Introduction to barracuda lure fishing! How to choose the necessary tackle and lure?

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What kind of fish is barracuda?

What kind of fish is barracuda?

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The barracuda is a fish that belongs to the perciformes family Barracuda, and is characterized by its elongated cylindrical body and large beak-shaped mouth with sharp teeth. It is a ferocious fish eater that preys on small fish, so it has become popular as a target for lure fishing in recent years.


Barracuda basically migrates in groups, so you can enjoy fishing in numbers. It's a delicious dried fish, so it's fairly well-known, but actually, "barracuda" is a general term, and the ones that can be caught are generally red barracuda and Yamato barracuda.


Barracuda can also be caught in southern areas such as Okinawa, but these two species are the main species nationwide.


Fishing spot where barracuda lure fishing is possible

You can easily enjoy barracuda lure fishing at the fishing port!

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Barracuda is a migratory fish, so places with good water flow such as the tip of embankments and rocky beaches are good points. The easiest fishing spot is probably a fishing port.


The lure will be cast repeatedly from the embankment to the open sea, but if bait (sardines, small horse mackerel, etc.) is entering the fishing port, barracuda may follow it into the port.


Barracuda migrate along the coasts of Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa, but if you want to catch them, the fishing grounds south of the Kanto region, where many of them live, are better. Especially in western Japan, it seems to be a fish that can be caught well.


When and when you can catch barracuda with lures

I will explain the times (seasons) and times when it is easy to catch barracuda.

time (season)

If you are aiming for barracuda with a lure, autumn is your target!


In general, the season when barracuda can be caught is summer to autumnseems to be the best season. However, there are reports that they are caught from winter to spring, so it would be a good idea to get information from a fishing tackle shop near the fishing spot before going fishing.

time zone

Barracuda lure peaks at first time

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When is the best time to catch barracuda? Mazume timebecomes. It can be said that the time zone such as the morning and evening mazume, which is said to be a great opportunity for other fishing, is the time zone where you can aim for barracuda most efficiently.


Other than that, you can aim during the day or at night, but it is best to choose the time when you are aiming for barracuda because it peaks at the beginning of the day.


barracuda lure fishing tackle

There is no dedicated tackle for targeting barracuda with a lure, but conversely, it can be said that barracuda lure fishing is easy because you can substitute other tackles. Having the necessary tackle will make it easier to aim for barracuda.


Rod suitable for barracuda lure fishing

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For barracuda lure fishing, rods with a length of around 6 to 7 feet and a hardness of UL to L are easy to handle. Barracuda is often targeted with jigs, small lures, and worms, so it is good to choose a rod that is easy to cast and handle even with lightweight lures and rigs.


Light game rods and bass rods used for mebaring etc.etc. fall into this category.


A reel of about 2000 is recommended for barracuda lure fishing.

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on the reel 2000-2500A small hand spinning reel is recommended, and the gear ratio should be selected from normal gear or high gear according to your preference and the field aiming for barracuda.


In barracuda lure fishing, which has many invitations to retrieve, it is important to adjust the winding speed, so normal gear is easy to use if you want to aim more carefully. This also matches the model for light games and the model for bass fishing.


Thin PE for barracuda lure fishing

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The main line used for barracuda lure fishing is PE lineis the most recommended. The PE line is suitable for manipulating all lures because it is easy to fly and has strength.


However, if you are not good at tying, or if you are a beginner and want to reduce line troubles as much as possible, you can also add a simple and easy-to-use nylon line as an option. PE line About 0.3For nylon line, choose a thickness of 6 to 8 lbs.


Also, when using a PE line as the main line, prepare a fluorocarbon or nylon shock leader. It is a good idea to prepare an 8lb thick and half wide (approximately 50cm) length.


Need a wire leader?

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Barracuda are fish eaters with sharp teeth, so they can bite off even the toughest shock leaders. Therefore, a strong wire leader may be used, but it is not so necessary.


This is because the wire leader can hinder the movement of the lure, and in the case of a lightweight lure, it may make the fish feel even more uncomfortable, which may be a disadvantage.


Increase strength by passing a vinyl pipe through the leader

A recommended way to prevent the leader part from hitting the teeth and breaking the line is to increase the strength by reinforcing the binding part of the leader with a vinyl pipe or the like. This is recommended because it is possible to prevent line breaks and less likely to hinder the movement of lightweight lures.


