Let's start the aquarium with the aquarium set! Pick up recommendations by size!

Aquarium sets are cheap and convenient for aqua beginners!

aquarium set


If you are thinking of starting an aquarium, you will need to have the necessary equipment. In such cases, an aquarium set is convenient.


An aquarium set is literally a product that includes a fish tank and peripheral equipment for operating it as an aquarium. Equipment such as filters must be selected appropriately depending on the size of the aquarium (the amount of water being used), and this is one of the reasons why aquariums are difficult for beginners.


Aquarium sets come with the right things in the box from the beginning, and are cheaper than purchasing them individually, making them a good deal for beginners who don't have any equipment.


The contents of the set vary depending on the product, but some are so complete that once you purchase them, you can start an aquarium just by obtaining the living organisms, so if you are a beginner, we recommend purchasing an aquarium set. It might be a good idea to consider it.


How to choose an aquarium set

Even though it is called an aquarium set, the contents of the set vary depending on the product. Therefore, you need to purchase something that is suitable for the organism you want to raise. Here we will explain how to choose an aquarium set.

how big is the tank

aquarium set size


The appropriate aquarium size will depend on the type and number of creatures you want to keep. Needless to say, if you want to keep large organisms or a large number of small species, you will need to prepare a correspondingly large aquarium.


For example, in the case of small species such as killifish and neon tetras, whose adult body length is approximately 4 to 5 cm, the following is a guideline for the number of individuals that can be kept safely from the perspective of maintaining water quality. 1L of water per 1cm of body lengthThere is an indicator called.


Also, for medium-sized species such as goldfish, it is better to keep them with extra water. As a guideline for goldfish, 10L of water per individual with a body length of 5cmThere is something called.


The safe line for the aquarium size based on these indicators is the number of individuals shown below.

aquarium size small species Goldfish
30cm standard aquarium (water volume approximately 13L) Around 4 animals One animal
45cm standard aquarium (water volume approximately 32L) Around 8 fish 3 animals
60cm standard aquarium (water volume approximately 65L) Around 16 fish 6 animals
90cm standard aquarium (water volume approximately 182L) Around 46 fish 18 animals


However, this is just a guideline, and once you get used to the aquarium and are able to maintain the water environment, it is possible to keep a larger number of animals. In any case, if the amount of water is low, the influence of pollutants generated from excrement will be greater, so be careful about the tank size and number of fish to avoid overcrowding.

What type of filter?

aquarium set filter


Filters are essential for maintaining the aquarium water environment. There are many different types of filters, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.


Therefore, if you purchase a set that includes the types that match the aquarium you want to create, the subsequent operation will be smooth. The types of filters that are included in aquarium sets are mainly external type, top type, and external type, and there are also filters that are integrated with the aquarium.


In general, aquariums with built-in aquariums or those that hang outside have a certain filtration capacity, but are easy to operate, so they are suitable for breeding small species that do not pollute the water too much. The upper type and external type have high filtration capacity, so they are suitable for breeding medium-sized or larger species or for mixed aquariums with mainly small species.


In addition, things like appreciability and maintainability vary depending on the format, so it's a good idea to decide which elements are important to you and purchase a product that comes with a filter that satisfies those elements.


How is the performance of the lighting equipment?

Lighting included in the aquarium set


Lighting equipment is essential for an aquarium. In nature, there are sunrises and sunsets, so living things use the light and darkness as cues to adjust their biological clocks and lead regular lives. However, when aquariums are normally operated indoors, the biological clock is easily disrupted by the effects of sunlight, indoor lighting, etc.


If the biological clock goes out of whack, it can also affect your health, so many aquarium sets come with lights specifically designed for aquariums.


Well, there are different types of lighting. There are several ways to classify them, but they can be broadly divided into those for aquatic plants and those for other types. Many types of aquatic plants cannot grow unless they undergo sufficient photosynthesis, so lighting for aquatic plants has different designs, such as enhanced wavelengths of light necessary for photosynthesis and brighter lights. .


