus fishing safely and comfortably, there are a few things you should be aware of.

Be careful about fishing rights!

Be careful about fishing rights when fishing for octopus.


When enjoying octopus fishing, you must be aware of the existence of fishing rights. If you go octopus fishing in a place where fishing rights have been established, Poachingand will be subject to penalties. In the worst case scenario, there is a fear that the fishing spot itself will be prohibited. Octopus fishing is strictly prohibited in fishing areas where fishing rights are granted.is.


You can check whether fishing rights have been established on the websites of each local government or fishing association. If you are unsure, please contact the fishing association at your fishing spot or your local fishing gear shop.

Beware of the dangerous leopard octopus!

Be careful of leopard octopus when fishing for octopus


There is a type of octopus called the leopard octopus. Although it is small at about 10 cm, it is also known as a poisonous blowfish. "tetrodotoxin"This is a dangerous octopus that has Not only can they be eaten, but being bitten by a caught leopard octopus can also cause poisoning, and there have been cases of death.


It is originally a southern octopus that inhabits the Ogasawara Islands and Okinawa Islands in Japan, but in recent years it has been expanding its range as seawater temperatures have risen, and it has been found in various parts of Honshu as well.


When the leopard octopus is excited, blue markings appear on its body surface, which can be used to distinguish it from other species. If you catch a leopard octopus, do not touch it with bare hands, but use fish scissors to quickly release it.

The blue-ringed octopus is a rare poisonous octopus

What is the type and strength of the poison of the blue-ringed octopus? Even if it looks beautiful, be careful of accidents!

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Let's observe the minimum manners!

Let's follow etiquette at the fishing spot, not just when fishing for octopus.


This is true not only for octopus fishing but for fishing in general, but year by year there are more and more places where fishing is prohibited due to poor manners on the part of anglers. The most common problems are garbage and parking.


Please be sure to take the garbage you produce home with you and dispose of it without throwing it away.again, Park your car at a designated location within the fishing port, a location that will not interfere with the work of fishing port personnel, or at a nearby parking lot.Please be careful not to cause any inconvenience.


There are also various other possible problems, such as fishing in prohibited areas and noise problems at night. In order to continue fishing for many years to come, please observe the minimum etiquette and enjoy fishing.

Let's enjoy octopus fishing!

Let's enjoy octopus fishing!


Octopus fishing has been gradually gaining popularity in recent years, as it can be enjoyed with easy tackle, provides plenty of fishing, and is also fun to catch and take home to eat.


The octopus, which is good to catch and eat, can be easily targeted on the embankment, and is a popular target that can be enjoyed even when boat fishing. Why not take this opportunity to try octopus fishing!

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