19 recommended products from Suisaku! From the latest filters to aquariums, it's packed!

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What kind of manufacturer is Mizukuri?

Suisaku is an aquarium maker founded in 1972 and has an Akihabara Japan company in Tokyo. We are researching and developing various products related to ornamental fish, including filtration devices for ornamental fish, and have produced many hit products. Among them, the Suisaku Eight series has been used by many aquarists for many years since its release in 1982. In addition to filters, we are a manufacturer that constantly creates new products such as LED lights and new types of aquariums.

The Suisaku Eight series is a super classic filter that every aquarist knows

The Suisaku Eight series is the most famous and popular drop-in filter from Suisaku. Despite its simple structure, it has a very high filtration capacity and is used by a wide range of users from beginners to professionals. The functionality that allows you to set a cartridge that improves water quality inside the filter and the ease of cleaning the inside are attractive. It comes in a wide variety of sizes and can be used for breeding any kind of fish.

Suisaku Eight Core L

Suisaku Eight Core L Replacement Filter Material

Suisaku Eight Core L Activated Carbon Cartridge

Suisaku Eight Drive M

Suisaku jumbo is recommended for ponds and large aquariums

Suisaku Jumbo is a super-large drop-in filter recommended for large aquariums and Nishikigoi ponds. It is used not only by individual aquarists, but also by companies that import tropical fish in large quantities.

Suisaku Jumbo

The Suisaku concept is an underwater filter with excellent filtration capacity.

The Suisaku concept is a plate-shaped underwater filter, and is an epoch-making product that makes the inside of the tank look neat. Filtration capacity is also perfect, and if you use a dedicated unit, you can connect up to 6 units, so you can use it for large aquariums. It is also useful for fish that are not good at swimming because it can suppress the water flow more than a normal throw-in filter.

Suisaku Concept S

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Suisaku Concept S Dedicated Replacement Filter Media

Air pump selling low vibration and quietness

The core of the water is a popular air pump that suppresses the vibration peculiar to the pump as much as possible and the drive is also very suppressed. In addition, some products have an air dial adjustment function, which is recommended for breeding fish that are not good at water flow and for use in disease treatment tanks.

Suisaku Suishin SSPP-3S

Clean your aquarium comfortably with Suisaku Pro Hose!

Suisaku's professional hose is a convenient drainage hose that allows you to easily clean the inside of your aquarium. There is a low-priced New Pro Hose and a Pro Hose Extra with improved functionality. Not only does it simply pump up dirty water, but it also has the feature of being able to clean the inside of substrate materials such as gravel while stirring.

Suisaku Pro Hose S

Suisaku Pro Hose Extra M

There are still more recommended products from Suisaku

In addition to filter-related products, Suisaku has many popular products such as lighting and accessories. We will introduce some of them.

lighting equipment

Lights that can be used underwater, such as LED lights that reduce power consumption and produce gorgeous fluctuations on the surface of the water, are very popular.

Suisaku Smart LED Light A420

Suisaku Underwater LED Light Compact

fish tank

Suisaku sells various types of tanks, such as basic goldfish breeding tanks and glass garden series.

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Suisaku Goldfish Family M

Suisaku Betta share house

Suisaku Glass Garden W450 Basic 6 Piece Set
Suisaku Glass Garden F300 Top View Aquarium Set
Suisaku Glass Garden N190 Plants Aqua Style


Suisaku's secretly popular products are accessories that brighten up the aquarium. If you feel that the aquarium is a little dull, why not try it?

Suisaku Luminous Stone

Suisaku Colorful Betta Sandwich

Suisaku Betta Good Night Leaf

Suisaku and comfortable aquarium!

All of Suisaku's products are wonderful products that have been loved by many aquarists for many years. Suisaku is a highly recommended manufacturer for those who are thinking of starting an aquarium, so please refer to the products introduced this time. With Suisaku products, your aquarium will be much more comfortable and enjoyable.

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Suisaku Eight is a blockbuster product of Suisaku.