Baguants are the classic worms of rockfish! What is your favorite color and how to use it?

What is a buganz

What kind of worm is buguants?


Introducing the features and target fish species of bug Guanz released by fishing bait manufacturer Marukyu.


Baguanz is released from Eco Gear, a brand specializing in soft lures developed by Marukyu, and is a hog-type worm with various parts on the body.


It is a compact worm with a maximum size of 4 inches, but it has a lot of parts such as paddle-shaped parts like crayfish claws and curly tail-shaped parts.


Baguants consist of a wide range of lineups by size, and target fish are Rockfish such as bass, scorpionfish, pheasant grouper (Akou), greenlingis the main target.


In addition Magochi, black sea bream (chinu), red sea bream, mentioned. It targets a wide variety of fish, both freshwater and saltwater.


Baguants 2 inch is perfect for chinu and small buses

Baguants 2 inch is perfect for aiming for black sea bream


The Baguants 2 inch is the perfect size for small black bass, which is a target of freshwater, and can be enjoyed for easy fishing, mainly in brackish water estuaries.


Black sea bream likes to drag along the bottom, so we have released special items for black sea bream that are hard to get rooted in. Bass should be used like any other bass worm with a Texas rig.

Recommended hook size

The recommended size of hook for setting 2 inch baguants is #4 to #3. The hook size varies slightly depending on the manufacturer, so it is only a guideline. It is recommended to choose while considering the shape of the worm.

Baguants 3 inches is a classic for rockfish!

Baguants standard size


Baguants 3 inches is the standard size for rockfish. The main target is scorpionfish, greenling, grouper, etc., and it can be used universally for many other rockfish. 2 inches is mainly aimed at small fish, but 3 inches can be aimed at medium to large fish.

Recommended hook size

The standard size of 3 inch baguants is #1 to 1/0. There are offset and jig head hooks, so it is good to choose according to the shape of the worm and the rig.


If you're aiming for a big game, BUGANTS 4 inch

Baguants 4 inch is for big game


Baguants 4 inches is the perfect size for big game targets such as pheasant groupers, giant groupers, fat greenlings, and bass. In addition to rockfish, you can also aim for magochi and red sea bream. It is a size that can be used not only on land but also for boat rock fish.

Recommended hook size

The hook size of 4 inch baguants is slightly larger than #1/0 to 2/0. As with 2 inch and 3 inch, it is good to choose while considering the shape of the worm and the characteristics of the rig, such as offset type and jig head type.

5 Recommended Colors for Baguants

Baguants come in a variety of colors to suit different situations. Let's introduce 5 recommended colors this time.

soft shrimp

Soft shrimp is a color between purple and red with red glitter on the body. It is effective in aiming for rockfish that prey on crustaceans with colors that are conscious of shrimp and crabs. In addition, the color will be familiar with the tide, so it will be a color that you can catch well in rainy weather and low light conditions.

Hokuriku Clear Holo

Hokuriku Clear Holo is popular as a color that works well for soi and flounder. Soi is recommended for attacking around night lights, tetras, and roots, and flounder is recommended for targeting the same area as Gorota Surf and Soi.


All of them have a great track record with a transparent feel, and the clear hollow lame appeals like a small fish bait and induces a bite.

Sanriku rear thread

Sanriku rear thread is a recommended color when you want appealing power. Red is a color that makes the silhouette clear in the water, so it is effective for scorpionfish and rockfish that prefer this color.


In addition, the color has a strong appeal, so it is an effective color for night games when the tide is cloudy after rain, or when the low light is wet.

watermelon bug

Watermelon bugs have a unique appearance feature. At first glance, it looks like a natural color, but when you drop it into the water, the appearance changes dramatically, and it appeals to the target as a vivid high-appeal color.


This exquisite appeal is particularly effective for greenlings during the spawning season, and this color is also effective for individuals who are nervous.

pumpkin camouflage

Pumpkin camouflage is the standard color of Buguants, and it is the color that you want to approach the target hidden in the field first.


Among the natural colors, the dark colors give a silhouette and the green lame gives an appealing feeling. When you get lost in choosing a color, it will be a recommended color for beginners.

