Crossstage completely covers salt games! What are the 10 most popular models?

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What kind of rod is Crostage?

The Crostage is a standard rod developed by Major Craft that offers excellent cost performance for beginners and intermediate users.

Torsion resistant blank design

Crossstage blank design

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Newly adopted from the third generation of Crostage Micro pitch cross force manufacturing methodis a blank that resists torsion by wrapping carbon fiber horizontally, vertically, and horizontally in 1 to 3 layers to maintain stable strength, and the exterior is double taped in an X shape to tighten and reinforce it. This is the manufacturing method that completes the process.

K guide specification with less line trouble

Crostage is a K guide specification with less trouble.

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The Crostage series uses a K guide in which the guide frame is inclined with respect to the rod. than the traditional vertical frame. There are fewer line troubles and cast performance is improved.

Popular model Crostage Shore Jigging

Crostage's popular model, shore jigging

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This is a particularly popular model in the Crostage series, and allows you to easily enjoy shore jigging for bluefish, cutlassfish, mackerel, sagoshi, etc. It has been released in a rich lineup including the "Super Light Shore Jigging Model", "Light Shore Jigging Model", and "Shore Jigging Model".

Length (ft): 10'0"
Joint number (book): 2
Lure weight (g): 40 (30-50)
Applicable line PE (No.): 1.0-2.5

Crostage Seabass is an extremely versatile rod!

General-purpose model of the Crossstage series

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Crostage Seabass has been completely renewed and released in 10 types. The main divisions are L, ML, M and models that use solid tips.


It is a highly versatile model that can be used in all situations of sea bass games, and can be selected depending on the angler's attack style, such as full cast from the shore or boat sea bass.

Introduction to bigfin squid with black stage egging!

Enjoy Egging at Crossstage

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The Crostage Egging model is released in a rich lineup of 6 types of tubular tips and 3 types of solid tips.


Anglers can choose depending on the season of bluefin squid and how to target them, so it is possible to enjoy all types of egging, including new size fish in season, big bluefin squid in spring, and tip runs from a boat.

Total length (ft): 8'6”
Joint number (book): 2
Egg size (No.): 2.5-3.5
Compatible line (number): 0.4-1.2

Cross Stage Light Game is recommended for Aging!

Aging at Cross Stage Light Game

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The cross stage light game is divided into the aging model and the mebaring model, each of which has a solid tip and tubular tip lineup. It can be used in various fishing methods such as a single jig head (single jig), micro jigging using a small metal jig, and float rig.

"Total length (ft): 6'9"
Joint number (book): 2
Lure weight (g): 0.6-10
Fit line (lb): 1-5
Compatible PE line (number): 0.1-0.6

6 other recommended models from Crostage

In addition to the ones introduced above, the Crostage series has many models tailored to different targets. Here we will introduce 6 of the most popular products.


Authentic jigging with cross stage

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The Crostage jigging series is now in its third generation since it was first released as an introductory jigging rod, and the latest offshore jigging rod has been released.


It has evolved from an introductory model and has become a model that allows you to enjoy jigging in earnest. You can enjoy jigging with a wide range of lineups, from orthodox jigging rods to easy light jigging models and electric jigging models that have been popular in recent years.

boat sea bass

Crostage also has a model exclusively for boat sea bass.

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Crostage Boat Seabass consists of 6 spinning models and 3 bait models with the addition of a magnum bait model.


In order to easily and easily enjoy boat sea bass, which is often considered difficult, we have made it possible for everyone from beginners to veterans to choose a model that suits their style, and you can enjoy boat sea bass to the fullest with small plugs and big baits. can.


Enjoy Thai Mule at Crossstage

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The Crostage Tyraba series is all spiral guides, and consists of 4 tubular tip models and 3 solid tip models, each with a removable grip type and a 2-piece model.


It is now possible to enjoy the Tairaba game with a wide range of lineups, from light models that flow with doTERRA to models that attack the deep zone with heavy Tairuba.


Crossstage Chinning Model

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The black sea bream series includes a tubular type with light to medium action, and a medium light solid tip model to reliably catch the short bite of black sea bream.


This one series covers all styles of chinning, including bottom swivels, micro jigs, cranks, and top water.


A wide range of crossstage products

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The Crostage Octopus series consists of 2 bait models and 2 spinning models, making it easy to enjoy the octopus game that has become popular in recent years. The octopus series is also recommended for family fishing, with a ``shore octopus'' model that attacks from embankments and fishing ports, and a ``ship octopus'' model that targets from boats.

pack rod

Easy-to-carry cross-stage pack rod model

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The Crostage Pack Rod series has been released for sea bass, egging, light shore jigging, and light games, and all have 4 pieces.


Although it is 4 pieces, it is as strong as 2 pieces, convenient to carry, and allows you to easily enjoy lure games anywhere, so you can enjoy fishing in a light manner during your free time while traveling or on a business trip.

How would you rate Crossstage?

How would you rate Crossstage?

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As mentioned above, Crostage has a lineup that covers a wide range of salt lures, and has the standard specifications for each target. It looks stylish, with golden coloring on the grip end and blanks, giving it a luxurious design.


I often hear that rods break easily, but if you use them within the rod's specifications, they won't break that often. Crostage is good value for money and easy to use, so I think it's a worth buying rod.

How many types of fish can you catch on Crostage? ?

Crostage series covers all types of fish

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Although Crostage does not have a dedicated model for freshwater fish, it is possible to target bass with a rockfish model, for example. If you understand the specs of the rod properly, you can divert it to various genres of fishing within a reasonable range.


Of course, it makes sense to use a rod specifically designed for that particular fish, and will increase your fishing results, but it might be fun to try and see how many different types of fish you can catch with one black stage rod!