Let's start sabiki fishing! What is the secret to fishing even for beginners?

What is Sabiki fishing?

Kill it all with Sabiki fishing


Sabiki fishing is a fishing method that uses krill and other bait (komase) to lure fish out and catch them with multiple hooks. This method of fishing is recommended for beginners because it is easy to do and does not require any complicated equipment or operations.


Sabiki fishing is a popular type of fishing that can be easily enjoyed by beginners and families.The appeal of this method is that it does not require any difficult techniques, and in some cases anyone can catch a great catch. It is also recommended for those who are just starting out, as the equipment is sold in stores and is easy to make, allowing you to enjoy the fun of fishing easily.

When is the best time to go fishing for Sabiki?

Sabiki fishing can be enjoyed all year round, regardless of the season. Autumn is the best season due to the abundance of fish species and ease of fishing, but you can catch fish even in winter if you change your target.

Sabiki fishing season opens in spring

Sabiki fishing season opens in spring


Spring is also said to be the season for sabiki fishing, and you can aim for many fish. The main attraction of this season is that you can target relatively large fish such as sardines, horse mackerel, and halfbeaks.


In addition, you can target root fish such as rockfish, so it is easy to fish in spring, when you can target a relatively rich variety of fish by fishing with sabiki, making it popular with families.

Migratory fish are more active in summer

Migratory fish are active during summer Sabiki fishing!


Summer is a time when migratory fish are especially likely to be active, as the water temperature rises along with the air temperature. The main targets for sabiki fishing are horse mackerel, sardines, mackerel and bonito. This is also the time when the fish actively feed, so if you are lucky enough to come across a school, you can expect to catch a lot of fish.

Autumn is the best season for Sabiki fishing!

Autumn is the best season for Sabiki fishing!


It is no exaggeration to say that autumn is truly a golden time for anglers. It is now possible to target a wide variety of fish species even with Sabiki fishing. The fish you can target in autumn, such as horse mackerel, sardines, mackerel, bonito, barracuda, and plated fish, are not only tasty and fun to catch, but they are also fun to take home and eat deliciously.

You can catch fish even in winter if you change your aim!

Sabiki fishing can be done even in winter!


In general, it is winter fishing when it gradually becomes difficult to catch fish, but when fishing for sabiki, you can target rockfish, filefish, rockfish, rockfish, etc. As the water temperature is getting colder, choosing the right spot will be important when fishing from land. It's not difficult to get enough fishing results if you grasp the situation well.


*Please consider this as a guideline only, as it varies depending on the water temperature and region.

Sabiki fishing time

The appeal of Sabiki fishing is that it is relatively easy to catch, even for beginners, but you can make it even easier to catch fish by choosing the time of day you fish.

Aim for the wrong time

Mazume is the golden time for Sabiki fishing


Madame time, also known as the golden time for fishing, refers to the time before and after the sun rises and before and after the sun sets. It is said that this period of time when the amount of light changes greatly is the time of the day when it is most likely to catch fish, so if you aim for the best time, you will be more likely to catch fish.


Fishing times vary depending on the season and location, such as when the morning is good or when the evening is good, so knowing the characteristics of the fishing spot you are going to will make it easier to improve your fishing results.

Sabiki fishing is easy even during the day.

Can you enjoy Sabiki fishing during the day?


Sabiki fishing, which attracts fish using small baits, has the appeal of being easy to catch even during the daytime, which is a difficult time for lure fishing. The activity of catching bait such as pufferfish and wrasse will be high, but if you want to catch any kind of fish, we recommend Sabiki fishing during the day.

Is it possible to fish for Sabiki even at night?

Is it possible to fish for Sabiki even at night?


Sabiki fishing is generally considered to be done during the day, but you can catch it at night depending on the fish you are aiming for. You can target horse mackerel and rockfish even at night, so you can enjoy fishing for sabiki even at night by using good fishing equipment.

