What are tackles and gimmicks for longtooth grouper fishing? Let's catch super high-end fish by yourself!

What kind of fish is grouper?

Try fishing for longtooth grouper


The longtooth grouper is a fish of the grouper family, the genus Red grouper, and lives in coastal areas, mainly in western Japan. Due to low catch phantom fishBecause it is also said to be, it is treated as a high-class fish at restaurants, and is very popular as a hot pot dish.


The longtooth grouper's ecology is unique, and it has the characteristic of undergoing a sex change called protogynous maturity. In recent years, due to improvements in aquaculture technology, longtooth grouper farming has flourished in Wakayama and Mie prefectures.

Longtooth grouper fishing season/time zone

What is the best season and place for fishing longtooth grouper?


Longtooth grouper is a fish that can be targeted all year round, but it is so rare that it is said to be a phantom fish. Be sure to keep track of the best times and times for fishing.


From an ecological point of view, it is necessary to ``restore the physical strength exhausted during the spawning season in summer'' and ``store fat for the winter''. September to FebruaryQue will be very voracious. This is the best time to eat longtooth grouper, and it must be fatty and delicious.

time zone

Que is NocturnalityTherefore, it is recommended to visit during the evening to night time. During the day, it hides in crevices and sandy bottoms of reefs, and at night it is active in search of food. Nocturnal fish have a habit of leaving their burrows at night to search for food, but longtooth groupers are said to often wait for food near their burrows.


Point of longtooth grouper fishing

Rocky shores are a typical point for longtooth grouper fishing, but you can also aim at fishing ports where rocky areas are involved. as a fishing spot Wakayama-Mie area, Kyushu area such as Nagasaki and Kagoshima, remote islands such as Izu Islands and Ogasawara Islandsetc. are famous.


The shore is a standard point for longtooth grouper fishing


Due to the nature of longtooth grouper, aim for bay-shaped shoresides, crevices between reefs, and oyster clams that suddenly deepen in the sea. Let's examine the terrain along the coast and explore the points where Kue is hiding.


Since longtooth grouper is nocturnal, it is very active from evening to nighttime looking for food, so it is also important to fish during this time.


Longue can also be caught on embankments


Longtooth grouper can also be caught in tetrapods and breakwaters along the coasts of Wakayama and Mie prefectures. You can catch them during the day, but most of them are small, so you might be able to get good longtooth squares if you aim for them during the evening or at night, just like surf fishing.


Embankment fishing at night can be dangerous, so be sure to take safety measures such as life jackets and headlights before fishing.

boat fishing

There is also a dream big game in the boat fishing of Kue!


Boat fishing is mainly aimed at longues by a method called swimming fishing. By using live squid as bait hooks to make them swim, this is a method unique to boat fishing that lures longtooth grouper in the sea.


In the offing, you can sometimes catch large trout over 1m in size. Longtooth grouper has a habit of burrowing into the roots when it catches bait, so it is known as a fish that is difficult to catch because it requires a strong tackle and considerable physical strength.


longtooth grouper fishing tackle: rikuppari

You can catch longtooth grouper at relatively familiar fishing spots such as embankments, rocky shores, and quays, but we will introduce the tackle necessary for land-based fishing below.

pole (rod)

It is certain to use a longtooth grouper fishing rod released by the manufacturer, but it is very expensive, so unless you are serious about longtooth grouper fishing, you should use a swimming rod for a ship, a jigging rod, or a hard shore jigging rod. You can also use rods etc.


Kue has a habit of burrowing into the roots when it bites, so it is important to choose a rod that has the power to pull it out from the roots. There is also the risk of snagging on land, so we recommend using not only rods but also strong rigs.

Total length (m): 4.80
Joint number (book): 3
Close (cm): 174
Weight (g): 1.460
Weight load (No.): 50-70
Compatible Harris (wire) (No.): 36-30
Compatible thread (No.): 60-100


As a reel to use for longtooth grouper fishing on land, a large double-shaft type reel is recommended. Reels for bream fishing and trolling reels are suitable. It is essential to have the power to prevent the long haired grouper from burrowing into the roots and the torque to pull it up from the roots.


In addition, line capacity is also required to be able to wind a thick line sufficiently. Let's prepare together with the longtooth fishing rod!


The specifications of the line required to compete with large fish such as longtooth grouper are: If it is a nylon line, it is about 25 to 30thing, No. 15 or above for PE lineYou will need at least the following.


Since the device is not cast far, a length of about 100m is sufficient. Also, by inserting a wire that is resistant to root slippage between the road thread and Harris, you can reduce the risk of line breaks.

longtooth grouper tackle: boat fishing

Unlike surf fishing, boat fishing for big game requires special tackles and gimmicks that can withstand intense fights with longues. Let's see what kind of tackle is suitable for boat fishing!

pole (rod)

Since you will be fighting with a large grouper, you will naturally need a very strong butt power for the ship's grouper fishing rod. A suitable rod is a glass rod for sticky swim fishing.


In addition, it is also known that the strike of longue is very difficult to understand, so it is also a point to choose a rod with excellent tip sensitivity.

Total length (m): 1.75
Joint number (book): 1
Close (cm): 138
Own weight (g): 420
Weight load (No.): 80-300
Compatible line (No.): -40


In order to respond to the powerful pull of the quest, it is important to choose a reel with high rigidity and durability. Intense fights on board are accompanied by troubles such as the line getting tangled during winding, but using an electric reel prevents such troubles and allows you to wind safely.


In addition, the electric reel has excellent operability, so you can face the fight with confidence even on the ship. Of course, you need a spec that can wind a thick line enough and a power that can hoist a big fish.

