Neon Bright is newly added to the King Egi series! Egging has evolved further with next-generation technology!

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Neon bright colors have been added to Egioh LIVE!

What color is the neon bright added to Egioh LIVE?


We will introduce in detail the characteristics and lineup of neon bright colors newly added to Yamashita's Egioh LIVE.

Features of Neon Bright

Neon Bright Color uses Yamashita's special technology to produce next-generation ultraviolet light with red, green, and blue wavelengths.


When the egi is not exposed to ultraviolet light, the body of the egi is transparent, and when it is exposed to ultraviolet rays, it emits a different color, and the egi emits optimal ultraviolet light according to the color of the tide, making the egi's presence known to the squid.

What is the difference from conventional Keimura?

Conventional Keimura colors have a blue tone, but Neon Bright makes Keimura's luminous intensity stronger than previous Keimura's.


As a result, it shines even with weaker ultraviolet rays than ever before, You can appeal to squid even in situations where there is little UV rays, such as deep waters where UV rays are difficult to reach, lightly cloudy conditions, and clear tides during the day.


Egioh LIVE Neon Bright size lineup

We will introduce the specs of Egioh LIVE Neon Bright, how to use it effectively by season, and the lineup by size.

Egioh LIVE Neon Bright No. 2.5

Egioh LIVE 2.5 comes in 6 different colors, the size is 60mm, the weight is 10g, and the sinking speed is approximately 5.5 seconds/m.


This size is Effective when targeting new bigfin squid in the early season.This makes it perfect for bigfin squid, which actively chases egi. Also, even in the peak season, if you use it when the overall activity is low or when you are feeling reluctant, it will lead to good fishing results.

Egioh LIVE Neon Bright No. 3

Egioh LIVE 3.0 comes in 6 different colors, the size is 90mm, the weight is 15g, and the sinking speed is approximately 3.5 seconds/m.


This size is Size suitable for all seasonsIf you use this size to catch new bluefin squid in autumn or a few squid at the peak of the season, or even in the latter half of the season when the activity is low or you are feeling reluctant, you can use this size to target large bluefin squid.

Egioh LIVE Neon Bright No. 3.5

Egioh LIVE 3.5 comes in 6 different colors, the size is 105mm, the weight is 21g, and the sinking speed is approximately 3.0 seconds/m.


This size is mainly considered to be the top season for egging. Effective when used from late October to Novemberis. You can also enjoy points from shallow areas to deep areas, or by using a sinker for tip-run egging from a boat.


Egioh LIVE neon bright color lineup

How to use neon bright colors properly?


Introducing the color lineup of Egioh LIVE Neon Bright and effective situations for each color.

neon bright red

neon bright red Timing of mazume in the morning and eveningIt becomes a color that works well. During this time, there are low lights and less ultraviolet rays and less light, which reduces the appeal of Egi, but the neon brightness makes it a color that clearly shows its presence.


monster red

Monster Red is a color that is effective for catching bluefin squid in the morning and in the evening, when the time is right for bigfin squid. The color combines a highly visible pink back with a red neon bright body, making it appealing to squid even in low light conditions.

battle green

The battle green color is effective for evening games and night games, and is a silhouette-conscious color. When you add action, the red neon bright body and partial red tape will attract bites from large bluefin squid.

neon bright green

Neon bright green is When squid activity decreases due to muddy tides that occur after rain or low water temperatures.This is a color that will be effective. The green color blends in with the tide and appeals to the squid without making them feel uncomfortable.



Lollipop is a color that is effective in rainy weather or in extremely muddy tides after stormy weather. The combination of the green neon bright body and the expanding back color makes it possible to clearly emphasize the presence of the egi to squid even in murky tides with poor visibility.

spark olive

Spark Olive is a color that is effective when the squid's activity has decreased due to turbidity caused by changes in water temperature or turbidity after rain, and the green neon bright body with a back color that blends in with muddy tides is a color that is effective for squid with low activity. induces part-time bites.

neon bright blue

Neon bright blue contrasts with green When the tide is clear, including shallow areasThis is a color that will be effective. When the tide is clear, the color naturally appeals to squid and induces a bite from wary bluefin squid.


Bull Bull Sunfish

The Blue Blue Sunfish is characterized by a natural color that blends in with the clear tide, and the color combination of blue neon brightness on the blue background encourages predatory behavior from the wary neutral squid and induces a bite.

powerful blue

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Powerful Blue is a color that is effective in tough conditions such as clear tide during the day, and is the color with the strongest neon bright appeal among the six colors. The flashing effect of ultraviolet light emission and partial holo appeals to squid far away from the egi.


Models other than Egioh LIVE that use neon bright

Yamashita's Egi has a different type from the Egi-oh LIVE series such as Egi-oh K and Egi-oh TR, but the current situation is Egioh LIVE and Egioh KOnly neon bright is used.


In the future, there is a possibility that the Egi series that uses Neon Bright will increase, and the color variations of Neon Bright itself will increase, which will further expand the range of strategies.

Neon Bright added to King Egi K

Neon Bright added to Egioh K! Make egging even more fun with next-generation ultraviolet light!

May 11, 2022

Enjoy egging with the neon bright Egi King LIVE series

Enjoy egging with Egioh LIVE neon bright

We introduced the specs, colors, effective situations, etc. of the Egioh Neon Bright series, which uses Yamashita's latest technology. What did you think?


It goes without saying that the choice of egg is an important factor in egging, where pressure increases year by year. Please pick up the Egg King Neon Bright series and enjoy egging according to the situation.

What are the types and characteristics of King Egi?

What are the types and characteristics of King Egi? A super standard egg series that is indispensable for egging!

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