Places where you can fish for Sabiki (points)

Points suitable for Sabiki fishing


Sabiki fishing can be enjoyed mainly at fishing ports and quays in harbor areas. A place with a certain depth of water and good tidal flow where you can expect migratory fish to visit is best. Also, by putting out the rod at the same point as the other people who are fishing for sabiki, the effect of komase is enhanced. However, be careful not to end up playing tricks with other people.

Rods and reels suitable for Sabiki fishing

Rods and reels suitable for Sabiki fishing


One of the appeals of Sabiki fishing is that anyone can enjoy it easily, but choosing the right rod and reel for Sabiki fishing is also important for enjoying Sabiki fishing.

pole (rod)

The rod for Sabiki fishing is about 3 meters long, and basically any rod can be used as long as it has a certain degree of hardness, such as a fishing rod, a rock rod, or a lure rod.


However, it is easier to operate a rod that can handle the weight of weights and baskets to a certain extent, so choose a rod that has the power to throw a size 8 to 12 if it is loaded with weights.

Promarine Kyokuko Sabiki DX360

As an introductory rod, it has sufficient performance required for Sabiki fishing. Above all, the price is very cheap and the goodness of cospa can be said to be a big attraction. It is durable and easy to handle even for beginners.

Total length (m): 3.6
Closing (cm): 107
Weight (g): 198
Weight load (No.): 1-12

Daiwa Liberty Club Short Swing No. 15-270

This is a rod with high fishing performance released by the popular manufacturer Daiwa. Because it is light in weight, it can be said that it is a real Sabiki rod that is very easy to handle even for beginners without getting tired even when fishing. It can be said that the price and reasonable point are also attractive.

Total length (m): 2.70
Joint number (book): 4
Closure (cm): 78
Own weight (g): 190
Weight load (No.): 10-20


Spinning reels in the 2000-3000 class are suitable. About 100m of nylon line No. 3 is enough to wind the thread. Reels with lines are also available at fishing tackle shops, so you can start there.

Promarine Trend Spin II TRS20

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This reel is perfect for beginner fishing. Another good point is that it comes with a line so you can use it immediately after purchasing. The price is also very cheap and it is a recommended reel with excellent cospa.

Gear ratio: 5.5
Maximum drag force (kg): 4.0
Weight (g): 220
Winding length (cm): 73
Thread winding amount (No.-m): 2-130, 3-100

Daiwa Joinus 2500

This is Daiwa's entry model and comes with a line, and although it is reasonably priced, it incorporates the manufacturer's unique technology and has sufficient performance as an introduction to Sabiki fishing. It can be said that it is a reel that is easy to handle even for beginners.

Gear ratio: 5.3
Maximum drag force (kg): 4
Own weight (g): 260
Winding length (cm): 80
Nylon thread winding amount (No. -m): 2-200, 3-150, 4-100

Sabiki fishing equipment

In Sabiki fishing, you basically attach a Komase bag, basket, or weight to a contraption that has multiple hooks attached. There are devices that come with all of these in a set, so it's convenient to buy one.

Upper basket type sabiki mechanism

Upper basket type (Kanto style) Sabiki mechanism


In Sabiki fishing, fish are attracted by scattering bait placed in a basket, but the bottom basket method is basically the most common method. However, the advantage of the upper basket type is that it can attack places with deep water and deep Tana.


Because the basket is literally set on top, the water pressure does not push out the bait in the basket, and you can scatter the bait by moving it up and down in deep places.

Lower basket type sabiki mechanism

Lower basket type (Kansai style) Sabiki mechanism


The lower cage type sabiki fishing device is a common sabiki fishing device, and uses the weight of the basket to move the rod to scatter bait and attract fish. It is easy to operate, and even beginners can easily prepare and operate it, making it easy to target fish.

Trick sabiki gimmick is convenient to improve eating

Trick Sabiki's needle has a double hook.

The trick sabiki gimmick is effective as a gimmick that makes it easier to target fish. Since the bait is attached to the hook, it is much easier to catch fish than ordinary Sabiki.


