21 big baits! What kind of tackle can you handle well?

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What is big bait?

There are many types of big baits

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Big bait refers to lures that are larger in size and heavier than regular lures. Although there is no specific guideline, baits that are over 15 cm in size and weigh over 2 ounces are often called big baits.


Big baits are used to catch carnivorous fish such as large black bass and sea bass. Recently, it has also been applied to fishing for monster fish overseas.

21 recommended big baits

We will introduce you to all the recommended big baits, from the standard products that everyone knows to the slightly maniacal items! Find your favorite and get your hands on something big!

Gil type big bait

Imakatsu Gilroyd Boottail

Depth Bull Shooter 160

jackal guntarel

Megabass Vatalion (Floating)

signal butcher

TH Tackle Joint Zoe


Lip minnow/crank type big bait


Imakatsu Basroid Junior

Depth Silent Killer 250

megabus garda

Guncraft Ayuya Ripple Claw 178


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Lipless minnow big bait

Biovex Joint Bait 110SF Salt Color

Guncraft Jointed Claw 178

Depth slide swimmer NSS175F

Megabass iSlide 185SW

Imakatsu Android 180

Duo Realis Onymas

Other big baits

jackal dunkle 5 inch

Jackal Megalodon 2oz

zoe top blade

Imakatsu Aventa Crawler RS


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What tackle (rod, reel, line) is suitable for big bait?

Big baits have an order of magnitude higher weight and air resistance than ordinary lures. If you use inappropriate tackle, you may damage your rod or break your lure. Let's check together what kind of tackle is suitable for you.


We recommend the hardness of the rod to be heavy class or extra heavy class. There are even higher class rods that are sold as special rods for big baits. Choose a rod that matches the weight of the big bait you mainly use.

15 big bait rods [2023 latest] Aim for record-class big fish!

February 16, 2023


There are very few reels specifically designed for big baits, but I generally use a reel that has enough capacity to wind a thick line. In addition to the line capacity, since the fish you are targeting are large, we recommend one with a large drag force.

Shimano Calcutta Conquest 400

Abu Garcia Revo Big Shooter Compact

Guncraft T3 Margo


In the worst case scenario, if the line system is too thin, it may break when casting. Extra thick fluorocarbon line is used.

Kureha Seager Fluoromeister 240m 20lb/No.5

Toray Seabass PE Power Game 150m 22-26lb / No. 1.5-2

Aim for big fish with big bait!

Big bait is a lure filled with the dream of being able to catch big fish in one shot. It is no exaggeration to say that recent big baits have reached the level of art, with the ideas and techniques of each manufacturer being poured into them, such as joints and real prints.

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Although the price of each bait is not cheap, why not take this opportunity to get your hands on a big bait in order to encounter a big fish you have never seen before?


Aiming for big bass with big bait