Recommended lures for barracuda

Small minnows and metal jigs weighing about 5 to 10g are used for barracuda lures. Because the color imitates a small fish, a glittery color with a high flushing effect is effective.


It also responds well to worms, so if you find it difficult to eat with a hard lure, it would be a good idea to attach a 2-3 inch worm to a jig head of about 3g and lure it carefully.


Let's catch a barracuda with a plug!

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Plugs are easy to use for barracuda lure fishing. In particular, since barracuda are often caught on the surface, lures that are easy to capture in shallow areas are effective. Basically, a minnow with a lip is recommended because it is easy to understand the pulling resistance and it is easy to capture the surface layer.


In addition, vibration can be used as a drawer if you prepare a few because you can efficiently attack other than the surface. The size should be about 3 to 9 cm for light games.


Go Fish Kamasa 42

It is a light game lure that is ideal for barracuda with moderate lip and exquisite action. The lure is easy to handle even for beginners because it comes in a wide variety of colors and has resistance to pulling.

Rapala Jigging Wrap W5

It is an all-rounder lure that can be used as a five-eye target even in light games, and it is possible to appeal firmly to barracuda with its unique action.

Daiwa Steez Double Clutch 75SP

It is a jerking bait that matches the barracuda's habits that respond to quick movements, and the treble hook with Daiwa's unique saxus processing is sure to bring the barracuda to hooking.

Daiwa Gekka Bijin Kotetsu 7g

It has a metal vibration that is easy to handle even with light tackle, and it has an excellent flight distance, so it can be lured while efficiently appealing a wide range. Since there are two action eyes, it is also possible to change the action by replacing them as you like.

metal jig

Barracuda lure classic metal jig

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Barracuda can also be aimed with a metal jig. Basically, a micro jig of about 5 to 15 g is good because it preys on small fish, but you can weigh it up to about 20 g in places where the water is deep or where the flow is fast.


Due to the characteristic of barracuda that responds well to quick movements, it is recommended to use a straight type metal jig that can be moved briskly rather than a flat type fall type. Also, if the body is asymmetrical, it will be easier to invite a barracuda bite with a jerk action.


Major Craft Jig Para Micro Slim 7g

It is attractive that the price is reasonable, but it is well made and has high cost performance. It has a rich color lineup and is a jig that is easy for anyone to use.

Jackal Chibimeta TYPE-1 7g

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The slim body makes it easy to cast, and it is an easy-to-handle metal jig that goes well with jerk action. It is also suitable for exploring a wide range with a shape and weight that is easy to handle even with a bass rod.

jig head + worm

Barracuda lures are also effective against worms

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The most proven method for barracuda lure fishing is to aim with a rig using a jig head and worm. For the jig head, it is recommended to use a round type that emphasizes retrieval or a dirt type shape that makes it easy to perform dirt action, and the weight is about 1 to 5 g, making it easy to handle even with light game tackle.


The worm should be around 2 inches and have a straight body shape like an aging worm. Basically, it is aimed at retrieve action, but action with twitch etc. is also compatible and effective.


JAZZ shaku head DX microbarb D type

It is a jig head that anyone can easily create a sharp dirt action, and it is a versatile model that makes it easy to stabilize the fall posture after the action. Hook strength and hooking performance are also sufficient.

ECO GEAR Glass Minnow S

It is a popular worm that is also called a masterpiece of shad tail worms that has received high praise from all over the world, and it can produce exquisite and bait-like movements that can be mistaken for bait. Of course, it is also a very effective worm for barracuda.

Jackal Dekakibinago 2.5 inch

With a body shape that is compatible with dirt action and a moderately soft material, it is a worm that can be naturally lured even though it is slightly larger in size. It is an attractive worm that can easily create dirt action.

Berkley Gulp! SW baby sardine 2 inch

A popular worm with a special formula that boasts a high fish-attracting effect and feeding performance, and it is a model that has a track record of catching like real bait. Although it has a simple shape, it can be said that the body shape that can be used all-round is also effective for barracuda.


Color selection of barracuda lure

There is an optimal color choice even for barracuda lure fishing. Also, it is good to know the criteria for selecting each lure, as the lure choice that matches the situation such as the target location and time of day will affect the fishing results.

