PSB effects, efficacy and how to use! What is the best frequency and amount of use?

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What is PSB

What is PSB

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PSB is a family of bacteria that cleans the water quality in aquariums, mainly bacteria called photosynthetic bacteria.


The family of bacteria called photosynthetic bacteria is large, green sulfur bacteria purple sulfur bacteria red non-sulfur bacteriaPSB sold as a bacterial agent is classified as a red non-sulfur bacterium (red in color and does not require oxygen).


In addition, PSB is a member of anaerobic bacteria that does not require oxygen, but it also has the advantage of being able to grow in an oxygen-rich environment (aerobic).


PSB was originally used in sewage treatment facilities, etc., but since it is highly effective in purifying water in aquariums, various manufacturers have released PSB with ingenuity.


Effects and efficacy of PSB

Let's check about PSB and its effects and efficacy.

Effect of improving water purification and filtration ability

PSB purifies water


PSB has the characteristic of proliferating by photosynthesis in an oxygen-rich environment and decomposing hydrogen sulfide in an oxygen-free environment.


PSB proliferates by photosynthesis in water tanks with a flow, such as a filtration filter.


On the other hand, if dirt in the tank accumulates like sludge on the bottom sand or clogs the inside of the filter, hydrogen sulfide, a harmful substance, is generated and there is no oxygen. PSB breaks down the hydrogen sulfide generated in the tank.


In this way, PSB has the effect of purifying the water quality in the aquarium and improving the filtration capacity.

Resistance enhancement effect

Increase fish resistance with PSB


Using PSB has the effect of making the fish in the tank less susceptible to disease. It is recognized that water purification not only makes fish healthier, but also enhances the resistance of the fish itself.


In addition, by using it in aquariums with colored fish such as goldfish, you can expect a color enhancing effect. It is said that the appetite will increase and it will be less likely to get sick such as water mold disease.


However, it should be noted that it has no direct therapeutic effect on already diseased fish.

Initial feed for fry

PSB is also recommended as an initial feed for juvenile fish.


The most popular way to use PSB is as an initial feed for juvenile fish. PSB can be used as initial feed if you have successfully bred medaka, guppy, betta, etc., but you have juvenile fish that are too large to eat brine shrimp.


In addition, fry may be given powdered artificial feed or boiled egg yolk, but adding a few drops of PSB can be expected to increase the survival rate of fry.


Even if food is left behind, PSB will decompose and purify the water, so it also has the effect of preventing dirt in the aquarium.


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PSB is useful for breeding medaka

PSB is convenient for breeding medaka!


PSB is very useful for breeding medaka. As mentioned above, feeding PSB to medaka needles and juvenile fish can reduce the lethality rate and accelerate the growth speed.


In addition, medaka are often bred in small aquariums and containers, but by adding PSB regularly to the medaka breeding tank, Prevents deterioration of water quality even in environments with little water, and greatly reduces the risk of ammonia and nitrite poisoningcan do.


Recommended PSB on the market

PSB is sold in a variety of variations at ornamental fish shops. We will explain the characteristics of typical PSB products.

Sunmuse PSB

It is the most orthodox PSB, the price is reasonable and it is easy to obtain and recommended. Carotenoid pigments can also be expected to enhance the body color.

Shimatec Concentrated PSB

As a PSB manufacturer, PSB made by Shimatec, a famous manufacturer along with Sunmuse. The high evaluation from users speaks for its effectiveness.

Sunmuse Goldfish PSB

A PSB that specializes in breaking down goldfish excrement and feed leftovers. In addition, we have strengthened the carotenoids and minerals that are highly effective in enhancing the beautiful body color of goldfish.

Shimatec Concentrated PSB Premium 2

In addition to the original effects of PSB, such as water purification, it contains a special beneficial activator and bacillus bacteria. These synergistic effects produce stronger water purification and nutritional enhancement effects.

Comet PSB with Bacillus natto

PSB containing Bacillus natto that supports the digestion of ornamental fish. Bacillus natto, which is good bacteria, suppresses unpleasant odors in water.

Japan animal drug (Nichido) Seed water

This green PSB is a product developed based on fungi collected in Lake Hamana. Compared to red PSB, it is more resistant to high water temperature and lack of oxygen, and can be used not only in fresh water but also in brackish water and sea water.


How to use PSB

PSB is useful for water purification and fish health. Here, we will explain how to use PSB correctly.

Amount to put in breeding water

In the case of general PSB products, many of them state that adding about 10ml per 10L of breeding water is an appropriate amount.


For a 60 cm tank (60 L), add 50 ml, and for a 90 cm tank (180 L), add 150 ml. In the case of plastic boats and ponds, it is recommended to add 100-200cc.

Do you put in your PSB every day? How often do you use it?

The content of the description differs depending on the manufacturer of the PSB product, but in general, it is often written that it should be added once or twice a day at the timing of feeding.


It is said that even if PSB is added to a tank, it does not settle in the filter media, and it gradually disappears over time. Therefore, in order to maintain the effect of PSB, it is necessary to put it in regularly.

Notes on using PSB

Using PSB purifies the water and makes it visibly clearer and clearer. However, clear water does not mean that it is harmless to fish.


Even if the levels of ammonia and nitrites in the tank are high, it may appear clear. It is a mistake to think that you do not need to change the water if you use PSB, so let's change the water regularly.


Also, if you add too much PSB, fry and other fish may die, so be sure to keep to the specified amount.

Can PSB be used in seawater?

PSB products for seawater are also commercially available. There are also PSB products for both freshwater and seawater depending on the product.


If you have both saltwater and freshwater tanks, you should choose a product that can be used for both.


How to culture and increase PSB

Anyone can culture PSB at home. Cultivation requires PSB seed water, PSB feed, decalcified tap water, and a culture vessel.


For PSB feed, Ebios tablets, soy milk, and commercially available special media are recommended because they are easy to obtain. Cultivation is overwhelmingly easier in the summer when the temperature is high, and it becomes difficult to cultivate as the temperature gets colder (in winter, the temperature is low and cultivation is difficult).


If you fill the container with about 20 to 30% of the seed water and the rest with water, put the lid on and place it in a place exposed to direct sunlight, you can cultivate it in about a week in the summer.


Regarding the culture method of PSB, the following video is recommended because it is easy to understand.

Let's make good use of PSB and keep fish healthy!

Good use of PSB


Compared to other bacterial agents, many people do not even know of its existence, but PSB is actually an excellent bacterial agent that is very convenient and easy to culture.


Recently, pushed by the medaka boom, each manufacturer develops and sells various types of PSB. I'm sure that among the PSBs introduced this time, there must be PSBs that will be of great help to your aquarium.


If you are interested in PSB, please try to incorporate PSB into your own aquarium.

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What is PSB

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