The basics of breeding green pufferfish and how to cut teeth! A brackish water fish with a cute pattern!

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What kind of fish is green puffer fish?

Be careful of white spot disease for green puffer fish

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The green puffer fish is a member of the tropical pufferfish family that is distributed in India, Thailand, and Sri Lanka, and mainly lives in brackish waters. The back is yellowish-green with large black markings, and the abdomen is white. Their diet is omnivorous, and in nature they prey on small invertebrates.


It has been known as an ornamental fish since ancient times, and can be found relatively often in shops. They have a surprisingly long lifespan and are said to live up to 10 years. The average price is around 800 to 1000 yen per animal.

Are green pufferfish also poisonous?

Green pufferfish, like other pufferfish, tetrodotoxinIt has a poison called puffer fish. It is said that most of the poison is found in the skin, and less or none in the muscles and internal organs. When kept as an ornamental fish, there is no need to worry about the toxicity of green puffer fish.

How to raise green puffer fish

Green pufferfish are often seen in shops, but there are some points to keep in mind when raising them. Let's check out the basics of how to keep a green puffer fish.

①Aquarium size suitable for green puffer fish

Green puffer fish only grow to a maximum length of less than 20 cm. Therefore, when they are small, a 30cm cube aquarium is sufficient, and even if they grow larger, a 45cm standard aquarium is enough to keep them for a lifetime.

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②Water temperature and water quality

The water temperature is around 23-26 degrees, and the water quality is slightly alkaline. Also, since small individuals especially live in brackish waters, they seem to do best if kept in water diluted to 1/4 to 1/2 seawater. As they grow, they live closer to the sea, so it is said to be better to increase the concentration to about 1/2. Although freshwater breeding is possible for a short period of time, it is not suitable for long-term breeding, so please be careful.


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③ Green puffer food

In the wild, they prey on invertebrates, but in captivity their main food is frozen red beetles. They may also eat mixed feed, but they will need to be accustomed to it over a long period of time. If you only give them compound feed and they don't eat and lose weight, you won't be able to help them either, so basically feed them frozen food such as red beetles.

④ Compatibility of mixed swimming with green puffer fish

Puffer fish, including green puffer fish, are generally not suitable for swimming together with many species. Also, even within the same species, they often show aggression by biting their fins, so it is best to keep them alone.


When breeding multiple animals of the same species, it is important to always provide obstacles for weaker individuals to hide.

Green puffer fish cut into teeth

A green puffer's teeth have a tendency to continue to grow if left untreated. In the wild, they eat hard food such as shellfish, so they will naturally scrape off the tips of their teeth and cause no problems, but in captivity they only have soft food such as red beetles, and they cannot scrape them off naturally. .


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In the worst case scenario, the animal may become unable to eat and may weaken and die, so it is necessary to cut the teeth short with nippers. A good rule of thumb is once every six months, and it's a sign if they start dropping food from their mouths frequently.


Gently wrap the green puffer fish in a soft cloth, cut off the tip with nippers, and then give it a medicated bath in Green F.

About diseases of green puffer fish

Green puffer fish are relatively susceptible to white spot disease. Be especially careful when introducing the fish into the aquarium or when the water temperature changes significantly due to the change of seasons. If your cat rubs its body against the tank wall or other obstacles, it's a sign of illness.


White spot disease spreads very quickly, so if you find even one white spot, it's time to treat it. Medicinal baths and fresh water baths are effective.

Let's raise a very cute green puffer fish!

Green pufferfish are very attached to their owners, and when they approach the aquarium, they will ask for food, making them a very cute and wonderful fish that shows affection more like a dog or cat than a fish. Since it is a brackish water fish, there are some things you need to be careful about when caring for it, but it is not that difficult if you follow the basics.


If you are interested in green puffer fish, why not take this opportunity to raise them?

green puffer is so cute