Experience the strongest durability with Twin Power SW! Rich model change in 2023?

Since there has been a gap of six years from the launch of the Twin Power SW in 2009 to the launch of the Twin Power SW in 2015, it may be possible to achieve a full model change in March 2021, when Shimano will celebrate its 100th anniversary. is expected.

The fully remodeled Twin Power SW is expected to adopt the new technologies such as "Infinity Drive" and "Heat Sink Drag" that are already installed in Stella SW, and it will be more powerful.

*The model has finally been changed in 2022! See below for detailed features and specifications.

21 Twin Power is finally here

21 Twin Power SW is here! What are the additional counts and new features from the previous model?

January 23, 2021

A complete unit with excellent robustness and durability

As introduced in the article, the basic performance is very high, and it is an excellent reel that twin power SW is sufficient in most situations in offshore games in the near sea.


What I can say to those who are considering purchasing is that there is no loss in buying it, and it will definitely help anglers to catch large fish.

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What is Twin Power SW?

We will introduce a highly durable reel for offshore that can challenge head-to-head against inshore migratory fish that pull violently.

Endurance performance that brings together the best of technology

The twin power SW has various technologies such as the HAGANE gear used in the top model Stella SW, the X-SHIP that transmits the power of winding without waste, and the X tough drag that can handle strong migratory fish pulls. is installed.

Waterproof performance equivalent to IPX8

You may be exposed to seawater splashes offshore, and sometimes suffer from seawater that looks like an overturned bucket. The twin power SW has strong sealing everywhere, so it shuts down seawater intrusion into the body and keeps the initial performance for a long time.

Official introduction video of Twin Power SW

source:SHIMANO TV official channel

This is a video that introduces the actual fishing footage of the Twin Power SW and the features of the product. Please take a look.

Twin power SW lineup

It is possible to select from a rich lineup for each target fish species and size. We will introduce the features of each part number.

Twin Power SW 4000XG

It is a number suitable for flat fishing on the surf, blackfin seabass game on the beach, and light shore jigging on the embankment.


Since it has more winding power than the normal type Twin Power 4000XG, it can counteract the pulling of medium-sized blue fish and can be rolled up. It is easy to handle and recommended for those who like power fights.

Twin Power SW 5000HG/5000XG

It is the best number not only for shore jigging on the beach, but also for dolphin and bonito casting games offshore.


Since PE2 can wind more than 300m, even if an unexpectedly large object is caught, you can safely exchange from the viewpoint of line capacity. HG and XG differ in the amount of winding and the lightness of winding, so it is recommended to choose according to the fishing method.

Twin Power SW 6000PG/6000HG/6000XG

The body is the same size as #5000, but PE3: 300m can be wound firmly, so you can develop a strong fight over #5000. For dolphin fish, we can consider meter class fish, and for bonito fish, we can consider sizes of 5 kg or more.


Also, shore jigging on the ground can be more forceful than #5000, so #6000 is the best for jigging blue-runners up to the Warasa class.

Twin Power SW 8000PG/8000HG

Body size 8000, 10000, and 14000 are the same size. In shore jigging, you can aim for large blue objects such as yellowtail and amberjack, and even yellowfin tuna in offshore scenes.


Compared to 6000 and below, the weight of the reel itself is heavier, but the winding power is dramatically improved. As for the 8000HG, it is a very versatile number, so if you are unsure about the gear ratio, we recommend purchasing the 8000HG.

Shimano 15 Twin Power SW 8000HG

Shimano 15 Twin Power SW 8000HG

Amazon product information

Twin Power SW 10000PG

It is the best number for jigging for large migratory fish in deep water. PE5: Since it can be wound up to 300m, the strength of PG winding comes into play when targeting amberjack and amberjack over 10kg in a water depth of 100m.


It is also recommended for yellowfin tuna game in Ebbing, which has been rapidly gaining popularity in recent years. Although the amount of reeling is smaller than that of HG, the reeling power increases accordingly, so it is recommended to use it properly for each fishing style.

Twin Power SW 14000XG

It is a count for casting games in offshore. PE6: Covers most of the coastal casting big games from the line capacity that can be wound up to 300m and the characteristics of robustness, durability, and winding power.

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The target fish are large amberjack, yellowfin tuna, GT and longing fish of offshore big game.

Impression and evaluation of Twin Power SW

What is your impression and evaluation of Twin Power SW?

source:Photo AC

I've been using 3 different rods for about 4 years, and frankly speaking, the Twin Power SW can cover most of the offshore games in the coastal waters. Even if you hang a large amberjack or albacore tuna, you can fight without flinching, so it has high rigidity and is very secure.


In addition, the basic performance of the reel is very high and the durability is also high, so it can be highly recommended as one that can be used for a long time.

Comparison between Twin Power SW and other models

We will compare Twin Power SW with high-end models, low-end models, and Daiwa's similar models.

VS Stella SW

Comparison of Twin Power SW and Stella SW

Created by: FISH PARADISE! Editorial department

In the upper rank of Twin Power SW, there is only Shimano's top model: Stella SW, but it has undergone a model change in 2019 and is equipped with new technologies such as Infinity Drive and heat sink drag. This makesTake-up power,winding smoothness,drag performanceis finished to a better reel.


The price difference between Twin Power SW and Stella SW is nearly double, but Stella SW has a lineup of ultra-large numbers such as 20000 and 30000, and Stella SW is a reassuring ally when considering tuna and GT. It will be

What is the performance of Stella SW?

All lineup of Stella SW! [Latest version in 2023] Achieve the highest power and operability!

February 4, 2023

VS Stradic SW

Comparison of Twin Power SW and Stradic SW

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Stradic SW is a lower model of Twin Power SW. The price is cheaper for Stradic SW about 20,000 to 30,000 yen, but for twin power SWX tough dragEquipped with, it has excellent drag performance. Since it is a model that often targets large fish, drag performance is an important factor that is directly linked to fishing results.


On the other hand, the Stradic SW is equipped with the same Infinity Drive as the Stella SW, and the winding power and lightness of winding are very good. Currently, only Stella SW and Stradic SW are Shimano spinning reels equipped with Infinity Drive, and they have more than enough performance in this price range.

Stradic SW has undergone a model change!

Conquer the tough salt game with Stradic SW! Compare performance with similar models!

June 13, 2020

VS Catalina

Comparison of Twin Power SW and Catalina

Created by: FISH PARADISE! Editorial department

Finally, a comparison with Daiwa's Catalina. Since the manufacturers are different, it is not possible to make a general comparison, but if you compare the weights of the same weight, it will be as shown in the above figure. Comparing just the specs, the Twin Power SW is slightly lighter, has a stronger drag force, and has more bearings.

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However, Catalina also has durability and operability that can withstand tough use such as Daiwa's mag shield, ATD, and hyper digital gear. I think that which one to choose depends on the manufacturer and appearance preference, so please consider it as a reference.

Experience Catalina

Enjoy offshore games with Catalina! Model-specific features and target fish!

December 17, 2019

Will the Twin Power SW model change be in 2021?

When will there be a model change for Twin Power SW?

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Enjoy the big game with Twin Power SW