Ezo char is a domestic trout that lives in Hokkaido! Get off the sea and get bigger! ?


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classification  Salmonidae Salmonidae Char genus
Japanese name  Ezo char
scientific name  Salvelinus leucomaenis
distribution  All of Hokkaido, some rivers in Aomori Prefecture
feature  It has a log-shaped body and many large white spots on the body side.

Ezo char and Amemasu are the same species

Ezo char and Amemasu are the same species

Provided by: Shinya Hirao

There are fish named Ezo char and Amemasu, but both species are the same species. Ezo char is a river-remaining type that does not live in the sea, and Japanese char is a sea-falling type that grows in size in the sea. American trout are very large, and some individuals reach 1m.


In addition, Amemasu is called smoltification, and its scales change to silver, but Ezoiwana does not. The size of the spots can also be distinguished by the fact that the Ezo char is slightly smaller and the abdomen is often yellow.

Ecology of char

The spawning season for Ezo char is from mid-September to mid-October. Small individuals prey on insects and fish eggs, but as they grow, they become more fish-eating.


It is also known as a ferocious fish that has preyed on crayfish and mice. In Hokkaido, the sea-going type of amemus begins to swim upstream around mid-August around Obon, and descends to the sea again around November after spawning, but some individuals remain in rivers regardless of spawning. Masu.

Ezo char fishing method

Minnows are recommended for Ezoiwana

Provided by: Shinya Hirao

Ezo char can be targeted with lures and flies, as well as bait fishing. Choose your rod length according to the width of the river you are fishing. We recommend worms, grape worms, and salmon roe as baits for fishing. In the case of lure fishing, it is recommended to bring it because it is particularly responsive to minnows.

Breeding of char

Ezo char, like other chars, prefers cold water, so it is important to keep the water temperature below 15 degrees using an aquarium cooler. In addition, since salmonid fish, including this species, have a strong sense of territory, Water tank of at least 90 cm or moreIt is desirable to prepare , and let's build a hideout with stones and driftwood.


It is better to have a strong water flow, so I think it would be good to use a submersible pump to create a mountain stream-like flow.

Cuisine of Ezo Iwana

Ezo char is said to have a slightly more watery body than yamame trout. When eating, we recommend simply grilling with salt. We also recommend fin sake and bone sake, which are made by roasting the fins and bones of Ezo char and adding them to sake.


If it is too big, the taste will be lost, so it is recommended to use a size of about 20 to 30 cm when eating.

Follow Ezo char to Hokkaido!

Hokkaido char

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If you want to catch or see Ezo char and American trout, it's quick and easy to go to Hokkaido. In Hokkaido rivers, Ezo char lives several hundred meters from the sea depending on the location.


When you visit Hokkaido, how about visiting Ezo char?

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Ezo char is distributed in Hokkaido