How to choose rods, reels and jigs suitable for Tonjigi? Get the big game of your dreams!

Tonjigi (dragonfly jigging) is very popular!

Dragonfly jigging (commonly known as Tonjigi) is a fishing that is currently rapidly gaining popularity. Let's take a look at what style of fishing it actually is.

The main target is a dragonfly (albacore tuna)

Tonjigi's main target is albacore tuna


"Dragonfly" of Tonjigi (Tombo Jigging) albacore tunais another name for In other words, Tonjigi's main target is albacore tuna. When you think of jigging, you tend to think of yellowtails and yellowtails, but you can also target tuna with metal jigs.


Depending on the season and location, not only albacore tuna, Bonito and yellowfin tunaIt is very popular because you can easily catch big fish because you can catch them mixed with fish.

A very popular fishing method mainly in Mie Prefecture

Tonjigi is very popular in Mie Prefecture!


It is a place where you can enjoy tonjigi, which is rapidly increasing in popularity, but the area around Shima in Mie Prefecture is the most popular. There are many recreational fishing boats that can catch Tonjigi, and many anglers pass by.


If you want to enjoy tonjigi in the Kanto area, there are several recreational fishing boats that can do tonjigi from Minamiizu, so it is recommended to use them.

time (season)

What is the best season for Tonjigi?


There is a season that is good for any type of fishing, but the best season for Tonjigi is from autumn to spring.


in particular From around October in late fall to around May in springwill be a guideline. Of course, there are differences depending on the field and the trend of the year, so please check with the captain when making a reservation.


tonjigi tackle

Tonjigi tackle selection


So, what kind of tackle should I prepare to actually enjoy Tonjigi?


First of all, regarding the rod, either a bait rod or a spinning rod is fine. You can use a jigging rod like you usually use when jigging blue-runners.


If the rod is lighter than that, it will be difficult to send the jig to the shelf where the target is, and the fishing itself will be difficult, so be careful.

Total length (m): 2.08
Joint number (book): 2
Close (cm): 161.2
Own weight (g): 140
Compatible jig weight (g): 160-380
Applicable line (No.): MAX3


The most important thing when choosing a reel to use with Tonjigi is how much line capacity it has. Basically, Tonjigi uses 3 to 5 PE lines, so at least No. 3 over 300mA windable reel would be preferable.


In other words, if you take a spinning reel as an example, you need at least a size of 8000 or more, and according to the thickness and length of the line you use, choose 10000 or 14000, which has more line capacity. I can.

Can I use an electric reel?

You can also use electric reels in Tonjigi. In this type of fishing, which basically aims at a fairly deep area, a certain amount of physical strength is required when collecting jigs and fighting. For those who want to enjoy fishing comfortably while preserving their physical strength, we also recommend tackle using electric reels.



main line

Mainline uses PE. As mentioned earlier, the thickness can be selected according to the situation, while considering 3 to 5 as the standard.


Be sure to choose one with a length of 300m or more. You are free to choose which color you want, but for jigging, it is convenient to use a multi-colored line that is color-coded every 10m in order to know the shelf to a certain extent.


Fluorocarbon, which is often used in jigging games, is preferable for the material of the leader because it is resistant to abrasion. Thickness About 70~100lbPlease use as a guide when selecting.


The length is also your preference, but it is safe to keep about 5 to 10m. The recommended binding method is less likely to interfere with the guide. FG knot and PR knotis.

Carefully selected jigs recommended for Tonjigi!

Tonjigi hook setting


For jigs used in Tonjigi, we recommend items that can appeal with fall action. The appeal to the tuna is higher during the fall than when hoisting the jig or jerk, and the bite will be easier to concentrate on this timing.


Weights of 250 to 400g are often used, but it is a good idea to ask the captain which weight to use as the main weight. Glow color, zebra glow, Keimura color, etc. have a good track record in Tonjigi, which is often aimed at deep areas.

scale jig original

"Uroko Jig Original" has a very good track record and is a fairly popular jig. Items with beautiful holograms that look like real scales are also very popular.

shimano ocea stinger butterfly easy pebble

It is a popular Shimano jig that is easy to jerk and appeals to the target by delivering a strong rolling action even during the fall. Shimano's unique mad scale color is also popular.

Breed Gorassolong

It is designed to make it easier to maintain a horizontal posture when the line tension is released, and it is a very excellent jig that induces a bite during slide action or when you insert a momentary pause.

Tanajig Aiya ~ Long

It is a jig that has a reputation for hitting well both when jerk and when falling. There is very little pulling weight when jerking, and it will be a strong ally for anglers even when continuing to jerk for a long time.

Major Craft Jig Paravertical Long Throw

It is a jig with excellent cost performance that you can get at a very reasonable price range. Because it has a unique cross-sectional shape, it is possible to take out a stable action when falling, and it is very suitable for jigging games of tuna species.

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Tonjigi assist hook

About Tonjigi hook setting


In Tonjigi tackle, the selection of assist hook is also an area of concern. Let's take a look at the actual hook size guideline and settings.

hook size

Regarding the size of the assist hook, basically a large one is required. For example, if it is an owner needle product, you can aim for about 7/0 to 11/0 of "Blue Chaser".

hook setting

The number of hooks is basically single, and usually it is attached only to the front, but when you want to increase the hooking rate or consider the balance of the fall posture, you can set it on both the front and rear. We will adjust accordingly depending on the situation at that time.

how to make tongjigi

Enjoy Tonjigi's fight


Let's take a look at how tongjigi is made. I will explain the series from inserting the jig to taking it in, so please refer to it.

Inserting the jig

First of all, the jig is put in, but rather than taking action by taking the bottom every time like jigging for green fish, it is the basics of Tonjigi to send the jig according to the shelf that the captain says and invite it from there.


Basically, it will be a one-pitch jerk, but please try to make a long fall at key points to create gaps between bites and appeal. A well-balanced attack is effective so that it does not become a one-pattern attack.


One of the real pleasures of Tonjigi is finding the hit pattern of the day by trying various speedy and sharp jerks, slow movements and falls.


Fight ~ Capture

If albacore tuna hits, you should expect it to run to some extent on the first run. When it stops moving a little, let's bring it by pumping. Be careful not to set the rod too high at this time. If you stand too much, it may break.


You may run several times during the fight, Set the drag somewhat tightPlease keep If the tuna runs too much, there is a possibility that it will become a gimmick and a festival for the anglers around you. The catch will be scooped up with a net, so keep calm and operate the rod according to the instructions.

How can I bring back the tuna I caught in Tonjigi?

A large cooler box for Tonjigi!


In order to bring back the tuna caught in Tonjigi in a way that keeps it as fresh as possible, it is necessary to prepare a cooler box. at least About 60~80LPrepare the following items.


Depending on the boathouse, you may be able to purchase styrofoam to bring the albacore tuna you catch home with you, or they will cut it up for you to take home easily, so we recommend checking in advance.

Let's try the popular tonjigi

Get delicious tuna at Tonjigi!


“Tonjigi”, which is currently attracting a lot of attention in various places, is gaining popularity day by day because it is possible to easily aim for coveted fish such as tuna. By all means, acquire the correct knowledge about Tonjigi, choose the tackle that suits you, and try this popular fishing.

Tonjigi's main target is albacore tuna