14 Recommended Air Stones! Brighten up your aquarium with fine bubbles!

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What is Air Stone

What is Air Stone

source:Ibuki Air Stone Homepage

Air stones are parts used for aquarium aeration, and send fine air bubbles into the tank. Although it is called stone, it is not actually made of stone, and most of them are made of ceramic or vinyl. There are various shapes such as round, rod, and tube, and you can use them according to the aquarium and purpose.

3 benefits of using air stones

Brighten up your aquarium with air stones!

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Let's take a look at what are the benefits of actually using air stones.

increase dissolved oxygen

Air stones have the role of increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen in water. Only a small amount of air bubbles from the air stone dissolve directly into the water, and the oxygen in the air is taken into the water by the air bubbles shaking the water surface. Therefore, if you use the upper filter, there is no problem without the air stone, but if you use the filter that does not shake the water surface, such as the bottom filter, it is better to use the air stone.

Removal of oil film

The oily film on the surface of the water can be removed by shaking the surface of the water with the bubbles of the air stone. If an oil film forms on the surface of the water, the amount of oxygen that dissolves in the water will decrease and the appearance will also be bad, so the air stone is also important in terms of removing the oil film. In addition, air stones only make the oil film inconspicuous, but they cannot solve the cause of the oil film (organic matter that cannot be decomposed, bacteria, etc.), so it is a major premise to properly manage the water quality separately from the air stone. becomes.

beautiful for viewing

For ornamental aquariums, air bubbles can be created with an air stone to create a very beautiful appearance. There is also a wide cylindrical type of air stone, which can be used to create a curtain of air bubbles. Furthermore, by combining with lighting, you can create a fantastic atmosphere.

Two disadvantages of using air stones

Are airstones noisy?

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Although air stones have the above advantages, there are also many disadvantages.

Noisy (noisy)

When you activate the air stone, you will hear a mechanical sound called "boom" and the sound of bubbles bursting on the surface of the water. Recent products have high performance and many of them have a low sound, but they are not completely silent. There are individual differences in how people perceive sound, so I can't generalize, but it's a level of noise that doesn't cause problems in everyday life. I think that many people are concerned about the sound, so it is not recommended to install it in the bedroom.

Bubbles and water splash

When the air bubbles from the air stone burst on the surface of the water, bubbles and water splashes occur. If the water splashes on the surface of the water, the walls of the tank will become dirty easily and it will look bad, so it is necessary to clean it frequently. Also, if the water level is high, the water may splash not only on the walls of the tank, but also on the walls and floor around the tank, but this can be resolved by lowering the water level of the tank.

How to use air stone

use air stone

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We will introduce the precautions and maintenance methods when actually using the air stone.

Installation method

The air stone cannot emit air bubbles by itself, and is used by connecting it to an air pump via a tube. After attaching the tube to the air stone, first submerge the air stone in the water tank and remove the air inside. When the air is completely removed, water enters the tube and rises to the same height as the water level in the tank. Connect the air pump here and send air. If you do not follow this procedure, you will not be able to send air well, so be careful.

Maintenance method

The air stone doesn't need to be maintained that often, has the air flow gotten worse? It's okay to do it when you think. For maintenance, lightly scrubbing with a brush is a good idea. However, if you rub it too hard, the air stone may crack or crumble, so rub gently to remove dirt from the surface. You can also soak it in bleach, but be careful not to wash it thoroughly as it will affect your living body.

Relationship between compatible pump discharge volume and air stone/water depth

Depending on the product and size, the air stone has a suitable air pump discharge amount. If you use a pump with a smaller discharge volume than this setting value, bubbles will not be produced well, and conversely, if the discharge volume is large, the bubbles will be too strong and the sound and water splash will be loud. In addition, the suitable water depth is also set, and if you use it at a water level deeper than this depth, bubbles will not come out easily, so check the specifications of the pump before choosing.

14 recommended air stones

Here are some recommended air stones. Choose the size according to the size of the tank you are using and how you want the bubbles to appear.

Ibuki Air Stone Ceramic Air Stone Maru

Ibuki Air Stone Ceramic Air Stone 18φ×150

Ibuki Air Stone Ceramic Air Stone 23φ×100

Ibuki Air Stone Ceramic Air Stone 30φ×300

Ibuki Air Stone Ceramic Air Stone 50φ×300

Gex Bubbly Curtain

Jex Medaka Genki Bio Air

Gex Best Bio Air

Kotobuki round stone

tetra air stone

sudo bubble mate

Nouveau mini air stone (1m tube + 2 kiss rubbers included)

Nisso Long Air Stone

Azure Super Bubbler

Supply oxygen firmly with air stone!

Oxygen supply with air stone


In an aquarium, supplying oxygen to the water is essential for keeping living organisms healthy. An air stone that can efficiently supply oxygen and create a stylish aquarium by showing bubbles. There are various shapes and designs, so please find one that you like and use it!

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