10 recommended artificial aquatic plants! Easy to try aquatic plant layout!

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What is artificial aquatic plants?

Let's use artificial aquatic plants in the layout

Shooting: FISH PARADISE! Editorial department

Artificial aquatic plants are aquatic plants artificially made to resemble real aquatic plants. Plastic such as PE (polyethylene) is used as the main material, and it is characterized by being very easy to handle. Various types of artificial aquatic plants have been released by manufacturers, and many of them were of low quality in the past, but recently the quality of the products has improved, and many of them are almost as realistic as real aquatic plants. increase.

Advantages and disadvantages of artificial aquatic plants

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of artificial aquatic plants. Understand the characteristics of artificial aquatic plants and try using them in your aquarium.


One of the advantages of using artificial aquatic plants is the ease of management. Depending on the water quality and amount of light, natural aquatic plants may wither or grow too much, and it takes a surprising amount of time and effort. On the other hand, with artificial aquatic plants, you don't have to worry about them, and you don't have to trim or fertilize them.


Another advantage of artificial aquatic plants is that they can be used for the layout of tanks where highly herbivorous fish are kept. With natural aquatic plants, you don't have to worry about being bitten by fish and falling apart, but with artificial aquatic plants, you don't have to worry about that.


In addition, it is often not possible to treat with medicated baths in natural aquatic plant tanks, but artificial aquatic plants can be treated with medicated baths. Artificial aquatic plant tanks can deal with sudden onset of illness without any problems.


The disadvantage of artificial aquatic plants is that their beauty is inferior to that of real aquatic plants. The quality of the products has improved greatly compared to before, but the beauty will be inferior when compared to natural aquatic plants.


In addition, real aquatic plants absorb nitrites and supply oxygen through photosynthesis, which has the advantage of purifying water, but artificial aquatic plants do not. The disadvantage is that it can only be used as a layout.

10 recommended artificial aquatic plants

I collected recommended artificial aquatic plants. There are various types, such as those with weights attached to the base, and those with wires in the stems that can be freely changed in shape. By all means, please use artificial aquatic plants well to create a beautiful aquarium layout.

GEX Healing waterscape Natural colored grass

Artificial aquatic plants made from natural ferns, available in three variations: green, red, and blue. Due to the characteristics of the ingredients, it can also be used as an emergency food for fish species that are highly herbivorous. By combining the three colors, it is possible to cover a wide range of scenes from the foreground to the background. However, please note that it cannot be used if it is eaten due to its characteristics.

GEX Healing Waterscape Pure Plants Polygonum

This artificial aquatic plant uses a new material, and because this material is soft, it reproduces the appearance of swaying in the water just like real aquatic plants. Since it is made up to the leaf veins, it can be used as the main part of the aquarium.

GEX Healing Waterscape MIX Plants Glass Mat

It is a group planting type artificial aquatic plant that combines aquatic plants with different grass forms. It has plenty of volume, so just adding one of these will brighten up your aquarium. As the name of the glass mat suggests, the aquatic plants are short and bright green in color, so they are suitable for the foreground and the middle background.

GEX medaka spawning grass water hyacinth

It is an artificial aquatic plant that imitates water hyacinth and is used by floating it on the surface of the water. You can create shades and hideouts just like the real thing, but since it's an artificial aquatic plant, it's easy to care for. In addition, the root part is made of soft cotton thread, which also serves as a spawning bed. This artificial aquatic plant is especially recommended for those who want to focus on breeding medaka.

GEX Healing Waterscape Aqua Canvas FL big

A layout product that combines aquatic plants, driftwood, and rocks. Since not only aquatic plants but also other parts are made of plastic, there is almost no impact on water quality. As the name "big" suggests, it is large (width x depth x height: 25.0 x 24.5 x 27.0 cm), so you can create a beautiful aquascape with just this one.

Suisaku Betta Good Night Leaf

Artificial aquatic plants for bettas that live near the surface of the water. The main body has a kiss rubber attached to the inner wall of the breeding container. If the betta likes it, you can watch it take a rest on the water plants. In addition, it can be used as a base for making bubble nests, so it is also useful when aiming for breeding.

Tetra Flexible Plant FP-3

The artificial aquatic plants can be bent, so you can arrange them into your favorite shape and use them. It comes with a solid base, so you can install it as you imagined, with or without a bottom floor. FP-3 is red, but FP-1 and FP-2 have different grass shapes and colors, so by combining them, you can cover a wide range of backgrounds from foreground to background.

Tetra Ball Plant BP-2

As the product name suggests, it is a spherical artificial aquatic plant with a diameter of about 8.5 cm. It looks like a moss ball, but it has a stone attached to it so that it can be placed stably at the bottom of the tank. This product is red, but there is also a green BP-1, which can be combined to create a wider layout.

Nisso Luminous Plant Mat 2

It is an artificial aquatic plant made to develop more vivid colors by using LED lighting. The base has a joint, and by connecting it to the front, back, left and right, it is easy to reproduce the aquatic plant carpet. The height is as low as 4 cm, so it is basically suitable for the foreground. There is mat 1 with different grass appearance and color, and it is also possible to connect and use.

Nisso Little Garden Driftwood 2

It is an artificial aquatic plant shaped like aquatic plants growing from driftwood. The aquatic plant part is made of plastic, but the driftwood part is made of pottery, and since this driftwood has air stones attached to it, you can combine aeration and layout by connecting an air pump. The foreground grass and background grass are mixed, and the background grass is voluminous, so it can be used as a hiding place for fry.

Let's easily make a green tank with artificial aquatic plants!

Decorate your aquarium with artificial aquatic plants

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There may be many people who have tried natural aquatic plants but ended up withering, but artificial aquatic plants can be used to easily recreate a green aquarium. It is also possible to reduce the maintenance of the tank by using both natural and artificial aquatic plants. By all means, please use artificial aquatic plants to create your ideal aquarium.


Artificial aquatic plants are easy and beautiful