However, since there are a lot of Sabiki needles, it would be troublesome to do them one by one. Therefore, if you have a speed feeder, it is convenient because you can quickly and easily feed the fish.

Long throw sabiki device that can search a wide range

Long throw sabiki mechanism


Since you can search a wide range with the long-distance sabiki rig, you can aim for good size horse mackerel etc. It's easy to catch big fish.Also, the exhilarating feeling of casting long distances and the fact that you can visually see the hit from the float movement are also attractive. A float is used for long-distance casting, but it is effective to choose a float for long-distance casting that has special feathers and notches.

You can also enjoy jigsabiki like a lure!

Jigsabiki mechanism

For something easier, we also recommend the Jig Sabiki, which can be enjoyed like a lure game by attaching a metal jig instead of a basket or weight. The fish species that can be targeted are horse mackerel, mackerel, rockfish, and the fact that you can also target big fish such as bonito and sagoshi.


It is easy to use and easy to operate among the Sabiki, so it can be said to be an easy fishing method for beginners.

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Sabiki fishing set is convenient for beginners!

Sabiki fishing sets are often placed in fishing tackle shops. This is a set that includes everything you need for sabiki fishing, such as rods, reels, and gimmicks. Just buy this and you can start sabiki fishing. Beginners can easily start sabiki fishing by purchasing this sabiki fishing set.

Luna Hisano Sabiki Fishing Compact Set

It is a set that is sufficient for beginners as it has a complete set necessary for sabiki fishing such as sabiki rods, reels, lines, and gimmicks. Best of all, the price is reasonable, so even beginners and children who are unfamiliar with the operation can use it with confidence.

Sabiki fishing bait (Komase)

Komase used for Sabiki fishing


For Sabiki fishing, you will need bait called Komase. There are various types and types of komase, but the selection of this komase is also an important point in increasing the fishing results.

The basics of Komase are Ami-ebi.

Sabiki fishing komase is basically Ami shrimp. In general, the frozen type is easy to store and easy to handle, so it is often used, but once it is thawed, it is difficult to reuse it, so it is better to use it when it is used up.


On the other hand, the type that can be stored at room temperature can be used as much as you want, and you can save it and reuse it for the next fishing trip.

Marukyu High Power Ami Shrimp

The concentrated extract has an excellent effect on attracting fish, and it is a type that can be stored at room temperature and can be used in several doses. Because it can be squeezed out and used, Don't get your hands dirtyThis is also a good point.

Increase your appeal by mixing the compounded bait!

Komase can be used alone, but by mixing it with compounded bait, you can increase the effect of attracting fish and increase your fishing results. It is also attractive because it is available in powder form and can be combined with extracts of different types of fish such as horse mackerel, making it possible to create combinations of ingredients.

Marukyu Ajipower

This bait is specially formulated for horse mackerel fishing, and is also effective in organizing small fish. It is also effective for night fishing as it contains extracts that are highly effective at attracting fish and uses the shiny material Kirara.

Other tools needed for Sabiki fishing

In addition to the tools introduced above, we will also introduce tools that are useful for Sabiki fishing.


A bucket is useful for thawing Komase. It can also be used to temporarily keep the fish you've caught alive, so if you're using frozen Komase, it's a good idea to have two or more on hand. Buckets with strings are also sold, which are very useful when drawing seawater.

Scoop for Komase

It is useful when putting komase in a net or basket. Also, when defrosting a frozen mesh block, you can defrost it quickly by breaking it with this scoop.

cooler box

The cooler box can be used not only to store the fish you caught, but also to keep drinks and food cold. It can be said that it is essential for summer fishing for horse mackerel and sardines, which are the main types of sabiki fishing.

Ash net

When you are fishing for sabiki, you may unexpectedly catch big fish such as mullet and inada. A tamo net is used to prevent rod damage and thread breakage when such an unexpected large item is caught. Don't think you don't need it because you're aiming for small fish, but prepare it just in case.

