Cutlass fish getter is excellent at returning! ? Interesting lineup and tips on how to use it

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Hairtail Tenya is hot now!

Hairtail Tenya is one of the fishing methods that has been gaining popularity in recent years because it has both the lure-like gameplay and the fun of bargaining until the bait is eaten.


In the tenya game of hairtail, you aim at the fish by attaching bait such as sardines to the tenya, which is a combination of a weight and a hook. One of the attractions is that there is also a romance that you can catch a large size called a dragon.


This time, I would like to introduce the recommended Tenya, "Hair Getter", which is perfect for beginners of such Tenya.


Do you know Shimano's swordfish getter?

The hairtail getter released by Shimano is easy to handle, and it is a recommended device for those who want to start Tenya fishing from now on.

Lineup of hairtail getter

Cutlass Getter Twin Chew

This model has not only a normal rear hook, but also a front double hook under the head for improved hooking performance. When the fish bites, the double hook becomes free and reduces the impact by reducing the disassembly.


This model is ideal for small number fishing, and features live bait and lure-like operability.

Cutlass fish getter time saving Tenya

Among the cutlass fish getters, it is an orthodox rear single hook Tenya style model, and it is a versatile type that combines the good bite of Tenya and the action of the lure.


The advantage is that the bait doesn't hurt even if you bite it, and you can throw in the bait easily. Even beginners of Tenya can easily aim for hairtail like lure operation.

Cutlass Getter Time Saving Tenya Bilibili

A model that produces a strong wave that appeals to fish over a wide range, while the biri-biri board attached to the tip provides a clear pulling resistance to anglers. It is especially effective in dark situations before the morning or after the sun has set.


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It can also be used as a pilot lure for exploring a wide range, and the strong wave motion can be effectively appealed even during times when it is difficult for hairtails to follow the bait with their eyes.

How to use the hairtail getter and tips for improving catches

Even beginners can easily enjoy the hairtail tenya game with the hairtail getter.

Basic usage of hairtail getter

The cutlass fish getter, which is easier to feed than a normal tenya gimmick, is recommended for beginners.


It is very easy and simple to use, as it is only necessary to set the bait, the silver-striped round herring, on the fixed needle of the getter, and then sandwich it between the frame with the upper fixed needle and fix it.


The time-saving Tenya model is the basic method of inviting by casting and counting to an arbitrary range and sinking it. Also, it is a good idea to adjust to the situation of the day by changing the retrieve speed.


The twin bite model can invite you to throw, and it is also effective to direct the bite with just winding or stop & go.


The biri-biri model has a strong wave motion and appealing power, so it can be said that it is suitable for use with lift and fall that allows you to explore a wide range and wide range.


How to aim for a better catch with a hairtail getter: color version

The hairtail getter has a lineup of metal colors that are perfect for daytime and glow colors that are strong at night.


Aim for a flashing effect with a metal color for day games, and choose a glow color that stands out for night games to effectively appeal to fish.


Also, if the tide is cloudy, choosing a chart or pink glow model will increase the appeal and make it easier to catch.


Natural glow matches all conditions, so basically, if the turbidity is strong around this color, it is also recommended to choose a chart or pink, and even at night, choose a metal color for a flash effect at a point where there is light.


How to aim for a higher catch with a hairtail getter: Weight

The hairtail getter has a lineup of sizes from 2 to 8, and it is necessary to use them properly according to the situation.


Basically, size 4 and 5 can be used for versatile use, and size 2 and 3 can invite the surface range to slow, matching situations such as night games where hairtail is in the upper range. increase.


On the other hand, No. 6 and 7 can be set firmly in the range even in deep waters and fast currents, so you can efficiently target hairtails in the deep waters of day games.


No. 8 is the largest weight size of the cutlass fish getter, but it has excellent long-distance casting performance and is characterized by being able to get the bottom firmly even in deep water and fast currents.


Tenya debut with a swordfish getter!

Shimano's hairtail getter makes the Tenya game even more fun, and is an excellent device that makes it easy to catch even for beginners.

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The lineup is abundant and it is easy to match with any situation, so if you are thinking of starting Hairtail Tenya, please try Hairtail getter as one of the options.

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