18 recommended tank stands! Are metal racks and DIY okay?

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How to choose an aquarium stand

A water tank stand necessary to put a water tank on. Functionality, design, what should I pay attention to when choosing?


Points to consider when choosing an aquarium stand:have storage space,Strong enough to support an aquarium,aquarium sizeI can give you a lot of things. In particular, it would be better to check the storage space and strength exactly. Various manufacturers make water tank stands, but the manufacturer with the name recognition gives you a sense of security.


There are two main types of aquarium stand designs: a type with only a frame without a door, and a type with a door. The type with only the frame looks neat, but the piping and storage are visible. The type with a door can hide piping and storage with a door.

18 Recommended Water Tank Stands by Size

Choose a tank stand according to the size of the tank. From the next, we will introduce the aquarium stand suitable for each aquarium size.

Water tank stand for 30cm water tank

First of all, I will introduce a 30cm aquarium stand.

Water tank stand for 45 cm tank

Next is the tank stand for the 45cm tank. It has a great design and is easy to match with any room.

Water tank stand for 60 cm tank

We have a wide range of items from simple to design-oriented.

Water tank stand for 90 cm tank

When it comes to a 90 cm tank, the weight will be quite heavy. I want to choose a solid one.

Water tank stand for 120 cm tank

The last one is for 120cm aquarium. Choose one that you can safely keep the big fish of your dreams.

Water tank stand can be made to order

The water tank stand can be made to order if you ask the vendor. You can have a water tank stand made so that the size and plumbing of the water tank can be made clearer. It's a wonderful story to have your favorite aquarium stand made according to your aquarium layout.

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Depending on the manufacturer, there are places that make special shapes and large tanks. If you are an advanced user and want to make a stand that matches your own original tank, we recommend custom-made.

Is it okay to use a metal rack as an aquarium stand?

Many of the metal racks sold at interior shops can withstand loads of several tens of kilograms.If you put water in the tank and set it up, even a 30 cm tank will weigh about 38 kg, and a 60 cm tank will actually weigh about 80 kg..


Even if it is large, it does not necessarily support the aquarium. If you decide to use a metal rack as an aquarium stand, check the load in advance and use it at your own risk. Basically, a dedicated tank stand is safe.

Is it possible to DIY a water tank stand?

If the aquarium stand is slightly distorted, it may cause damage to the aquarium, so we do not recommend making your own aquarium stand unless it is very heavy, such as a small aquarium.


In fact, it is quite difficult to make it by yourself, and there is a big risk that it will not go well. Unless you're very experienced, it's better to buy a ready-made one or have one made to order than DIY.

Let's enjoy the aquarium with a stylish aquarium stand!

This time, I introduced the tank stand. A tank stand required to install a tank. Not only is it functional, but if you store aquarium goods in the aquarium stand, it will look neat and very nice.


When installing a new aquarium, please refer to this page and consider the aquarium stand as well. If you have a stylish aquarium stand, the aquarium will be more gorgeous!

How to choose an aquarium stand