How to use and make Jikarig! How is it different from other rigs?

What is Jikalig

Jikarig is such a lure


Jikarig is a rig that originated in Korea and is a down shot without a leader in which the sinker and needle are combined at the same position. alias Zero Dan Shot(zero = zero distance to leader) and Leaderless downshotIt will be a hammering rig that is also called.

Pros of Jikarig

The advantage of Jikarig is that it is difficult to get caught in plants, it can be driven tightly into structures such as overhangs, piles and piers, it falls very quickly, so you can fish easily, and you can use your mouth with a reaction to a large bass that has been threaded. things you can do, etc.


In addition, because the sinker size is large and the sensitivity is good, the topography change of the area etc. Easy to grasp the bottom condition and water depthpoints are raised.

Cons of Jikarig

The disadvantage of Jikarig is that it is difficult to insert a swivel or snap unless you consider the diameter of the eye part of the hook when making your own. The point is that it is not very compatible with worms that have an excellent sinker fall.


Situations where Jikarig is effective

So let's see in what situations Jicalig is effective.

Points with piers, stakes, reeds, tetra belts, etc.

Points where Jikarig is effective


It is effective for man-made (artificial) structures (obstacles) such as piers, piles, stumps, and piers, and vertical structures such as reed roots.


The big bass, which is about to lay eggs in early spring, is easy to attach to the above man-made structure and vertical structure, and the quick fall action of Jikarig Induce reaction biteYou can.


Big bass in early spring often prefers to eat crustaceans that are high in calories, and at this time, we recommend red shrimp and claw worms to attach to the jig.

Changes in underwater topography along seawalls such as fishing ports

Jikarig is a first-class point along the seawall


This is also an effective point for Jikarig, and we will invite you with lift and fall and pull by taking advantage of Jikarig's quick fall and high sensitivity. Let's aim at points where weed grows, underwater capes, breaks, riprap with Gorota rocks, and other invisible topographical changes and along the seawall.


At first glance, there seems to be nothing along the well-maintained seawall such as a fishing port, but there are rocks, weeds, and gouges in the seawall, and you can aim for big bass there.


Make your own Jikarig

Do you want to make a jig rig but have trouble choosing a sinker, hook, swivel or split ring? Here, we will introduce how to choose the best fishing gear such as sinkers and hooks when making your own jig.


Roughly as a use of the weight of the sinker

・5g ~ wild pond

・7g~ wild ponds, large rivers, dams and reservoirs,Biwa lake

・From 10gBiwa lake,Areas where horse chestnuts and mats grow

It is the best to use properly, and 7g is the most versatile and easy to use. As for the shape of the sinker, it is recommended to use rod-shaped or eggplant-shaped sinkers because the movement and sensitivity of the worm are good.


As for how to choose a hook, please use an offset hook for rigs that often use voluminous worms such as shrimp and claws. Worms with a size of 3 to 4.5 inches are often used. 1/0 to 3/0You can't go wrong if you choose a hook that's the size of


With a rig without a swivel, when you cast a lure, the lure and rig will rotate and twist the line, causing a line break. Since the swivel is designed so that the upper and lower eyes can rotate freely, using the swivel plays a role in suppressing the twist of the line.


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As for the size of the swivel, please use the L size because you often use a large hook to fight big bass.

split ring or snap

Use a split ring with a breaking value of 10 kg or more and a size 1 or 2. Jikarig can also be created with snap alone. When using snaps, it is better to use a snap that is larger and has a breaking value of 10 kg or more.


Considering hitting the cover, it is recommended to use one with a high breaking value and a snap that is difficult to open.

how to make

When making a snap, all you have to do is insert a sinker and a hook, so here I will introduce how to make a jig using a swivel.

Things necessary
・Offset hook
・Sinker (~10g)
・DECOY open swivel L

(1) Use pliers to slide the joint of the swivel.

(2) Be sure to insert the sinker and the hook in that order from the joint that has been shifted.

③Finish the seams with pliers.

It is even better to reinforce the seams with instant glue.

Commercially available products are also easy and recommended

A complete set of Jikarig is on sale from Decoy and it is very easy to use. There are diamond-shaped and rod-shaped lures, but we recommend the rod-shaped lure considering bottom sensitivity, rooting avoidance, and worm action.

Recommended tackle setting for Jikarig

If you neglect the tackle setting, you will not notice that the bass is biting you, and you will increase the chances of it falling apart. Here are the recommended tackle settings to solve this problem.


The possibility of catching a big bass is high, and the whole rig is heavy, so MH~HWe recommend a bait rod with a hardness of . As for the length, it will be easy to use because it can be cast long distances around 7ft.


A heavy rod of MH class or higher is required because the big bass must be removed from structures such as reeds and piers. Since you often explore terrain changes, you can fish with a good sense of operation by using a rod with good sensitivity for the tip.


Shimano Expride 169H

It is Shimano's heavy versatile rod suitable for operating heavy rigs such as jigs and jigs. It is a hard rod with good tip sensitivity and firmness. It has good operability and rod power, so it is recommended for jigging.


Total length (m): 2.06
Joint number (book): 1
Close (cm): 206.0
Lure weight (g): 12-42
Fit line (lb): 12-25


As a feature of the reel suitable for Jikarig, the power of the reel and the speed of reel winding speed are required in order to peel off the big bass from the structure.


