Kiss fishing super introduction! What are the tips and best times to catch fish?

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Characteristics and ecology of kissing

What kind of fish is Kiss?

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Kiss is a general term for fish that belong to the family Perciformes, and there are five species that inhabit Japan: white-tailed squirrel, ao-guisu, moto-guisu, hoshigisu, and atoku-guisu. The common target for fishing is the white-tailed squirrel, which is an easy target for family fishing, and is so popular that tournaments are held here.


They move in groups on the sandy bottom and prey on benthic animals such as lugworms and crustaceans. It is also known as the ``Queen of the Sea'' due to its sleek body and bright white color, and has been a popular fish since ancient times.

Kiss fishing season/time zone

Next, let's take a look at the best times and times for kiss fishing.

time (season)

Kiss fishing season is from summer to autumn.

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Kiss fishing is at its peak from June to September. During this time of the year, the kisses come to the shore to spawn, so you can enjoy a few fishing trips. You can catch a lot of small kisses called pingis. On the other hand, in winter, although the number is small, Large size over 30cmThe chances of catching a fish will increase.

time zone

When is the best time for kiss fishing?


Aim for the best time!

The golden time for anglers is the golden time, which is also an effective time for kiss fishing. The period of time when the amount of light changes is the time when they actively prey on food, so there is no doubt that it is a great chance to get many kisses. This is an essential point in improving your fishing results.

Can you catch kisses even at night?

Kisses are basically active during the day, and at night they burrow into the sand and sleep, making it harder to catch them than during the day, but there is nothing you can't do at night. Some kissers stay still without diving into the sand. However, keep in mind that it is more difficult to catch fish than during the day.

Kiss fishing points (locations)

What is the best place for kissing fishing?

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The main spots for kiss fishing are sandy beaches and fishing ports with sandy areas. It is easier for kisses to settle in areas with a moderate amount of seaweed or rocks than areas with only sand.


Also, the bottom of the kisses is like a mountain. Kakea GariIt is often accumulated in. Kakeagari are formed parallel to the coastline by the waves, but they can also form under the ship's channel at fishing ports, so try targeting those areas.

Rod suitable for kiss fishing

Rod suitable for kiss fishing

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There are two ways to aim for kisses from the shore: small cast fishing and cast fishing, and each manufacturer has released rods suitable for each. There is no doubt that the key to increasing your fishing results is to choose the best rod for your fishing style, from a simple fishing rod to a dedicated casting rod.

A little throw

Small casting is an easy way to enjoy fishing, and even beginners can enjoy fishing since the rods are short and easy to handle, from 2 to 3.5 meters long. You don't need a special rod, you can use a light throwing rod or lure rod instead, and even beginners can enjoy using an inexpensive short rod.


Daiwa Liberty Club Short Swing 10-270

The blank is equipped with the unique Braiding X technology to prevent power loss, making it a reasonable rod that is easy to handle even for beginners. The capacity is perfect for small throws, and the closing dimensions are also attractive for portability.

Total length (m): 2.7
Number of parts (pieces): 4
Closure (cm): 78
Weight (g): 170
Compatible line (number): 5-15

throwing fishing

Throw fishing is the best way to catch fish in large areas such as surfing, and use a long rod of about 4 to 5 meters. The length of the rod is an important point when it comes to finding distance and exploring a wide range.


However, the longer it is, the more difficult it will be to handle, so it is easier for beginners to choose a length that is well-balanced, around 4m.


Shimano Holiday Spin (Drawing) 405DXT 

Although it is lightweight and does not feel long, it has a moderate repulsion force that allows you to cast comfortably. The specially processed grip makes it easy to hold, making this rod perfect for beginners as well as experts.

Total length (m): 4.05
Number of parts (pieces): 4
Closing (cm): 114.0
Weight (g): 410
Weight load (No.): 23-30

Kiss fishing reel and line

What reel and line are suitable for kiss fishing?

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Choosing the right reel and line for kiss fishing will help you enjoy kiss fishing more comfortably, so it is a good idea to choose them at the same time.

