All 16 models of Tailwalk Elan! Cospa is not too good! ?

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What is Tailwalk Elan?

Elan is a bait reel series released by Tailwalk. In addition to a rich lineup that can handle a variety of fishing from freshwater to saltwater, it is a reel with excellent performance and affordable cost performance.

All 16 models of Tailwalk Elan

There are currently 16 models of Tailwalk Elan on sale. Choose the model that best suits your target fish and fishing method.


Elan is a reel that mainly targets bass, and there are two types with gear ratios of 7.3 and 6.6. Equipped with twin brakes, a centrifugal brake and a magnetic brake, it is difficult to backlash and is easy to use even for beginners.

tailwalk elan

super elan

The super elan is lightweight with a magnesium body, realizing an amazing light weight of 152g. There is also a high gear model with a gear ratio of 8.1, and the winding amount of 89 cm is the top class among the Elan series. However, due to the possibility of corrosion, it is for freshwater use only.

Tailwalk Super Elan

wide power

Elan Wide Power is a power model with a maximum drag force of 12kg, and can be used for blue objects. By switching with the lever, you can also make a clicking sound when the spool rotates, which is rare with bait reels. There are two types: a shallow groove spool that can wind PE1 for 200m and a deep groove spool that can wind PE3 for 200m.

tailwalk elan wide power

wide power plus

Elan Wide Power Plus is a model that is more suitable for casting by increasing the number of ball bearings while maintaining the gear ratio and drag performance of Wide Power. It is possible to wind 100m of PE8 with a deep groove spool.

Tailwalk Elan Wide Power Plus

wide power 10th anniversary

This model was created to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Tailwalk, and features a striking red coloring. Although the number of ball bearings is slightly less, other performance is the same as Wide Power Plus.

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wide power 10th anniversary

Wide Power Octopus SP

Wide Power Octopus, as the name suggests, is a model mainly for octopus fishing. With a power gear with a gear ratio of 6.4, PE3 can be wound 200m.

Tailwalk Elan Wide Power Octopus SP

Wide Power Octopus SP II

Wide Power Octopus SP Ⅱ is a model released in the spring of 2017, and the performance is the same as Wide Power Octopus, but this model is equipped with a 43 mm power knob as standard so that domestic PE3 can reach 200 m and can be gripped strongly. .

Tailwalk Elan Wide Power Octopus SPII

super wide power

Super wide power is a model that further strengthens wide power, with a maximum drag force of 14 kg, a winding amount of 95 cm, and a spool that can wind PE2 for 200 m, making it a considerably powerful model. Although its own weight is a little heavy at 450g, it is possible to fight with a large game that matches it.

tailwalk super wide power



Elan DG is equipped with a digital counter, so you can accurately grasp the tana of the gimmick from the exit of the line. It is especially useful for fishing where it is important to grab a layer with bite, such as hairtail and sea mule. The digital counter can be set to PE 0.6 to 3.

Tailwalk Elan DG


In addition to the basic performance of the DG, the Elan DG II is slightly lighter in weight. In addition, a carbon single power handle is standard equipment.

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Tailwalk Elan DGII


The Elan LS is a model that is mainly used in salt water, and has a full lineup that can be used in a wide range of areas from deep areas to shallow areas with 3 types of gear ratios.

Tailwalk Elan LS


By equipping the Elan VTN with a narrow spool, you can reduce the blurring of the line during the fall and accurately take bites. It was developed as a model for light jigging.

Tailwalk Elan VTN


Elan PR is a model that emphasizes "winding", and a stable retrieve is possible with a winding amount of 59 cm. Its own weight is also relatively light at 198g.

Tailwalk Elan PR


Elan PG was developed for power games such as big lakes, large rivers and rockfish. It incorporates strength-oriented parts such as a high gear with a gear ratio of 8.1, a large star drag for fighting big game, and a 95mm power handle.

Tailwalk Elan PG


Elan MTX is a bait finesse model that has succeeded in making it more compact and lighter than the Elan original model by adopting aluminum parts. It is a super shallow groove spool that can wind 70m of 8lb line. There are two types of handle materials: carbon and duralumin.

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Tailwalk Elan MTX

MTX 10th Anniversary

It is a reel developed to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Tailwalk, and in addition to further weight reduction, it is a high gear model with a gear ratio of 8.1.

Tailwalk Elan MTX 10th Anv

Customize your Tailwalk Elan

Special custom parts are on sale for Tailwalk's Elan, and you can customize each reel according to your purpose.

elan custom spool

It's a replacement spool. There are dedicated models, so let's combine them with compatible reels.

elan cranking handle

A replacement handle. By lengthening the aluminum part at the base of the knob, the winding sensitivity is improved. Standard on the Elan PR. Compatible with all Elan series.

Elan duralumin spool

Replacement spool made of duralumin. Interchangeable with Elan PR/MTX/PG spools.

Tailwalk's elan is high-performance but too cheap!

source:Tailwalk Official Homepage

Although Tailwalk's Elan is a highly functional reel with various types and features as described above, most models are priced at less than 20,000 yen. You can aim for a wide variety of targets, from bass to blue-runners and tie mule, so it's fun to choose a model that suits your goals. Let's expand the range of your fishing with the strongest cospa tail walk elan!