Total length (m): 4.40
Joint number (book): 4
Close (cm): 114
Own weight (g): 425

Fish scissors/fish grip

If you catch a horse mackerel with sharp bellows, or a fish with poisonous spines, such as a horse mackerel or a fish with poisonous spines, there is a risk of injury if you catch it with your bare hands. If you have fish scissors or fish grips, you can safely catch fish.

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folding chair

Sabiki fishing is basically fishing that waits for the fish to migrate without moving from the fishing seat. Therefore, if you have a folding chair, you can continue fishing for a long time without getting tired.

How to fish for Sabiki (procedure)

The appeal of Sabiki fishing is that it is easy to catch even for beginners, but if you do it the right way, you can increase your fishing results even more.

Thawing frozen nettles

Unzip Komase


There are two ways to thaw frozen seaweed: you can slowly thaw it at room temperature the night before, or you can thaw it while mixing it with seawater at a fishing spot. It is best to choose a method that matches your fishing schedule and environment.

Add Komase to cart


If you use a special scoop, it will be easier to put it in the basket and your hands will not get dirty. Also, it is more effective to lightly fill the container with about 70% of the amount, rather than crowding it so that it will easily scatter in the water.

Put in a device and invite up and down

Aji no Sabiki fishing tips


After putting the sabiki device into the water, move the rod up and down to appeal to the fish. By moving sharply, you can scatter the pieces in the basket efficiently, so it is effective to attract them by moving firmly. It is also effective to stop the rod and make a gap between the bites when the komase is scattered to some extent.

If there is a hit, lightly match it and roll it up.

Sabiki fishing combination is light


If there is a bite to the fish, gently press it together and when you feel the weight of the fish, start reeling it in. Depending on the fish, there are various ways to make a hit, such as a very noticeable hit, and a faint hit, so I try to focus on this point. When winding up the line, keep it as tensioned as possible to reduce breakage.

Let's clean up the fishing spot before heading home!

The fishing spot is clean


When fishing for sabiki, it is easy to pollute the fishing spot with trash and fish. As with fishing in general, be sure to take your trash home with you. When mixing komase or putting it in a basket, it may fall to the ground and become dirty, so it is important to wash it thoroughly with sea water to clean it. Please be sure to follow good manners so that you can continue to enjoy fishing in the future.

Sabiki fishing tips

What are the tips for fishing for Sabiki?

source:Photo AC

There are several tips for improving your fishing results when fishing for sabiki. By keeping this in mind, you will be able to increase your fishing results.

Gather information on fishing spots

Gathering information about the fishing spots you often go to in advance is also important in improving your fishing results. Information can be collected on the Internet, but it is recommended that you go directly to a nearby fishing tackle store to hear more about the latest fishing results.

Set up a fishing spot under the tide

It is also important to choose a fishing spot according to the flow of the tide, and setting up a fishing seat under the tide has the advantage that you can get the effect of fishing from above the tide, so if you are aware of it as much as possible, it will lead to an increase in fishing results. Masu.

Explore various flavors

The important thing when fishing is to search for tana. The tana will vary depending on the fish you are targeting, such as migratory fish or root fish. Basically, it is said to be effective to search from near the bottom and gradually raise the temperature if there is no response.

Let's catch up and catch fish efficiently

Since Sabiki has multiple hooks, it is possible to catch up with them by waiting for a few hooks instead of immediately retrieving them. This is a recommended fishing method as it allows you to efficiently catch multiple catches at once.

From Sabiki fishing to fishing expert!

Take the first step towards becoming a fishing expert with Sabiki fishing!


Sabiki fishing has multiple hooks attached to one device, so it is possible to catch 5 or 6 fish at a time. In addition, horse mackerel, sardines, mackerel, etc., which are targeted by sabiki fishing, migrate in large groups, so if you keep fishing well, you can enjoy several catches.


Sabiki fishing is easy to start, and is the perfect way to get a feel for catching fish. If you are a beginner who is just starting to fish, why not start on the path to become a fishing expert by starting with Sabiki fishing! ?

Let's start sabiki fishing!