A little throw


In kiss fishing, casting distance is often required, so spinning reels are the basic choice. If you are throwing a little, choosing a reel with a number between 1500 and 2500 will be easier to handle. You can enjoy kiss fishing comfortably by choosing the catch according to the size of the place you are aiming for.


Daiwa World Spin 2500

Although it is reasonably priced, the ABS suppresses line entanglement and allows for smooth casting, making it a model that offers performance that exceeds its price. It also comes with a special line, so it is also attractive that you can enjoy fishing immediately after purchasing it.

Gear ratio: 4.7
Maximum drag force (kg): 4
Own weight (g): 270
Winding length (cm): 71
PE thread winding amount (No.-m): 1-280, 1.5-200
Nylon thread winding amount (No.-m): 2-200, 3-150



Kiss fishing, which has the advantage of being able to fly the bait farther, often uses PE line because it emphasizes distance, but for beginners, we recommend using nylon line because it causes less line trouble. For PE line, it is sufficient to use size 0.8 to 2, and for nylon line, size 2 to 4, wrapped for 200m each.


Duel Carbon Nylon Line No. 3 CN500 500m

This is a hybrid line that combines the best features of fluorocarbon and nylon, and is recommended for beginners as it combines the high sensitivity and durability of fluorocarbon with the flexibility and line trouble prevention of nylon.

throwing fishing


For cast fishing, there are special spinning reels for cast fishing, so by choosing this model you will be able to extend your casting distance. There are devices that release the line smoothly, and because a drag is not necessary for kissing fishing, there are even products that are lighter and do not have a drag.


Shimano SA Active Surf Standard Specifications

Although it is an entry model and has a low price, the lightweight aluminum spool makes it easy to increase the distance when casting, and it boasts sufficient performance even for cast fishing. This cast fishing reel is easy to use even for beginners who are new to kiss fishing.

Gear ratio: 3.8
Allowable strength (kg): 20.0
Weight (g): 600
Winding length (cm): 82
PE thread winding amount (No.-m): 1.5-250, 2-200, 3-130
Nylon thread winding amount (lb-m): 2-300, 3-200, 4-150



We recommend using PE line for cast fishing where distance is important. Nylon line has fewer troubles and is more cost-effective, but PE line has the upper hand in terms of sensitivity and distance. It is best to roll 200m of size 0.8 to 2 thick.


In addition to the thread, a power thread is required at the tip because the weight will not break when casting. Make sure to choose the same thickness for the power thread as the road thread.


Duel Hardcore X4 Throw

It is a PE line that is strong and elastic and easy to handle. Its appeal is that it is highly sensitive due to its low elongation, making it easy to feel the touch of a kiss. Markings are placed every 25m, making it easy to see the distance, making it easy to measure the distance even in the event of a kiss.

Total length (m): 200
Color: 12.5m marking & 25m color change Material: Polyethylene


Daiwa Surfcaster Power Thread

Not only does it have sufficient strength due to the combination of wear-resistant materials, but the soft finish makes it difficult to get curly and easy to handle. This line is indispensable when fishing with heavy weights.

Total length (m/piece): 15/5
Color: Yellow
Material: Nylon

Other equipment needed for kiss fishing

Useful tools for kiss fishing

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In addition to rods and reels, there are other tools needed for kiss fishing, such as tools that will make fishing more comfortable and tools you will need to bring home kisses. If you have these items, you can enjoy kiss fishing even more.

rod holder

If you are aiming for a kiss with a little cast fishing, you can enjoy kiss fishing comfortably by having a rod holder. Although there are some conditions, using a rod holder will allow you to catch fish efficiently and easily.


Riseway UAS-001 Aluminum ONE TOUCH Tripod 2 Tiers

Made of aluminum, this rod holder is lightweight and durable. The legs are easy to extend and contract, making it a simple yet useful rod holder. There is no doubt that the fact that it is easy to carry is also attractive.


