What are the gimmicks and bait for channel catfish fishing? Is it true that you can catch anything?

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What is Channel Catfish

Channel catfish is such a fish

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American catfish is a member of the catfish family native to North America. In Japan, channel catfish are mainly referred to as channel catfish, but blue catfish have also been confirmed to inhabit. This fish does not originally live in Japan, but was transplanted to Japan as a food fish in the 1970s. Currently, it breeds in large numbers in the Tone River and Lake Kasumigaura water systems, and has been designated as a Specified Alien Species due to its impact on the ecosystem. It is relatively easy to catch if you aim for it because it breeds in large numbers, and you can easily enjoy a strong pull.

American catfish fishing season/hours

channel catfish season


Channel catfish can be caught at any time of the year except in winter when the water temperature is low. If you want to fish for it, June to October is a good time, when the activity is particularly high. Also, since channel catfish are nocturnal, it is easier to catch them at night, early in the morning, or early in the evening, but you can catch them during the day as well. However, during the high water temperature period in the middle of summer, the channel catfish will not eat well in the daytime, so it is better to aim for it from the evening to the early morning.

American catfish fishing points

There is also a large number of American catfish, so if you are in the Lake Kasumigaura water system, all waterfronts are points where you can catch them. However, American catfish are fish that migrate in groups, and unlike Japanese catfish, they are not sedentary. However, it is possible to catch fish at any point if you use komase, so it would be a good idea to explore various points.


channel catfish fishing tackle

The average size for channel catfish fishing is about 30 to 40 cm, but on rare occasions, large ones of 70 cm or more can be caught, so try with a fairly strong tackle. As long as the rod is not too soft, such as for trout and aging, you can use anything such as bass, sea bass, and rock rods. The reel should be about 2500 to 3000, and the line should be nylon or fluorocarbon No. 4 or more and can wind about 100m.

Shimano Holiday Iso R 3-300

daiwa 15 revros 3000

TOISTAX Fishing Tackle Yokubari Set

Duel CN500 500m No.3

Channel Catfish Fishing Tackle

In channel catfish fishing, you can honestly catch any rig. The easiest way to do this is by passing a string tied to a hook through a hollow weight, but it also responds to lures, so it's fun to set a worm on a Texas rig and aim for it. During the time period when channel catfish are floating at the time of mazume, you can also catch them by float fishing.

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Daiichi Seiko rubber tube weight long type

Owner Kentsuke Seigo White 8-1.5

American catfish fishing bait

American catfish are omnivorous and will eat basically anything. Try different types, such as mackerel and other fish fillets, earthworms, salted squid, crucian carp bait, and other types that appeal to you with their appearance, such as fish sausages and bread pieces. In addition, when fishing for channel catfish, if you sprinkle komase, you can efficiently attract fish and extend your catch.


Are American catfish delicious?

The channel catfish was brought to Japan for edible purposes, so the taste is very delicious. In the United States, it is currently used as an ingredient in Filet-O-Fish burgers. The skin has a slight odor, so be sure to remove the skin when cooking. If the smell still bothers you, you can remove the smell by soaking it in milk or alcohol. If you fry, boil, salt-grill, etc. to get rid of the smell, it's a very delicious fish, so when you catch it, please take it home and eat it.

Enjoy channel catfish fishing!

Enjoy Channel Catfish Fishing

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Channel catfish are a good target that anyone can easily catch in numbers and enjoy a strong pull. In Lake Kasumigaura, it is treated as an off-road for crucian carp fishing and carp fishing. It's not often that you can catch so many fish of this size so easily. Let's try fishing once and enjoy this troublesome!

channel catfish fishing