Gear ratio: 2.9
Maximum drag force (kg): 33
Weight (g): 1.770
Maximum hoisting force (kg): 622
Bright thread winding amount (No. -m): 8-600, 10-500
Nylon thread winding amount (No. -m): 12-500, 16-350


Unlike surf fishing, there is almost no need to worry about snagging, but we recommend a PE line that is strong in straight lines to fight longues in deep waters. Thickness About 8 to 10Tie a No. 60 nylon Harris with this one.


longtooth grouper fishing tackle

If you don't choose the right gimmick, you may miss the chance even if the hit comes. For longtooth grouper fishing, it is necessary to choose a rig that matches the field of the fishing spot, so let's hold it firmly.


Since it also fights against root misalignment and root catching, wire-type devices that can be attached to the Sarkan are the mainstream. I use a suzure wire of about 1.5m, and a wire type of Harris that is about 40cm.


As for the size of the firmness, it is best to choose a firmness of size 20 to 30 for kuebari and sea bream. We use a weight of about 20 to 30.

boat fishing

Tie a wire leader to the end of the road thread, put out an edas with a parent and child Sarkan, and tie a wire harris. The needle is about 30 to 40 Kuebari, and the weight varies depending on the point, but I usually choose about 200.


In order to minimize the loss of the device when it gets snagged, use a discarded thread that is thinner than the road thread for the weight.

longtooth fishing bait

What is the best bait for bait fishing?


In surf fishing, we use sprinkling bait together with stabbing bait. The longtooth grouper rarely moves and tends to stay still in the shadows of rocks or on sandy bottoms, so bait is used to lure the longtooth grouper out. Bait is mainly mackerel, sardines, horse mackerelThere is no problem with not only live bait, but also sliced or frozen bait.


In boat fishing, the best method is to either hang a single bait on a dead mackerel and float it, or let live bait such as bluefin trevally or squid swim. When baiting on the hook, it is necessary to hook it from the mouth to the gills so that the bait does not come off during jigging, or to fix it firmly by eyeing it.


Tools needed for longtooth fishing

There are dangers in places where longtooth grouper fishing, such as rocky shores, embankments, and boat fishing. I will introduce you to the tools you want to have in case something happens. Make sure to check before you go fishing!

Life jacket

Even if you fall into the water, Wearing a life jacket triples your chances of survival.It is said that. Especially in the case of rocky shores, there is a high possibility of slipping down or being carried away by an unexpectedly large wave. Don't think "I'm fine" and always wear a life jacket.

Always wear a life jacket

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fish grip

Kue has sharp thorns on its fins and sharp tusks in its mouth, and if you try to lift it by hand, you may be seriously injured. Also, even if you catch a fish, if the fish tries to remove the hook, it can get stuck in your hand and cause serious injury.

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Fish grips allow you to safely remove needles and lift fish. Also, if you are surf fishing for squares, Moray eelIt often takes The tusks of moray eels are sharper and more dangerous than those of longtooth squares, so don't forget to bring a fish grip when fishing longtooth squares.

Enjoy safe and comfortable fishing with fish grips

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Piton / rod holder

It is mainly used for surf fishing and fishing on embankments. Since the rocky area under your feet is uneven, it will be difficult to put the rod directly on the ground. When fishing with a rod on a rocky place, first insert the piton into the gap between the rocks or the ground and fix the rod holder so that you can place the rod.


If you put it directly on a rocky place, it will damage your precious rod and reel, so be careful. Also, since the rod cannot be fixed, if a quest occurs while you are using a standing rod, the rod will be dragged into the sea.


This item is often used when the piton hole on the beach is too large to fix properly. If there is rattling even when the piton is inserted into a gap between rocks or the ground, it can be firmly fixed by inserting a harken into the gap where the piton was inserted.

piton hammer

As the name suggests, it is a hammer used to drive pitons into the rocks of the beach. Because it is mainly used on the beach, it is not made of iron and is resistant to rust. stainless steelIt's a point to keep choosing things.

Longtooth grouper fishing tips

What is the trick to catch the phantom quest?


If you are a fisherman, there is no doubt that it is a fish that you want to catch at least once in your life. It's notoriously difficult to catch, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to catch. Let's catch the necessary points to catch a grouper.

Let's pinpoint the location of the quest

Longtooth grouper is nocturnal, so it mostly hides under rocks and sandy bottoms during the day. At night, they are active in search of food, but since their range of movement is limited, you should patiently aim for the longtooth grouper's favorite spots, such as the husks of the rocks. It is also effective to preview the points during daylight hours and explore what kind of terrain they have.


Wait patiently even if there is a hit

Since the longtooth grouper has a large mouth, it may fall out without being firm if you get caught immediately after hitting it. If you get a bite, don't panic.


It's not a fish with a large number of individuals, so let's take care of the reaction from a few fish one by one.

Wrap it around so it doesn't get caught in the roots

As soon as the Kue bites the bait, it immediately tries to burrow into the roots. If you don't keep winding the reel desperately, it will get into the crevices of the rocks in the blink of an eye and it will be difficult to pull it out. If you take a quest, basically don't put out a drag roll at onceI will continue.


Also, it is important to train your own power and stamina so that you can roll firmly, as well as the tools that can counter the strong pull of the quest.

Let's try fishing for the "Phantom Fish" quest!

Let's challenge grouper fishing!


Longtooth grouper is said to be so rare that it is said to be a phantom fish.


By learning about tackle and bait, which are key points in surf fishing and boat fishing, you may have been able to increase your chances of catching longtooth grouper. Based on what I have introduced so far, the day will soon come when you will be able to catch the super-luxury phantom fish longtooth grouper yourself.

Explanation of phantom fish grouper fishing