Summer is the peak season for kissing, so if you leave the fish you catch, it will lose its freshness faster. Even if you keep them alive in a bucket, the water temperature will quickly rise and they will weaken, so if you want to keep them, put them in a cooler box as soon as you catch them to keep them fresh. It also helps keep the food fresh.


Captain Stag Cielo Cooler Box 14 M-8175

This cooler box is just the right size and is made of styrofoam material, so it has plenty of cold retention, is lightweight, and is convenient to carry. Another good point is that the price is reasonable. This is useful because you can store not only fish but also drinks and small snacks.

The freshness of the bait is also important in kiss fishing. Keep the food you use in a food box and avoid direct sunlight to keep it fresh.


Meihou bait box 99

The box is made of impact-resistant copolymer material, making it extremely durable. There is no need to worry about the bait inside spilling out while transporting as it has a moderately high airtightness. Its easy-to-use, compact size and low price are also attractive features.

If you leave the device unattended for a long time, the needle may be swallowed by the kiss. The needle remover allows you to quickly remove the needle even if swallowed.

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Daiwa quick needle remover

The stainless steel hook is resistant to rust and has a small diameter that makes it easy to insert into the fish's mouth. There is no doubt that it is a useful tool for quickly removing needles with an easy-to-grip grip.


Kiss fishing allows you to catch a variety of other fish besides kisses. If you catch a slimy fish with thorns on its gills or a stingray with poisonous spines, you can safely remove the hook using a pair of scissors.


Snow Peak Megochibasami

These scissors are made of stainless steel and are rust resistant and durable. Although it is made in Japan, the price is reasonable and you can firmly grasp the kiss.

Kiss fishing tackle and bait

For cast fishing and short throws, we use floating balances or jet balances and set up 2- to 3-needle rigs in order to increase the casting distance. There are many commercially available kiss fishing devices, so it is easy to use them.


Balance used for kiss fishing

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There are balance weights, induction balances, and jet balances that have a weight and balance all in one, and you can enjoy kiss fishing by using these devices. We recommend using a size 10 or smaller for small throws, and a size 20 to 30 for long distance fishing.


Daiichi Seiko King Tenbin 3P No. 20


hook used for kiss fishing

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For kissing fishing, you need another line called a Harris to connect the line and the hook. The recommended size for Harris is 0.8 to 1.5, and it is best to choose one that is the same thickness as the Michi thread. Use 2 to 3 needles and size 7 to 10.


There are many commercially available products that can be used simply by setting them on a balance, so you can use those at first.


Hayabusa Throwing Kiss Balance Type Quick Kiss 2 Hooks

Kiss fishing bait

What bait do you use for kiss fishing?

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The bait used for kissing fishing is generally jarime (stone lugworm) or blue-spotted lugworm. Thread or thread these baits onto the needle. If there are no bites, make the bait a little larger to make it more appealing to kisses. If the bait is hitting frequently, use a smaller hook to improve hooking and save on bait.


The freshness of the bait is also important, as fish that are not fresh will have a hard time biting. Do not leave food in direct sunlight; store it in a cooler box or food box. It is also important to change the food appropriately.

How to catch kisses (tips)

What are the tips for kiss fishing?

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There are some points and tips for kiss fishing as well. By incorporating it properly, you can increase your fishing results.

Let's focus on finding places where there are changes on the ocean floor.

In places where there are changes in the topography, bait is likely to accumulate and it is easy to kiss. Areas that you should especially aim for are the rockfish, the boat channel, and around the roots.


You can tell by the swell of the waves and the appearance of whitecaps, and it is a good idea to check before fishing, as there are poles that serve as landmarks and changes in the topography, such as boat routes and rock formations.

The key is to invite appropriately.

Kiss fishing is basically effective when you catch the bottom and then lure the fish moderately to get them to eat. By winding it at a moderate speed, you can get a good kiss.


Basically, pull the bottom of the bait to lure it in, but you need to be careful as if you do it too quickly, the device will lift up and come off the tip where it is easy to get a kiss.

