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What is takoegi?

What kind of lure is Takoegi?

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Octopus egi is a relatively new lure that was created primarily for catching octopus, and its distinctive feature is that it looks like a squid egi. Unlike Octopus Tenya, it does not use live bait such as crabs, so you can enjoy octopus fishing more easily.


Egi and Omori became independent in Takoegi. down shot typeAnd Egi and Omori became one Bottom sliding typeThere are two types, and they are used depending on the topography of the seabed in the field and the strength of the current.

Points suitable for Takoegi

Takoegi points


Octopuses basically live in rocky reefs, so Rocks, embankments, around tetrapods, and places with sunken roots.Let's focus on that. Points with rocks throughout the bottom are best, but you can also target octopuses at points with sandy, muddy bottoms dotted with roots and seaweed.


Additionally, octopuses dislike fresh water, so it is best to avoid areas where the salt concentration drops during rain, such as river mouths.


How to choose takoegi

Here are some points to consider when choosing takoegi.


The basic size of takoegi is 3.5. When the octopus is small or less active, I use a size 2.5 to 3 size octopus, and when the point is deep or I want to catch a large octopus, I sometimes use a size 4 octopus.


If you were to choose the most popular color for Takoegi, we recommend white. Other popular colors include fluorescent colors such as orange and pink, and red.


As with any lure fishing, there are hits and misses depending on the situation, so we recommend that you stock up on several colors with different variations based on white.

6 Recommended Octopus Eggs

A variety of takoegi are available from various manufacturers. Please try various types of takoegi.

Harimitsu Takosumizoku

This is a popular product with a high appeal and is equipped with a blade and rattle. Even within the same size 3.5, there are two weights: 25g and 35g.

Cross Factor Psycho Octopus DX

Although it is an inexpensive model, it has a built-in rattle and has a great appeal. A wide variety of colors are also available.

Yozuri Takoyan

Since the sinker is removable, you can change the weight of the Takoegi depending on the situation. Another feature is that the body is designed to float, reducing the risk of getting caught.

Marushin fishing gear Octopus tap

After all, it's a great product for its low price. It will be a reliable ally for octopus fish, where there are many losses due to snags.

Megabass Tacore 80

It has an octopus that mimics the shape of a shrimp and comes with a removable sinker. A light emitter can be attached to the top of the body, so it can be used for night fishing.

Gamakatsu Takoegi DJ

The unique triangular sinker structure called delta sinker makes it easier to attract by shaking. It is a monochrome vivid color lineup that suppresses the standard colors such as white and pink.

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Recommended rods and reels for Takoegi

We will introduce the specifications of rods and reels suitable for Takoegi.


Takoegi does not require much action, and sensitivity is not very important. Rather, the bat power to pull up large octopuses and the sturdiness to cast heavy octopuses are important.

Although there aren't that many, there are special octopus rods on the market, so it's a good idea to use them.

Abu Garcia Taco Field TKFC762H

The lightweight design weighs only 171g, which helps reduce the burden of playing Takoegi games, which tend to be heavy. The PE line is also compatible with up to MAX 8, so you can use it with confidence even when fishing for large octopuses.

OGK Octopus Rod 180

This is a rod for beginners that can be purchased at a low price. This is a recommended product for those who want to try Takoegi for the first time. It weighs only 115g, making it a model that is easy to handle even for women and children.


Just like the rod, the reel also needs to be sturdy and powerful, so a bait reel type with strong winding power is recommended. A low gear (power gear) is more suitable than a high gear, and the line capacity should be one that can wrap around PE2-3 for about 100m.

Tailwalk Elan Wide Power Octopus SP2

Since PE3 No. 200m is included as standard equipment, you can easily start playing Takoegi games. The maximum drag force is 12kg, and the power is perfect.

Takamiya Giga Salt PG

It can be purchased relatively cheaply and has a maximum drag force of 7kg. It has also been treated with anti-rust treatment for use in seawater, making it a highly cost-effective unit.

Takoegi mechanism

The method of using Takoegi differs depending on whether it is on an embankment or on a boat.


When throwing octopus egi from the embankment, it is basically the same as egigging for squid, and the method is to attach the octopus egi to the end of the main line + leader. The main line is basically a size 2-3 PE line, and the leader is a fluorocarbon size 5-8.


Since fishing has a high risk of root slippage, it is best to tie a thick leader.


If coming from a boat, attach a size 40 to 60 weight to the end of the takoegi and let it sink. A swivel with a snap specifically designed for Takoegi is sold, so you can easily set the device using it.


Also, sometimes two octopus eggs are attached to one device, and in that case, you can appeal to octopuses more effectively by attaching octopus eggs with different numbers and colors to give the action variety. The line system is the same as for embankments.


How to use takoegi (fishing method)

The use of takoegi also differs depending on whether it is on an embankment or on a ship.

From the embankment, there is a hiccup and a slippery pull.

Octopuses are benthic creatures, so they generally aim for the bottom. The most basic way to use takoegi is Undersea slippageis. However, it is a good idea to wrap the octopus slowly so that it can hold the octopus tightly, and occasionally stop wrapping it a little to give it a chance to hug the octopus.


In addition, in the case of downshot type octopus egi, the octopus itself is a little far from the seabed, so Shake finelyYou can appeal by giving  Make it vibrate (shake)This expands the variety of appeals.


It's a good idea to try this if you can't get it on by pulling it.

From the ship, it’s like poking the bottom with a weight.

When coming from a boat, don't cast, just drop the bait directly below to attract the octopus. To attract them, lightly stir the tip of the rod and tap the seabed with a weight.


Octopuses often stick to the bottom, so don't let the octopus float too high, and move the octopus as if it were a shrimp jumping on the ocean floor.


As with the case of embankments, shaking is also an effective method.

Let's make and modify Takoegi by ourselves!

It is possible to enjoy octopus fishing with commercially available octopus fish, but if you want to enjoy octopus fish even more deeply, you may want to try making or modifying your own. If you are making your own, buy bait for squid and change the bait to one with 2 to 3 strings for pufferfish fishing.


It might also be fun to change the color of Egi yourself.


Modifying takoegi is a little easier than making your own. By attaching a worm or a rubber skirt for Thai rubber to a commercially available Takoegi to enhance its appeal, you can create unique actions that are not available on the market.


Part of the fun of fishing is trying things out in your own way through trial and error, so once you get used to fishing, please give it a try.

Let's Octopashing!

After catching an octopus at Takoegi, have a takoyaki party

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Takoegi is a relatively new type of fishing that has become increasingly popular year by year. There is no doubt that you will be hooked on the unique hit and pull that is different from fish. Octopuses can be easily targeted from fishing ports. Please go fishing for octopus with your family and friends and enjoy a takoyaki party after fishing!

Let's catch octopus with Takoegi