How to do digital winding and 4 recommended lures! How is it different from bottom bump?

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What is Digimaki

Digimaki is a technique for catching fish at the bottom, and is mainly used for area trout. Digital winding, which means winding regularly (digitally), is characterized by moving the lure with a constant reeling time interval and handle rotation distance.


Effective for catching trout near the bottom where activity is low during the cold season. Also, there are a certain number of trout looking for food near the bottom even outside of the cold season, so it's worth remembering it as one of your drawers.

How to roll dejimaki

Digi winding does not add rod action, and moves the lure only by reeling.


Hold the rod at an angle or keep it horizontal. After casting the lure, first let it land firmly on the bottom. In that state, Repeat stopping and winding while maintaining a certain amount of time and rotation distance of the handle.. In addition, in the case of digital winding, reeling is done quickly.


Instead of turning it slowly like a spoon, reel it quickly.

How to take a bite of a digital roll

Atari of digital rolls often appears on the line, so be careful of the movement of the line. If the line suddenly tightens or slackens, it's a hit, so let's match it immediately. Since the digital winding repeats regular movements, unless the fishing spot has a big change, the timing of the lure landing on the bottom and the line tension coming off will be regular, so it is easy to notice even small changes.


Not only when the lure stops, there are also bites right after reeling or just before the lure hits the bottom, so let's concentrate and catch the change.

Digimaki variation

Digi winding can create various variations depending on the time interval between reeling and the next reeling, the distance to reel the lure at once, and the angle of the rod.


Various desi rolls

Keep the rod horizontal, rotate a quarter turn and wait 2 seconds.

Keep the rod at a 45 degree angle, turn it 1/2 turn and wait 3 seconds.


Etc. Try to devise various things. The reaction of fish varies greatly from day to day, and even from time to time during the day. If you get addicted to the pattern of the time, you may be able to extend your fishing results with dejimaki.

Difference between bottom bump and desi winding

Bottom bumps and dejimaki are very similar and tend to be confused. The difference is the presence or absence of rod actionis. The bottom bump makes the lure bounce with a rod action, while the digi winding makes the lure bounce with reeling.


The bottom bump that bounces up with a rod action has a larger action and a longer movement distance. If the fish is sticking to the bottom, the bottom bump with a small action is often effective. Please use them properly.

4 recommended lures for digital winding

Here are some recommended lures for digital winding. Use your favorite lure to make your own digital winding.

ivy line penta

It is a spoon made with the bottom in mind, and when the hook is attached to the front, the hook fits in the curved part of the spoon, and it is difficult for the hook to lie down. In addition to digital winding, it is a lure that can also be used for surface pulling.

ivy line hubby

There are two types of lineup, 1.6g and 2.1g, and when digitally wound, fine vibrations will approach the fish. With a wide variety of colors, it can be used in a variety of situations, from clear to muddy.

anglers republic halper vibe

There are two line eyes, and it is possible to switch subtle actions. It can be widely used for bottom-conscious fish such as digimaki, bottom bumps, and slurping.

rodeo craft shadow attacker

It is a standard lure for pipe fishing metal vibes, and it has a very attractive action even with digital reels. One of the lures you want to have for bottom capture.

Appeal to bottom trout with digital winding!

Let's learn digimaki

Source: FISH PARADISE! Editorial department

In area trout, the number of drawers leads to increased fishing results. Especially when you don't get a good response with the basic spooning, there are many times when the digital winding is effective, so please try to master it as one of the techniques.


After you buy the lure, all you have to do is practice. By all means, let's aim for explosive fishing with digital winding!


Capture even in the middle of winter with Digimaki