Hit it all at once with multiple points!

The appeal of kissing is that you can enjoy fishing in large numbers, and you want to be particular about how many fish you can catch with one cast. Multi-point hooking is the best way to get many kisses in one throw.


It is not a dream to catch several to dozens of fish at once by hooking dozens of hooks, so in areas where there are plenty of fish, it is a good idea to use multiple hooks to catch them all at once.

Kiss fishing can also be enjoyed by boat or boat!

Kiss fishing can also be enjoyed from a boat!

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Kiss fishing can be enjoyed not only from the shore but also offshore from a boat or boat.


For kissing fishing from a boat, use a 2m rod and a spinning reel of 2000 class. Light game tackle can also be used instead. It is best to use PE line size 0.8 to 1 and wrap it around 150m.

Total length (m): 1.80
Number of parts (pieces): 2
Closure (cm): 94
Weight (g): 86
Weight load (No.): 5-20


Since there is no need to cast long distances when fishing by boat or boat, we use single-sided balances or body thrusting devices that are easy to lure in and catch fish. At points where rooting occurs frequently, a single-needle device with a weight threaded through the thread may also be used.

fishing method

When fishing by boat or boat, raise and lower the tackle. You can effectively attract kisses by hitting the ocean floor with a weight and stirring up sand.However, when the activity is low, it has the opposite effect, so if there is no hit, stop the gimmick and wait carefully for the hit.


The secret to increasing fishing results is to take advantage of the maneuverability of the boat and drop the bait at various points.

You can also catch kisses with lures! ?

You can also catch kisses with lures!

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Kiss fishing can be enjoyed by aiming with lures, and the appeal of fishing with lures is that it is highly game-friendly.


Kiss fishing with lures is not a problem if the rod can throw up to about 30g. A spinning reel of 2000 to 3000 is recommended, and a PE line around size 0.8 is recommended.

Overall Length (ft): 9'6”
Joint number (book): 2
Lure weight (g): 10-30
Applicable line PE (No.): 0.8-2.0
Gear ratio: 6.2
Maximum drag force (kg): 5
Own weight (g): 205
Winding length (cm): 87
PE thread winding amount (No. -m): 0.6-200, 0.8-190, 1.0-140
Nylon thread winding amount (lb-m): 4-150, 5-120, 6-100

The bait uses a balance-shaped weight and a hook for cast fishing. Sets are also sold commercially, so if you are a beginner in kiss fishing with lures and are unsure, we recommend these.

Easy-to-use lures include small worms used for fishing, and power isomes with scents that imitate isomes.

fishing method

Kiss fishing with a lure is also basically lured by grabbing the bottom and then dragging the bottom with a moderate reeling speed. If the reeling speed at this time is too fast, it will be difficult to get a kiss, so reeling at a speed of about 2 revolutions per second will be the perfect speed.


If there is a hit, instead of suddenly swinging the rod and hooking it, let the rod rust. Kisses are very wary, so be careful when catching a sudden rush as they may scatter the flock and reduce subsequent fishing results.

If you catch a kiss, let's eat it deliciously!

If you catch a kiss, let's eat it deliciously

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Kiss fishing is popular not only because it is easy to catch fish, but also because it tastes great. The tempura at Kiss is especially delicious, and when you think of Kiss, you think of tempura! I think there are many people who say that.


In addition, if you tighten the fish properly when you catch it, you can eat it as sashimi, and large fish can also be eaten as dried fish. The light white flesh goes well with a variety of cooking methods, so why not try a few different ones?

Kiss fishing is profound!

Kiss fishing is profound!

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Kiss fishing is easy for anyone to get started with, but it is a very profound form of fishing if you look closely at size and efficiency. By knowing the kissing habits and the combination of tools that suit the situation, you can increase your fishing results to no end.


I think many people start kiss fishing as an introduction to fishing, but it might be interesting to step into the deep world and master kiss fishing!

Let's enjoy number fishing with kiss fishing!