Do you know the fish with the longest Japanese name in Japan? What a haiku-style name! ?

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Fish with the longest name in Japan

Do you know the fish with the longest Japanese name in Japan? Currently, the fish with the longest name in Japanese (Japanese name) is Ukekuchinohosomio Nagano OkinahagiThis fish has 17 characters when you count the number of characters.


Currently, there are no fish species with Japanese names that have longer names than this type.


By the way, the fish with the second longest name is Long-tailed goose anglerfishIt will be 16 characters in the monkfish mate called.

It's 5, 7, 5, and accurately expresses the characteristics!

Did you notice that the Ukekutinohosomio Nagano Okinahagi is actually 5, 7, 5? "Ukekuchino", "Hosomionagano", and "Okinahagi" are very nice.


"Ukekuchino" means a mouth with a protruding lower jaw, "Hosomionagano" means a thin body with a long tail, and "Okinahagi" means a filefish with a beard like an old man. represents.

In fact, not only the upper phrase, but also the lower phrase! ?

There is also a rumor that the Japanese name for this fish actually had 7 and 7 in the following phrase after 5, 7, and 5. It seems that the ichthyologist who named it had an idea at a drinking party.


There is an interesting episode that not only was it aimed at making it the longest name in Japan, but it was also 5, 7, 5 because it was better to have a good sound.


In addition, it seems that he even thought about the following phrase on the spot, but later he decided that it was too much and stopped.


If you had the phrase below, what would you name it?

where do you live

Although it has the longest Japanese name, ukekuchinohosomionaganookinahagi, it does not actually live in Japan. It inhabits from western India such as the coastal areas of Thailand to Indonesia and northwestern Australia.


Although it has a Japanese name, it is a little strange that it is not in Japan, but there are many such species.

Did you already remember the fish with the longest name in Japan?

If you've read the article, I'm sure you've already memorized the name. If you learn the fish with the longest name in Japan, ukekuchinohosomionaganookinahagi, you might join the ranks of fish experts! ?

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Ukeguchi no Hosomi Onaga no Okinahagi

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