What is the compatibility of water hyacinth with killifish and goldfish? What causes it to dry out?

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What is water hyacinth

What kind of aquatic plant is water hyacinth?

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Water hyacinth is a kind of water hyacinth belonging to the genus Water hyacinth, and is often sold as a floating plant for ornamental fish. The place of origin is South America, and the language of flowers is "Love's Sorrow", "Love's Joy"Etc.


The price starts from around 100 yen per share, and it is also used as an accent for biotopes and small ponds. Home centers start handling it around April every year, and it is constantly distributed until around the end of September.


Water hyacinth blooms beautiful purple flowers, so it can be a good accent for outdoor breeding in water lily pots and toro boats, which tend to be drab.

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How to grow and increase water hyacinth

Water hyacinths are often seen in shops, but are there any tips on how to grow and increase them? Let's check each one.

How to grow water hyacinth

Water hyacinth is a very hardy aquatic plant, and if it is warm enough to be exposed to sunlight, it will grow on its own without any trouble.


On the other hand, it is vulnerable to poor sunlight and cold, and if it is grown in a place where it is not exposed to the sun or is exposed to frost, it will wither as soon as possible. prize.


Water hyacinth is a floating plant, so be careful not to dry up the water in the container in which it grows. Giving fertilizer will make the stocks easier to grow. It will not wither even without fertilizer, so there is no problem growing it without fertilizer.

How to grow water hyacinth

As mentioned in how to grow, if it is a sunny and warm season, there is no need to give fertilizer, etc., and it will increase. Water hyacinth grows new stems called stolon from the growing stock.


If it grows too much or you want to divide the stock, cut off this stolon.

Can water hyacinths survive the winter?

Can water hyacinths survive the winter?


Since water hyacinths are native to South America, they basically cannot survive the cold winters of Japan outdoors. Basically overwinter indoorswill let you When growing outdoors, the temperature drops and the water leaves wither.


However, at this time, the root stock may be alive, so when it gets cold, you can move it to a sunny place indoors to overwinter. It will be easier to overwinter in a sunny bay window or vinyl house.


However, since it is a very cheap aquatic plant, it may be easier to purchase new strains every season.

What causes water hyacinth to wither?

water hyacinth withers Lack of sunlight is the main reasonis. Some stores sell water hyacinth indoors, so many people mistakenly believe that it can be grown indoors, but it actually does not grow well indoors.


When growing with aquatic plants, it is possible to grow without withering by using strong metal harassment. In addition, pest damage is also one of the causes of withering. Pests such as aphids can be exterminated with chemicals, but if you are raising them with ornamental fish, be careful as the fish may also die.

Compatibility between water hyacinth and goldfish/medaka

Water hyacinth and goldfish/medaka go well together

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The compatibility of water hyacinth with goldfish and medaka is very good in outdoor breeding. The bright green color of the water hyacinth is not only perfect for the layout of ornamental fish such as goldfish and killifish, but the roots of the water hyacinth also serve as spawning beds.


Water hyacinth also acts as a shade from the sun in the summer and absorbs excess nutrients in the water.


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However, if the goldfish eat the roots of the water hyacinth or grow it indoors and it dies due to lack of sunlight, leaving it as it is will lead to deterioration of water quality, so be careful.

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Using water hyacinth as an accent for ornamental fish breeding

Water hyacinth is very beautiful with beautiful purple flowers blooming when the season comes. Water hyacinth is a very good accent for breeding ornamental fish. If you follow the basics firmly, it is a very strong and easy-to-grow aquatic plant, so why not try incorporating it into your outdoor ornamental fish breeding?

Water hyacinth flowers are also beautiful