Fluffy Slemas capture! Crank that invites you to tease with super slow!

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Features of fluffy

What kind of lure is Fuwatoro?


Fuwatoro is a crankbait for area trout produced by Shimano. Fuwatoro uses a joint mechanism, and its biggest feature is that even when reeling very slowly, the joint allows it to swim while making small waves.


Many area trout respond to the slow movement of lures, and are often lured with micro spoons, but the fluffy trout, which has a different movement than the micro spoon and has a large silhouette that can be seen slowly, is one variation. This is a lure you'll want to have.

Fluffy 35F is recommended for targeting the surface layer.

Fuwatoro 35F is a floating type, so it is recommended for targeting the surface layer. It is easy to take action even with slow winding such as dead slow retrieve, and the distance traveled by the lure is suppressed so that it does not increase the distance, making it possible to sufficiently appeal to fish.


There are a total of 20 colors available, with very distinctive and interesting colors such as cherry pie, bitter chocolate, sesame pudding, and fluffy omelette rice. We have everything from vivid to dark to clear colors, so you won't have any trouble color rotation.


Approach fish in deeper layers with fluffy 35D-F

Fluffy 35D-F is a floating type like 35F, but when reeling dive deeperIt looks like this. You can approach a wide range of trout from the surface layer to the middle layer to the bottom layer.


There are 16 colors available, which also provides ample color variation. 35D-F is often more effective in situations where fish are not floating, so we also recommend it.

Conquer the water surface with the fluffy top 35F

From the surface layer to just below the water surfaceIt is a subsurface model that is ideal for conquering. This is the best type when you can see a reaction at the top, and it also supports dead slow retrieves.


In addition, the natural wavering effect that lingers even when the bait is stopped is effective, and it is a lure that allows fish to use their mouths even under high pressure conditions.


Fluffy derivative products too!

In addition to Fuwatoro, several derivative products have been released. It has different characteristics and attack range from Fuwatoro, so checking it out will expand your strategy.

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Soko Toro 30S


Difficult to capture in fluffy Bottom strategyIt is a sinking model that is ideal for fishing, making it an effective lure even when fish are not floating.


The front lip is also wide, reducing the risk of getting entangled when attacking the bottom, while also creating a stable swimming posture for slow retrieves. The appealing fat body is also a different feature from the fluffy one.



After casting, let it sink to the bottom while counting, and then slowly retrieve it so that it slowly crawls along the bottom. In addition, if you wind it a little faster than the dead throw after it hits the bottom, you can swim and conquer the bottom thread, making it possible to use it in a wide range of ways.

Chibi Toro 25F/25S


It is a model with high eating performance that is even smaller in size than the fluffy one. The dead slow retrieve action is also firmly inherited, and although it is small in size, it maintains a stable posture without collapsing in swimming.



Chibi Toro 25F is effective for surface attackThe dead slow retrieve action is also effective, but it is also recommended that you can create a feeding period by adding a stop.

Chibi Toro 25S is effective for attacking from the middle to the bottom.After casting, it is also effective to let the bait sink to a desired range and then slowly reel it in, or to put a stop and then let it fall.

Shimano Cardiff Chibi Toro 25S

Can Fuwatoro be used for things other than tube fishing?

Fuwatoro was created for use at managed fishing spots, but can it be used for other types of fishing as well?

mountain stream

Can Fuwatoro be used in mountain streams?


Fluffy is a lure that attracts with a dead slow motion, so it is not suitable for places with currents such as mountain streams. You can use it by focusing on points where the current is slow and stagnant, or by attracting it by winding it fast enough to not lose to the current.


You may be able to catch trout that don't respond to other lures.


Fluffy and small bus strategy!


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Since it is a small lure, it may be effective against bass in slippery conditions. It is better to retrieve it a little earlier than when using it for tube fishing.Due to its light weight, Spinning tackle or bait finesse tackleWe recommend that you use it.


There is no problem with small bass, but if the bass gets to a certain size, there is a risk that it will be stretched out with a standard hook. However, if you increase the hook size, the balance of the lure will be lost, so basically it should be used only for small bass.

salt lure

Fluffy also works well with light salt!


The size and action are the best match for Mebaring. A fluffy dead throw is especially effective in situations where rockfish are boiling on the water surface.


In addition, Fuwatoro 35D-F and Sokotoro 30S can be used with the recently popular goby cranks. Try to entice him with the image of him gently nudging the bottom and rolling it up.

Conquer fluffy and low activity trout!

Get a fluffy trout!


Many anglers constantly throw various lures at trout at managed fishing spots, and there are surprisingly many trout that are threaded. Therefore, the more variety of lures you have, the more you can appeal to the fish at any given time.


Fuwatoro is a highly recommended lure to have in your drawer, so if you don't have one yet, be sure to bring it with you on your next fishing trip!

Shimano Fluffy