Plug/metal jig

Color selection of barracuda lures: plugs and jigs

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Barracuda tend to be more active at night and during the wet season.At that time, a plug that can efficiently attack is effective because it preys on the bait on the surface. In addition, metal jigs that can fly long distances and search a wide range are also lures that can be explored at a good tempo.


Both are night fishing. chart or pearlWe recommend high-appeal colors that stand out. Also, since you can fish well around the night light, the plug allows the light to pass through and invites you naturally. clear coloris also good.

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If it is a metal jig, it has a flushing effect at the time of slurping. silver or goldis also easy to use. Especially when the tide is cloudy, gold colors are effective.


Color selection of barracuda lure: Worms

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A hard lure is a worm that is effective when you want to invite a threaded barracuda that does not use your mouth or a natural lure. in the night game Chart systemHigh appeal colors such as are good.


When there is a lot of light, such as when it is dark, or when aiming for barracuda around a night light, clear colors and glittering colors with glitter are also effective. It is a good idea to prepare not only chart colors, but also gold colors, as they are often addicted to turbidity and low light conditions.


How to use barracuda lure

Barracuda can be aimed with various lures, which is an interesting point with high gameplay. By grasping the characteristics of each lure, you can aim for barracuda more effectively, so remember how to use it.


How to use a barracuda lure: minnow edition

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Minnow's action is basically a constant retrieve action by just winding, but sometimes it is also effective to change the winding speed or change the strength of the retrieve speed. If it has a lip like a minnow, it will respond well to slide and dirt actions such as jerk and twitch.


How to use a barracuda lure: Vibration edition

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The basic retrieve action is just by winding, and how to use it is done by setting the rod up and winding it quickly. Also, the dirt action is effective and it is more effective when used in combination with retrieve. A technique that matches the vibration is lift & fall, which invites a bite by directing the bite between falls.

metal jig

How to use a barracuda lure: metal jig

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With metal jigs, short jerk actions such as one-pitch jerk are effective for aiming barracuda, but it is also effective to aim randomly by interweaving two-pitch jerk and long jerk to avoid monotony.


For metal jigs, it is better to use fast winding such as Jakajaka winding with rod action rather than just winding.

jig head + worm

How to use barracuda lures: Worm edition

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However, the basic retrieve is early, but depending on the situation, it is good to change it by winding it slowly or changing the rhythm.


Also, the dirt action combined with the rod action is effective for aiming barracuda. At this time, it can be said that it is also effective to add a stop to create a space between the bites in the fall.


Barracuda lure fishing points

There are some points you want to keep in mind when aiming for barracuda with a lure. By keeping this point in mind, you will be able to catch barracuda more efficiently, so it is recommended that you keep this in mind so that you can enjoy more fishing results.

need a snap?

Do you need snaps for barracuda lure fishing?

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Barracuda is often aimed with plugs and minnows, so it is recommended to attach snaps because it is more convenient to change lures, and the lure's original movement is easier to achieve than directly connected to the leader.


However, with regard to worms and metal jigs, on the contrary, direct connection is easier to act, so it is necessary to use properly depending on the lure you use.

Let's explore the range from the surface

It is better to explore barracuda lures from the surface

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Since barracuda mostly prey on the surface, the basic method is to search for it from the surface first. If you can't get a reaction by exploring the surface layer, it's effective to lower the range little by little and explore.


In addition, it is also recommended to try changing the retrieve speed, or to add action and see the reaction.


Jigsabiki is also effective for barracuda!

Jigsabiki is also effective for barracuda lures

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In addition to minnows and worms, jigsabiki is also a popular fishing method for barracuda lure fishing. Jig Sabiki is a fishing method in which a metal jig is set at the bottom of the Sabiki rig, and the rig is reeled in while casting a long rod.


It is a type of lure fishing that does not set a komase basket like normal sabiki fishing, but lures fish with a gimmick action.

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It's fun to catch barracuda with a lure!

Aim for barracuda with a lure with high gameplay!

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Barracuda can be easily caught in numbers at fishing ports, etc., and it responds very well to lures, so it is ideal as an introduction to light games. The game is also high, and if it is a large size of 40 to 50 cm, the pull is tremendous, and you have to challenge it with a special tackle.


In the southern seas, species exceeding 1 m, such as barracuda, also inhabit. How about starting barracuda lure fishing in search of a dream meter over?

Explanation of barracuda lure fishing