Goby fishing season is long! What is the best season for fishing for numbers and aiming for big game?

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First, let's learn about the life history of gobies!

Exploring the goby fishing season from life history

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Knowing the ecology of fish is very important when considering when to fish. Gobies spawn from winter to spring, roughly from January to late May in areas, and during that time they live in deep water away from the shore. The newborn children grow by eating plankton, and around the rainy season, their physical condition increases from 5 cm to nearly 10 cm, and they gradually begin to live as benthic creatures in shallow waters near the shore. In the summer when the water temperature rises, they actively feed on food and grow even larger. Then, as the water temperature drops, they gradually move to deeper waters and begin spawning. The lifespan is usually one year, and this one-year cycle repeats. Let's consider the time of goby fishing based on this life history.

Summer is the best time to catch gobies when the air and water temperatures are stable.

The best time for goby fishing is summer.

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Goby fishing can be enjoyed in early summer when the air and water temperatures are stable, activity is high, and gobies gather in the shallows. Most of the gobies at this time are large, around 10 cm at most, but since they have just arrived in the shallows, they are not very threadbare and are very active, so they eat a lot of food. If you live in the Kanto area, the high season starts from mid-June to early July. If you want to enjoy some fishing, please try fishing during this period.

If you are fishing for large gobies, we recommend the season from September to October.

Images of goby fishing season

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If you want to fish for large fish from the shore, we recommend autumn when the weather gets cooler. By this time, the gobies have grown considerably, and there are many large ones of about 15 cm. Since a large number are caught during the high season, the number of individuals is small, but if you catch one, it is often a big fish. Some of the fish that are caught and released when they are small are threadbare and formidable, but this difficulty is sure to excite anglers.

Goby fishing in winter is aimed at deep waters.

Goby fishing in winter is aimed at deep water


When the water temperature drops from November to mid-December, gobies move to a depth of about 10 meters to spawn, which is difficult to target from the shore. This is also called the falling goby, and if you go fishing for goby during this period, you will basically be aiming for it from a boat. At this time of year, the gobies are also large and have grown to 25 cm. Although it is possible to catch fish after December, boat shops are also closed and fishing is virtually impossible. Also, from the perspective of resource conservation, it is best to refrain from fishing during the height of the spawning season, even if you can catch fish.

Determine the goby fishing season and fish the way you want!

When it comes to goby fishing, the fishing method and the size and number of fish you can catch vary greatly depending on the season. The way of enjoying goby fishing varies from person to person, such as those who want to enjoy a few catches, and those who want to focus on fishing for big fish. If you understand the ecology of gobies and use the appropriate fishing methods, you can catch gobies almost all year round, so why not give it a try even if you are a beginner?




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