In other words, if you want to operate an aquarium that focuses on aquatic plants, but do not install lighting for aquatic plants, the probability of failure will increase. On the other hand, if your main focus is living organisms such as fish, you don't need to be so careful about lighting, as you just need to know whether it's daytime or nighttime.


For these reasons, when choosing an aquarium set, be sure to check what kind of lighting is included.

Is there a heater for the aquarium?

Aquarium set with heater


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If you want to keep tropical fish, an aquarium heater is essential. This is because in Japan's climate, it is difficult to maintain a suitable water temperature for tropical fish all year round without using a heater. Therefore, when you want to raise tropical fish, it is better to purchase an aquarium set that comes with a heater, but there are not many aquarium sets currently available that come with a heater.


For aquariums, heaters are considered consumables, and although it depends on the item, they are not very expensive, so be sure to purchase them separately from the aquarium set. When doing so, it is important to choose one that is compatible with the size of your aquarium.

Also, when you want to mix shellfish and other things, check to see if there is a heater cover, as there is a risk of burns if the water is exposed.


By the way, many Japanese freshwater fish such as killifish, as well as temperate fish such as goldfish and redfin fish, are highly adaptable to changes in water temperature, so they can be kept without a heater if the aquarium is carefully placed. However, in environments where the water temperature drops below around 5 degrees Celsius, please turn on a heater if necessary.

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ConditionerAre consumables such as food and food included?

Medaka water conditioner


In order to operate an aquarium, you will also need some consumables. The details will vary depending on the type of organism being raised, but the following items are commonly needed: descaling agentWater quality conditioners such asfeedis mentioned.


Some aquarium sets also come with these consumables, and these products are more convenient. It is especially recommended for beginners who often find it difficult to decide which consumables to choose.


Some people may question the need for descaling agents, but tap water in Japan usually has chlorine added for disinfection. This scale mainly damages the gills of aquatic organisms, so it is necessary to neutralize it with a scale remover and make it non-toxic.


There are other ways to remove scale, but other methods are time-consuming and labor-intensive, so we recommend using a scale remover first.


Carefully selected recommended aquarium sets by size!

Currently, a variety of aquarium sets are on sale. Here we will introduce recommended aquarium sets by size that are easy to use even for beginners.

Recommended small (around 30cm) aquarium set

GEX Lacteria Black

This product has a filter and LED light integrated into the aquarium, and comes with a drain motor. The amount of water that can be used is approximately 10L, making it suitable for breeding small species. Since the main peripherals are built-in, it has a clean appearance and will look great as part of your room's interior.


It has a mechanism that drains water by simply twisting a lever, making it easy to change the water, and it is also easy to maintain, as filter media can be replaced with just one touch.

Tetra (Tetra) Tetra Quiet Medaka Breeding Set SF-17KF

A cube aquarium measuring 17cm on a side can hold approximately 5L of water. As the product name suggests, this aquarium is for raising small numbers of small species such as killifish, as it is compact and requires little water. In addition to the aquarium, the set includes a special lid, an external filter, samples of bait and water conditioner, and a guide to raising medaka fish.


This aquarium set is recommended for those who want to start breeding medaka, as it has almost everything necessary for breeding medaka, and all you need to do is add aeration, etc., if necessary.

Kotobuki Crafts (kotobuki) Views White

This is an aquarium with an integrated filter, and there are filter parts on the sides and bottom. These filters make it easy to stabilize the water quality even though it is a small aquarium with a water volume of about 10L, and it provides sufficient filtration performance to keep several small fish.


The side filter is a submersible pump type and is very quiet, so you won't be bothered by the noise. Additionally, because a moderate water flow is generated, dead areas are less likely to occur, which also plays a role in stabilizing water quality.


It looks stylish, so you can easily start creating a stylish interior aquarium.

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Recommended 45cm aquarium set

GEX 45cm Aquarium Set Glass Terrier Slim 450 Aquarium 6 Piece Set

Although it is a 45cm wide aquarium, it is a slim type and the amount of water that can be operated is a small amount of about 17L, so it is a tank for small fish.


