All 16 models of Shimano Stella! Experience the best winding comfort!

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What is Shimano Stella?

Shimano's Stella is the pinnacle of spinning


Stella is a top-of-the-line spinning reel sold by Shimano, a major fishing gear manufacturer, and is a product that incorporates plenty of Shimano technology. In addition to all the technologies such as the micro module gear and HAGANE body, the G-free body, which allows comfortable lifting by moving the center of gravity closer to your hand, and the increased number of ball bearings achieve the ultimate in smoothness. This is a reel that is the culmination of every detail.

All 16 models of Stella

We will introduce all 16 models of Stella at once. Please come and enjoy Shimano's highest level technology. I'm sure fishing will be more fun!

1000 series

This is the best count for area trout. Try catching lots of trout with Stella's unique silky feel.

Shimano Stella 1000PGS

2000 series

The 2000s are perfect for light salt and finesse games. We have a very complete lineup including high gear models and compact models.

Shimano Stella C2000S

Shimano Stella C2000HGS

Shimano Stella C2500HGS

Shimano Stella 2500

Shimano Stella 2500S

Shimano Stella 2500HGS


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3000 series

There are many possibilities depending on the user, such as power spinning for sea bass and bass, small blue fish, etc., and it is probably the most versatile count. If you're a fisherman, you'll want to try it at least once.

Shimano Stella C3000

Shimano Stella C3000SDH

Shimano Stella C3000HG

Shimano Stella C3000XG

Shimano Stella 3000HGM

Shimano Stella 3000HG

4000 series

4000 series, which will be mainly used in the salt scene. Top-of-the-line models like Stella not only have great performance but are also fun to use. Please try using it too.

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Shimano Stella 4000

Shimano Stella 4000HG

Shimano Stella 4000XG

Enjoy the highest level of comfortable fishing with Stella!

Fishing is a very profound hobby that never ends once you start getting into it. Everyone has their own preferences, but one way to enjoy fishing is to be particular about fishing gear. I think Shimano's Stella has the ultimate commitment to fishing gear. Although it is not cheap, if you are particular about your fishing gear and want to pursue fishing at the highest level, please consider Stella.

Shimano Stella is the best