In addition, the larger the handle of the reel, the greater the reeling force, making it easier to do power fights that do not give the initiative to the bass, and increase the catch rate.


Shimano Scorpion MGL 151XG

The Scorpion MGL 151 XG is a reel that satisfies the above reel characteristics. It is a powerful reel with an extra high gear and a very large winding amount of 91 cm and a large handle length of 90 mm.


As a line suitable for Jikarig, it is essential to choose a line that is good at abrasion resistance because it is driven into obstacles such as man-made structures and reeds.


Therefore, it lacks abrasion resistance. PE is NG and it is best to use a fluorocarbon line.It is better to match the thickness to the weight of the rig, 12-14lb for 5g, 14-16lb for 7g, and 16-18lb for 10g.


Recommended worms for Jikarig

What kind of worm is good for Jikarig?


Since it is fishing that makes use of its quick fall, worms with high specific gravity that are characterized by slow falls are NG. Since it may be driven into structures such as bridge piers and light covers such as mats and garbage pits, We recommend straight worms that slip through easily and shrimp and claw worms, which are favorites of


Especially in early spring, there are more bass that are conscious of crayfish in all fields, so red-colored shrimp and claw worms such as Scappanon are effective.

OSP drive crawler 6.5 inch

It will be a straight worm released from OSP. Since it is a straight worm, it is easy to pass through. Compared to claw worms, it has a thinner silhouette and a stronger bite force, so it is an effective worm for jigging at a threaded point.

Total length (inches): 6.5
Quantity (books): 7
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Gary Yamamoto 6 inch jumbo glove

Needless to say, it is a grab type worm released by Gary Yamamoto, a well-known masterpiece. The curled tail flutters and moves lustrously when it falls, inviting the bass to trigger a reaction bite.

Overall Length (inches): 6
Quantity (books): 10

Depth bullflat 3.8 inches

It will be a bullflat, a masterpiece of gil type worms released by Depth. With 3.8 inches, it can be used from small to large areas such as Noike to Lake Biwa, so it is highly versatile and easy to use. Gill is effective in the field of the main bait, and when it falls, the tail moves gently to attract bass.

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How to use Jikarig

How to use Jikarig


I will introduce how to use Jikarig specifically. Please refer to it when you do not know how to use it.

lift and fall

Directly on structures such as light covers (garbage piles, weed piles, etc.), overhangs (where leaves and branches grow from above to cover the water surface), tetrablocks, and ripraps (gorota fields). It will be the action to use when entwining.


After casting, bring the tip of the rod so that it is parallel to the ground. I think that there is a part where tension is gradually added to the line and you can feel the weight of the worm. The worm starts moving from there. When you feel the weight, slowly bring the tip of the rod up and lift it.


When it seems to come off the structure, let the tip fall slowly to return to its original position. After 3 round trips of lift and fall at that point, collect the worm and move to the next point.



Bring the tip of the rod above your head and pull it vertically to pull it. When the wind is strong, the line is affected by the wind and it becomes difficult to see the hit, so the trick is to lay the rod on its side and pull it.


There is a hit that can be felt with the rod and a hit that is not. As for the bite that can be felt with the rod, the tip of the rod will bend and you will be able to feel the bite, so please hook it as it is.


As for bites that can't be felt with the rod, there are times when the bass gently eats the worm before taking it away. At that time, concentrate on the movement of the line and observe it. If the line starts to run sideways or starts to run forward, or if you feel the line move unnaturally, hook it up.

Proper use of Jikarig and other rigs

Understanding the advantages of each rig according to the situation will lead to better fishing results. Here, we will introduce the effective use of hitting and bottom rigs including jigari rigs.

Usage with Texas Rig

I want to hit only here now! In such a quick situation, a jig rig that can be made by simply inserting a sinker and a hook into the snap allows you to fish with a better sense of tempo than a Texas rig that requires you to rebuild the rig from scratch.


If you want to quickly respond to various situations with one rod in the first field, use the Jikarig, and if you prepare in advance and hit the ball, use the Texas rig.

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Usage with Cherry Rig

Since the cherry rig has a reversed bullet sinker, it is often difficult to break through the cover by hitting the cover. However, the reverse sinker is very easy to sense the shape of the bottom, so it is good at grasping the change of underwater topography.


Therefore, it is better to use the Jika Rig in places with thick cover, and the Cherry Rig when grasping changes in underwater terrain.

Usage with free rig

If you use a free rig to hit cover such as reeds, garbage, weed mats, etc., the worm and sinker are not connected, so even if the cover is a little thick, the worm will get caught in the cover and will not be able to free fall to the bottom and will be eaten by the bass. There are many things that are not.


However, the free rig has a high bite force near the bottom, so it is recommended to use the free rig for areas with dense cover and the free rig for light cover.


Can Jikarig be used with salt water?

Jikarig is also very active in the sea


You can catch rockfish such as scorpion fish, rockfish, soy, greenling, and grouper by throwing the jig into tetras and rocky areas. If you attach a shad tail of about 3 inches to the jig and explore the sandy area, you can also aim for flatfish and flounder. Even in tinning, the bottom pulling fishing method using Jikarig is effective because it has a high avoidance ability.

Let's master Jikarig!

Get a big bass by mastering Jikarig!


How was that?By mastering Jikarig, which can handle everything from cover games to bottom objects such as bottoms and salt games, you can expect to increase your fishing drawers and increase your fishing results.