Protect your precious reel with a reel stand! Daiwa and Shimano common products too!

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What is a reel stand?

First of all, what exactly is a reel stand? Let's check the role and how to use the reel stand.

Role of the reel stand

The main role of the reel stand isPrevent reel damageis. For example, there are times when you want to place the rod on the ground, such as at a breakwater, but if you leave it as it is, the reel will inevitably touch the ground and may be damaged.


Even if you try to leave it gently so as not to damage it, if the ground is rough, you can easily get a big scratch on it. If you have a reel stand, you won't have to worry about that.


In addition, recent reel stands come in a wide variety of colors and shapes, and in addition to preventing scratches,stylish customized productsThere is also a charm as.

How to use the reel stand

Using the reel stand is very easy. Remove the cap on the other side of the reel handle and attach the reel stand to that part.


By doing so, when the tackle is placed on the ground, etc., the rod and reel stand firmly support the reel body, so the reel itself will not come into contact with the ground. You don't have to worry about damaging your precious reels.


In addition, the reel stand can be left attached to the reel, so it is very convenient without being bulky.

8 recommended reel stands

Various reel stands are on sale from each manufacturer. Depending on the product, compliance and non-compliance are finely divided, soBe sure to check whether it can be attached to the reel you have before purchasing.

Shimano Yumeya aluminum reel stand

Genuine custom parts for Shimano. Made of lightweight aluminum material, it weighs only 6g and is so light that you won't even feel like you're wearing it.


Compatible models include Stella, Vanquish, Twin Power, Stradic, Exsense series, Sephia series, Soare series, BB-X series, etc.

Daiwa SLP Works RCS Rolling Hook Holder

This is for Daiwa reels, and is a reel stand with a hook holder that allows you to hook lures such as eggs and spoons.


Compatible models are compatible with body sizes up to 3000 such as Exist, Sertate, Rubias, Steez, More Than, Red Fang EX, Red Fang AIR, Emeraldas AIR, Gekka Bijin EX.

dress reel stand origin

With a hook holder that can hook a lure. In addition, you can also attach Chemi-Firefly, making it easier to find the location of the tackle even in the dark, preventing damage and loss.

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It can be installed in common with Shimano and Daiwa. Compatible models are the same as Yumeya's aluminum reel stand for Shimano, and the same as the RCS rolling hook holder for Daiwa.

Tsubaki Laboratory Premium Omamori-kun

More Bites Body Keeper 5

The price is cheap, and it is a product with outstanding cost performance. There are 7 colors that can be selected according to the reel to be installed. Compatible models are the same as the dress reel stand origin.

Tsubaki Laboratory Omamori-kun Plus

Six O-rings for stopping the line are equipped as standard. It weighs 6g and is extremely light. This is also common to Daiwa and Shimano, and the compatible models are the same as the above products.


SLASH Tactical Hook Ki-Par EX SL-206

It is a reel stand that can be folded, and it is a convenient product that does not add bulk when storing.


There are two types, N type and W type, and the corresponding models are different. Also, depending on the model and count, it may be necessary to insert a washer for adjustment.

For details, see the list of compatible models on the manufacturer's website.

gomexus body keeper aluminum

It is a relatively inexpensive and popular product. Compatible models are Shimano Stella, Vanquish, Vanford, Stradic, Biomaster, Exsense, etc., and Daiwa Exist, Rubias, Emeraldas AIR, Morethan, Saltist, etc.

Valley Hill Choioki Stand

Clear color pop appearance reel stand.


Shimano has Stella, Vanquish, Twin Power, Exsense, Sephia, Complex CI4, BB-X, etc. Daiwa has Exist, Sertate, Rubias, Emeraldas AIR, Tsukishita Bijin EX, Tournament Series, etc. It is

Can you make your own reel stand?

It is possible to make your own reel stand if the size matches well with the screw of the cap part that attaches the reel stand. Also, some people make their own reel stand by making a hole in the cap and attaching a rod-shaped object.


You can make your own original reel stand according to your ideas, so if you are interested, you can try it (however, if you make a hole, you may not be able to receive the manufacturer's warranty. (If you do your own work, do so at your own risk.)

There are also products for display on the reel stand!

Some reel stands are designed specifically for display to store or display your reels. Some allow you to display one reel per stand, while others allow you to display multiple reels side-by-side, similar to a rod stand.

Let's use the reel with care for a long time with the reel stand!

Prevent scratches with reel stand

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Reel stands are not directly related to fishing results, but after all, important reels should be used for a long time. If you have a reel stand, you can greatly reduce the chance of accidentally damaging the reel.


If you use it carefully, the reel is really long and can be used for more than 10 years. If you do not have it yet, please take this opportunity to introduce a reel stand.


The reel stand is very convenient