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bug ants impression

Unlike other straight worms, Bugants is a worm that imitates crustacean shrimp and crabs, and has a lot of parts such as paddle-shaped parts and curly tail-shaped parts.


It is an item that you can fish while enjoying the shape and color choice that suits the situation because it is made with an impact unique to Eco Gear.

There are various derivative products in Baguants!

Bug ants have items that are specialized for targets and types that are closer to bait. Here we introduce various derivative products of Baguants.

Aged Aqua Baguants 2" / 3.3"

Aged Aqua Bugants will be a soft lure in a position closer to the bait than destroying the concept of lure and bait.


It is characterized by its astonishing fish-collecting and feeding performance obtained by the method of "aging" that draws out the umami components inherent in natural materials with the power of enzymes, and it is possible to aim for a wide range of fish species, from rockfish to red sea bream and flathead. can.

Rockfish Artisan Baguants 2 inch

Rockfish Craftsman Baguants 2 inches is a soft lure that picks up 3 items that have a proven track record in rockfish.


We also carefully selected colors that are effective for scorpionfish, and some colors are used to match the scorpionfish's habit of reacting to things falling from above. floating materialis adopted. Also, at the bottom, it induces a scorpion bite with a seductive posture that looks like it stands up.

Chinu Artisan Baguants 2 inch

Chinu Artisan Baguants 2 inch is a soft lure specializing in Chinu, which is inspired by crustaceans and small gobies that serve as bait for Chinu.


The slender realistic silhouette and legs and antennae that make it difficult to put pressure on a cautious Chinu will induce a Chinu's bite. Set it on a jig head or Texas rig for maximum effect in spots where oyster shells accumulate.


How to use buguants

Explanation of how to use buguants


We will introduce the rigs (gimmicks) and the best situations for how to use the Buganz.

jig head rig

A jig head rig is a basic rig for rock fish games using bug ants, and a small worm of bug ants is attached to the jig head hook and aimed at bottom bumping, pulling, swimming, etc.

Because it is easy to operate, even beginners can easily attach actions. Also jig head with bladeAlso popular, the rotating blades have a flushing effect that appeals to distant targets and induces bites.

texas rig

The Texas rig is a rig that can send bug worms without fear of rooting even at points with rough roots. The action uses a lot of vertical action of lift & fall, It is effective when you have a bad bite when swimming with a jig head.


In particular, it is a good idea to use a combination of lifting and falling after swimming and pulling at the bottom, etc., at points with gorota stones and complex structures where there are many large rock fish.

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The deer rig is a rig that attaches a sinker directly to the eye of the hook and drops it into the root where the fish is attached at once. Effective when you know there are fish, zero dung rigIt is also called, and it is a rig that you want to try when you are here.


It is also compatible with Buguants, and it is good to use it in combination with Buguants' scorpionfish craftsmen to aim for scorpionfish that show interest in the bait that falls from above, or when it is highly active during night games and mazu.

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beefsteak rig

The biftekiri rig is a rig with an inductive sinker, and it is a rig that can be dropped directly vertically and can send bug worms to the front of the fish.


You can appeal to the fish without any discomfort, so it is a good idea to try it when you are under high pressure and have a hard time eating, or when there is no reaction with a jig head or Texas rig. Since it is a rig with a lot of vertical movement, it is recommended that you aim for a place with a lot of crustacean baits in Langan style.

rubber jig

Rubber jigs are mainly used for bass fishing, but they are also popular rigs that can also be used for rockfish. The shape is a linear rubber wrapped around the hook, and the fluffy rubber repeatedly opens and deflates in the water to appeal to fish.


Rooting is a concern with rockfish, but there are rubber jigs for rockfish that are specialized for rockfish, and are equipped with functions such as hook guards to prevent catching. It is also a recommended rig as a gimmick for bug ants.

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Let's enjoy the rockfish game with Bugants!

Enjoy Rockfish Game at Vagants


This time, I introduced the characteristics of bug ants such as size and color, recommended usage, etc. under the title of "Bug ants are the standard rockfish worm! What are the recommended colors and how to use them?" How was it?


Bugans are easier to put on action than straight worms and have a stronger appeal, so you can catch them well. It is also recommended for beginners as it is easy to use. Please go out to the field and enjoy the rock fish game using bug ants.

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Bug ants are very popular worms