11 recommended rod stands! Make fishing convenient and comfortable!

Role of rod stand

Role of rod stand


Rod stands have several roles depending on their purpose.

keep it neat

A rod stand has the role of storing rods at home. Just looking at the rods lined up neatly on the rod stand gives me a sense of satisfaction. Displaying your rod in your room will increase your motivation for fishing.


Also, by arranging rods by purpose, it will be easier to choose which rod to take with you when you go fishing.

reduce breakage

Reduce breakage with rod stands


Rods are tools that are easily damaged. In particular, the guide and tip of the rod can bend or break even with the slightest amount of force applied to it, so storing it on a rod stand will prevent you from accidentally damaging your rod.


It's okay if you're fighting a fish, but it's very sad when your rod breaks in other situations. A rod stand is an important tool to prevent your precious rod from being damaged.

Convenient to carry

Easy to carry with rod stand


Some rod stands can be carried by themselves, which is useful because you can carry all your rods together when heading to a fishing spot. It is difficult to hold multiple rods separately, and you may drop them and damage them.


Rod stands also play an important role in making fishing more comfortable and safe.

fishing becomes easier

Improved portability with rod stand


When it comes to fishing such as cast fishing or hook fishing, where you have to throw in a rig and wait for it to hit for a while, it can be tiring to hold the rod in your hand all the time. At times like this, if you have a rod stand, you can lean your rod against it, so you can fish without getting tired.


Some of them have multiple rod sockets, so they can be used conveniently for head fishing, etc., where you have to put out multiple rods.

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How to choose a rod stand

We have summarized the points you should keep in mind when choosing a rod stand.

Situation to use

Rod stands are broadly divided intoFor storage at homeandFor fishing spotsIt can be divided into two parts. The shapes and sizes for storage and fishing use are quite different, so be careful when choosing one.


If it is for storage, it is important that it is sturdy to protect the rod, and since it also serves as a display for the rod, it is important that it has a design that you like. If it is for a fishing spot, choose one that is light and easy to carry.

rod to store

It is also important to match the rod stand to the size and number of rods you are storing.


It is meaningless if the capacity of the rod stand is less than the number of rods you want to store and use, so it is important to select a rod stand that at least matches the number and size of rods you will use for the fishing you want to do.


Carefully selected recommended rod stands for each situation!

The rod stand you use will also change depending on the fishing situation. We will introduce rod stands suitable for each situation.

Recommended rod stand for display

A rod stand for neatly arranging and displaying your rods at home. This will not only prevent damage during storage, but also make it easier to choose a rod when you go fishing.

Major Craft Rod Stand Aluminum Black 26 Pieces (2021 Limited Model)

This rod stand is made of aluminum and is lightweight and can store over 20 rods. For people who own a large number of rods, we recommend this product, which has excellent cost performance.


Takamiya REALMETHOD rod stand

A low-priced rod stand that can be purchased for less than 5,000 yen. Although it is simple in construction, it is made by a fishing manufacturer, so it is well made.


WOOD WORKS Rod stand for 19 rods on both sides, assembled

This tall wooden rod stand is made with excellent interior design and is popular for its stylishness that blends into the atmosphere of your room. You can also choose from multiple colors.


Rod stand wall mounted for 5 rods

This is a wall-mounted rod stand that can be used as storage so it does not take up much space. It's also good to be able to create a store-like layout.


Recommended rod stand for managed fishing spots

Prevents rods from being stepped on and damaged by other anglers at managed fishing spots. You can also bring multiple rods together. It is useful not only at managed fishing spots, but also when bringing multiple rods to fishing ports.

Daiwa light lure rod stand 300

A rod stand that can carry 3 rods. The handle and legs are foldable, making it easy to store compactly in your car.

Daiwa Presso Rod Stand 530

It is a tripod type rod stand, and its height can be adjusted. When moving from place to place, your mobility will change greatly depending on whether you have this or not. It seems to be useful for light salt such as fishing ports.


Recommended rod stand for coolers and bags

There is also a rod stand that can be attached to a cooler or bag. Useful for fishing along embankments.

Meihou Rod Stand BM-280 (used by attaching to bucket mouse)

This is a custom Bucket Mouse part, and is an item that many anglers use to organize tackle on recreational fishing boats. It's highly customizable, and being able to change it to your liking tickles the man's heart.


Taka Sangyo Gatchiri Rod Holder T-168

This is a rod stand (rod holder) that can be used by simply inserting it into the edge of a backpack, etc., and is an excellent item that can be easily customized without purchasing a new box. The price is also very reasonable.


Recommended rod stand for hanging rods

Introducing a rod stand that is convenient for holding rods for cast fishing and head fishing. A rod stand is essential because if you place it directly on the ground, it will get scratched or get stuck in sand.

Daiichi Seiko surf tripod

The most orthodox tripod type rod stand. It is also useful for casting fishing at fishing ports and sandy beaches. If you're into cast fishing, one thing you'll want to have is a rod stand.


Marushin Tripod New type pole tripod

A tripod type rod stand that can be stored compactly. It is recommended for all kinds of fishing as it is easy to carry and does not take up much space when stored.


daiwa surf stand single

A rod stand that can be stuck into the sand. It comes with a carabiner, making it easy to carry.

Convenient and comfortable fishing with a rod stand

Convenient rod stand


Rod stands are useful in a variety of situations, including at home, on embankments, and at managed fishing spots. It has many functions, such as preventing rod damage and making it convenient to carry, making fishing more convenient and comfortable.


You can also make your own rod stand using materials sold at home improvement stores. It would be interesting to design and make a rod stand as you like. Please try using your favorite rod stand!

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