Scissor comb lineup and how to use it! The trump card with the Shirauo pattern!

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Features of the scissor comb

It's very simple to use, throw, drop, roll. If there is only this, it is the last trump card without Bowes! A scissor comb that does not require any poor workmanship.

A popular worm that demonstrates tremendous power in the whitefish pattern

The whitebait pattern cannot be forgotten in the spring bus strategy. And the worm that best matches this fishing is a scissor comb. Since there is no need for flashy performances, the natural bite will continue for a long time without causing the bass to slip, so please try it.

Four pairs of scissor arms that generate exquisite waves

Four arms are attached to one side of the slender body, and eight arms are attached to the left and right. This arm firmly captures a slight water flow and generates micro-waves to invite a bite. This wave is similar to the wave of a bait that forms a swarm, so the bass will bite without any discomfort.

Body design that enables action full of life

At first glance, the scissor comb looks like just a worm, but everything is meticulously designed. The waves that catch the water flow from the arm produce a really sexy action. It looks as if it is alive, and even humans are fascinated by it.

Scissor comb lineup

There are 5 types of scissor comb lineup. After grasping the characteristics of each, let's use them properly according to the point and situation.

scissor comb 2.5 inch

2.5 inches of bite. It is the most compact eating size in the series. It can be used with any rig, but I personally recommend just toss it and leave it alone. It is indispensable for attacking site phishing.

Jackal scissor comb 2.5 inch

Jackal scissor comb 2.5 inch

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scissor comb 3 inch

3 inches, perfect size. 2.5 inches is too small and is useful in scenes where you want a slightly larger silhouette. Since it is a relatively small model, it is also recommended when playing with smallmouth bass and small buses.

Jackal scissor comb 3 inch

Jackal scissor comb 3 inch

¥669(as of 12/11 06:02)
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scissor comb 3.8 inch

This size is recommended not only for spinning tackles, but also for those who mainly use bait tackles. It is an almighty worm that plays an active role in various situations and actions.

Jackal scissor comb 3.8 inch

Jackal scissor comb 3.8 inch

¥669(as of 12/11 06:02)
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scissor comb 4.8 inch

The voluminous 4.8 inch body has a strong presence and appeal, and is a size that you would like to use at a point where you can expect a large size. It is effective for individuals that are the target of predation such as large freshwater shrimp and crayfish.

scissor comb 6 inch

6 inches, the largest in the series. It is a size that has a high track record in boats, but it explodes on the surface of the water with just winding and cat rigging in shallow areas on land! It seems that you can enjoy using it.

How to use a scissor comb

I will introduce how to use the scissor comb.

Jig head rig that you can just throw, drop, and wind

Jig head rigs are the most recommended for scissor combs. Just throw it, drop it, and reel it in. You can catch it with a simple action such as jerking. This is the easiest setting for beginners.

Explosive rig? ! What is rolled scissors?

The trick rig "rolling scissors" is just a scissor comb attached to a lightweight jig head weighing less than 1g. Just by throwing, dropping, and winding, you can get amazing fishing results. The effect of micro-vibration caused by each of the four pairs of legs capturing the water flow is overwhelming.

A classic cat rig for land and wild ponds!

Neko rig with slow action. Although you need a nail sinker, the ability to carefully pull the bottom is attractive. In addition, even though it is a slow action, the micro-vibration generated by capturing a slight water flow is still alive. The action can only be seen as a living thing from a human perspective.

What if the scissor comb becomes addictive?

The micro-vibration unique to the scissor comb has 4 pairs of legs, and each of them functions to create an action. However, it seems that there are cases where the original performance cannot be exhibited due to habits such as when stored. At times like thatPlease practice the method of boiling in hot water introduced by Mr. Takuma Hata. The method is very simple, and if you boil it for about 1 minute, it will be reborn as a beautiful symmetrical leg. All you have to do is remove the water with kitchen paper and dry it, so please try it.

DB Yuka Kasumi that looks just like a scissor comb is also available!

The scissor arm of DB Yumakasumi captures the water flow and transmits micro-waves to the tail.It conveys rolling and micro-waves from the body to the tip of the tail to appeal its presence.Even if the usage is the same, you can take a different approach from the scissor comb. It is especially effective for whitebait patterns.

Jackal DB Yuma Kasumi 3.3 inch

Jackal DB Yuma Kasumi 3.3 inch

¥660(as of 12/11 06:02)
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Scissor comb that is also very active in salt

Scissor combs are used not only in freshwater but also in seawater, and they demonstrate their performance to the fullest. Especially in Hokkaido and the Tohoku region, rockfish games such as greenling are active all season. The performance is of course, but the abundance of sizes and colors is also a factor.

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Have a blissful moment with a scissor comb like never before!

Thank you for your cooperation. The scissor comb that you just throw, drop and wind is an excellent soft bait. Rolling scissors were especially revolutionary. As an aside, I feel that there is still a wide range of possibilities. If you have a scissor comb, you can catch even points that have been hit badly. I think that it is always on the angler's side to bring out the possibilities, so let's explore various ways with scissor combs without being bound by stereotypes.

The scissor comb is indispensable for spring whitebait patterns!