12 recommended mountain stream bait rods! How to choose and the reel you want to match

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Advantages of mountain stream bait rods

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Spinning rods have been the mainstream until now because lures weighing about 5g are used in mountain streams. However, in recent years, bait rods that can be used in mountain streams have been released one after another, and mountain stream bait rods are becoming popular. There are several advantages to using bait rods in mountain streams.

Cast accuracy

In mountain stream fishing, it is necessary to cast at pinpoints such as near water plants, around roots, and twists in the flow. Spinning rods can also be used for pinpoint casting, but bait rods, which allow you to adjust the direction of the line by thumbing, have better casting accuracy.

Good return

Casting operations are simpler with baits than with spinning, so casting is more rewarding. The more casts you make, the better your chances of catching fish. Of course, the risk of backlash increases, but let's overcome it with practice and getting used to it!

How to choose a mountain stream bait rod

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For mountain stream bait rods, light to ultra-light action soft rods are suitable so that you can cast lightweight lures without stress. Also, since there are many obstacles such as trees and plants at the edge, we recommend a short rod of around 5ft that is easy to cast.


12 recommended mountain stream bait rods

Although mountain stream bait rods do not currently have a lineup as good as bait finesse rods for bass, I think that they will increase more and more in the future. Before there are too many choices, we will introduce recommended mountain stream bait rods.

Shimano Cardiff NX B48L compatible lure 2-9g

Daiwa Silver Creek 55L-B suitable lure 2-9g

Major Craft Troutino TTS-B452L Compatible Lure 2-10g


Abu Garcia Trauttin Marquis Nano TMNC-485UL MGS-TE Compatible Lure 2-8g

Megabass Great Hunting GHBF48-4UL Compatible Lure 1-6g

Jackson Kingfisher Rhapsody 2016 TULC-522UL Compatible Lure 1-5g

Angler's Republic Egeria Native ESNC-411UL Compatible Lure 2-6g

Smith Bee Sticky Trout BST-HM57UL/C Compatible Lure 1-7g

Fishman Beams Sierra 5.2UL compatible lure 2-7g

Tenryu Rays RZ53UL-BC Compatible Lure 1-6g

Tsurimon Great Trout Ranger Kai CT50 Compatible Lure 1-7g


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8 reels that you want to match the bait in the mountain stream

Introducing reels that match mountain stream bait rods. Mountain stream bait reels are designed for casting light lures, and are characterized by a spool made of a light material such as duralumin, and a shallow spool to reduce the amount of line winding.

Shimano Aldebaran BFS XG

Shimano Scorpion BFS XG

Shimano Calcutta Conquest BFS HG

Daiwa SS AIR

Daiwa Alphas AIR

Abu Garcia Revo LTX-BF8

Abu Garcia Revo ALC-BF7

Tailwalk Elan MTX 10th Anniversary

Master the mountain stream bait rod!

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The mountain stream bait rod is fun because of its operability, and you can enjoy a fulfilling mountain stream fishing. With some practice, you can easily get the hang of it, so let's master the use of mountain stream bait rods. By being able to accurately cast the pin spot that you couldn't hit with spinning, you may be able to meet a big fish that you've never seen before!

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