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What is Kast King?

Kast King is a fishing gear brand produced by an American company called Poseidon, and by thoroughly reducing distribution costs, they sell many high-performance products at low prices.


Many of the products are priced below 10,000 yen, and they have features that Japanese manufacturers do not have, such as reels made of extremely lightweight carbon material and products with spools that are as light as a honeycomb. It is also attractive that there are many.


Recently, we have been working on rods and PE lines, and are becoming more and more popular in the fishing gear industry.


6 selections of Kast King baitcasting reels

Kast King's baitcasting reel has an excellent design. In addition, the specs such as drag performance are beyond what you would expect from a low-priced product.


This is a casting bait reel that can be purchased in the 10,000 yen range, and is recommended for fishing with a high gear ratio and frequent use of fast reeling. The number of bearings is 11+1, which is widely used in this price range, and it is highly praised for not sacrificing winding comfort just because it is cheap.

Royale Legend Elite

The details reminiscent of a racing car are typical of American reels, and the small body makes it easy to palm, making it easy to use even for Japanese people with small hands. It has sufficient drag power and is a highly versatile model for domestic bass fishing.

Spartacus Plus

This is a high-power bait reel with a maximum drag force of 8kg, and it uses both centrifugal and magnetic brakes, allowing for subtle brake adjustments to suit the user. Accurate casting makes this model perfect for pin spot shooting.


Although it is a low-priced bait reel with an emphasis on cost performance, its luxurious body does not make you feel cheap, making it a model that even fishing beginners would like to use. Since the body weight is light, it is also recommended for female anglers who are not accustomed to handling heavy tackle.

Zephyr BFS

It is a reel specialized for bait finesse that has become mainstream in Japan, and is designed to comfortably cast even light lures with a lightweight spool and body. Adopts a carbon washer drag, and although it is a finesse model, it has sufficient drag power. Another feature is that it uses a slightly higher gear ratio.

Crixus ArmorX

The advanced design makes it stand out from other reels made in Japan, and the body is made of aluminum to ensure rigidity. It is located in the mid-price range among Kast King's reels, and is recommended as the next model for anglers who are no longer satisfied with the performance and appearance design of entry-level models.


5 Kast King spinning reels

We also have a rich lineup of spinning reels ranging from small to large numbers. Find a spinning reel that suits you and go fishing.

Sharky BaitfeederⅢ

A low-priced spinning reel packed with the charm of Kast King. The fact that the name includes the word "shark" is typical of America, and it can be said that it is a model that focuses on robustness. This reel is recommended for those who want a durable reel that won't break, but can't afford something that is very effective.


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It can be used for a wide range of purposes such as sea bass, blue fish, and general casting fishing.


It has a unique design and is a high cost performance model recommended for those who are just starting to fish. Although it costs less than 10,000 yen, it is equipped with 10 ball bearings, and is packed with attention to detail even when you can't see it.


Since it has solid basic performance as a reel, it can also be used as a sub-tackle in times of trouble.


A spinning reel model with a good design that is hard to believe for a price in the 10,000 yen range, and a lineup of highly versatile small to medium-sized sizes.


The small size is recommended for bass and trout, and the large size is recommended for shore jigging targeting blue fish.

Kapstan Elite

This spinning reel is recommended for salt casting and jigging, and its appeal is that it has waterproofness equivalent to IPX6. Because the body is highly rigid and the drag power is large, the large count is designed to withstand the pulling of the largest class of blue fish.


Although it is by no means the cheapest model among Kast King, it can still be said to be a reel with excellent cost performance considering its performance.

Valiant Eagle Edition

This is a high-gear model full-fledged spinning reel, recommended for high-speed action with jigs and plugs. Equipped with 11 stainless steel ball bearings, the smooth drag interaction allows you to fight even big fish with confidence.


The small details are packed with charm that Japanese reels don't have. Especially recommended for anglers who mainly do shore jigging.


Recommended fishing gear other than reels

Kast King has been attracting a lot of attention for its reels, but it also develops and sells small items such as rods and pliers.


Like the reel, the American-made design has a different appeal than the Japanese-made fishing gear you usually see, and it is recommended for hardcore anglers who want to have fishing gear that is a little different from other anglers.


Kast King's fishing gear seems to be highly rated in the United States, so if you are interested in a product, try using it as soon as possible to experience its performance.

Enjoy fishing with Kast King!

Kast King is cheap and cool!


Kast King has many wonderful products that are affordable even for beginners, yet have functions and looks that rival those of top Japanese manufacturers.


Kast King is also recommended for those who want to start fishing but don't want to use expensive fishing gear from the beginning. Of course, it might be a good idea to purchase it as a sub-tackle for advanced anglers.


Let's all enjoy fishing to our heart's content with Kast King's fishing gear!

cust king is cool