The set includes 6 items: external filter, glass lid, lid holder, cushion mat, descaling agent, and water conditioner. For items like this aquarium that are outside the standard size, it may be difficult to find a matching mat, so it is convenient to have one included from the beginning.

kotobuki crafts(kotobuki)Aquarist 450M ornamental fish 5 points

In addition to the aquarium, this product includes 5 items: LED lighting, upper-type filter, food sample, descaling agent, bacteria agent, and breeding guide. A 45cm class aquarium is made larger and can hold approximately 35L of water, making it possible to mix multiple types of small fish or raise medium-sized species such as goldfish that are about 20cm long.


The included food sample is for goldfish, so it is recommended as a starter set for goldfish breeding. In addition, the LED lighting has a high-brightness design and can be used for growing aquatic plants, so this set is also convenient if you want to start an aquatic plant aquarium.

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Recommended 60cm aquarium set

Kotobuki Crafts (kotobuki) progressive rock600 8 points LED light 60cmaquarium set

This is a 60cm aquarium set with 8 items: a high-brightness LED light, an upper-type filter, a back screen, a glass pig, a water temperature meter, a descaling agent, a heater, and a breeding guide. This is a very convenient aquarium set that includes all the basic equipment needed to start an aquarium.

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In this class of aquarium, you can keep most of the ornamental fish up to medium-sized species. It also comes with a heater and water temperature gauge, so you can start raising tropical fish right away.

GEX Glass Terrier 600 6-piece set with external filter

The set includes an external filter, 2 glass pigs, cushion mat, bait, and descaling agent. The aquarium is made of frameless glass, so it looks clean and the aquascape looks great. Furthermore, the included external filter can be installed so as not to take up space around the aquarium, making the aquarium more interior-friendly.


The slightly tall 60cm aquarium can hold approximately 65L of water, so you can keep most types of ornamental fish up to medium size.

charm 60cmAquarium set, simple coral cultivation custom, saltwater aquarium supplies (aquarium, LED light, and 6 other items) professionally recommended set

As the product name suggests, this is an aquarium set that focuses on coral breeding, and is an original Charm product that has received high praise for its handling of aquatic creatures. In addition to the aquarium, the set includes an LED light, external filter, protein skimmer, back screen, bacteria agent, additives, and food for saltwater fish.


In addition to corals called soft corals, which are relatively easy to raise, it is also possible to raise a small number of small saltwater fish and cleaner organisms such as shrimp. The structure is perfect for an introduction to marine aquariums.

60cm tank recommendation

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Recommended 90cm aquarium set

kotobuki crafts(kotobuki)Reglas Flat F-900S/B Filter Set Big

A set of stylish frameless aquariums. Since black silicone is used for the joints, dirt is not noticeable, and a beautiful aquascape can be maintained, making it a great interior decoration. Although it is a 90cm wide aquarium, it is a slim type, and the amount of water that can be operated is about 60L, which is not much different from a 60cm standard aquarium, so it is suitable for a mixed aquarium with medium-sized and small species.


In addition to the aquarium, an external filter, glass lid, lid holder, urethane mat, descaling agent, and water conditioner samples are included.

kotobuki crafts(kotobuki) Progressive 900 5-piece LED light set

This product includes a 90cm aquarium that can hold approximately 157L of water, an LED light, an upper filter, a glass pot, and filter media. With this class of aquarium, you can keep species that are around 45 cm in length, and you can create a full-fledged aquarium with a carefully designed layout, even if the main focus is on small to medium-sized species.


However, as the amount of water increases, the weight also increases, so please be careful about the installation location, such as preparing a sturdy aquarium stand.

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Start an aquarium with an affordable and convenient aquarium set!

Start an aquarium with an aquarium set


In order to start an aquarium, you need to have all the necessary equipment, and an aquarium set is convenient at such times. Aquarium sets come with the basic peripheral equipment needed for an aquarium, and are less time-consuming and cost-effective than purchasing them individually.


The contents of the aquarium set vary depending on the product. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the equipment needed for the animal you want to raise, and also find out whether the equipment has the required capabilities.