Enjoy nature with mountain stream lure fishing! What kind of tackle, equipment, and fishing method do you need?

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About mountain stream lure fishing

Mountain stream fishing is as attractive as sea fishing. In particular, mountain stream lure fishing is popular because it is easy and you can enjoy it while enjoying the great outdoors.


What is the appeal of mountain stream lure fishing?


The charm of mountain stream lure fishing is that you can enjoy fishing while feeling the great nature in the mountains, such as beautiful forests and rivers.


Also, because it is fresh water, it is not sticky like the sea and does not have the unique smell of the sea. Many of the fish are beautiful and have good taste, and they are popular because of their playability.


Mountain stream lure fishing targets are diverse


The main target for mountain stream fishing is river fish such as trout called trout, yamame trout, amago, and rainbow trout. Not only is it fun to actively attack lures, but it is also delicious to eat, which is why it is called a popular target.

time (season)

You can enjoy mountain stream lure fishing from spring to autumn!


The season starts from spring, and many mountain stream fishing points will be lifted from around March. The mountain stream lure fishing season starts from there until around September when fishing is prohibited.


especially spring to early summeris the high season, the target trout is high, and it is easy to catch because it aggressively attacks the lure. againearly autumnis the time when expectations are high for big shots.

time zone

What is the target time for mountain stream lure fishing?


The best time to catch mountain stream fishing is mainly in the morning, but it is especially called golden time. first thing in the morningis. This is the time when fish are actively preying, so aim for it. Also, when it gets dark, there are many dangers and it's easy to get lost on the way back, so you can't fish at night.


Precautions for mountain stream lure fishing

There are a few things to keep in mind when doing mountain stream lure fishing. Be careful to enjoy mountain stream fishing.

Safety first

Let's enjoy mountain stream lure fishing Eo with safety first


It's not limited to mountain stream fishing, but first of all, safety is the top priority. Even in rivers, caution should be exercised in fast-flowing or deep areas. Also, there is a possibility that the scaffolding is bad and you may fall and get hurt, so you need to be careful and take measures.

Absolutely comply with the rules of the fishery cooperative

Be sure to follow the fishing cooperative rules for mountain stream lures


Mountain stream fishing basically requires the purchase of a recreational fishing ticketthere are many places. Also, be sure to observe the no-fishing season, as there is a risk that fishing may be prohibited if not observed. Also, each fishing spot has its own regulations, so it is a good idea to check in advance what is not allowed.

Decide in advance the entry and exit points

Securing routes is also important for mountain stream lures


Since mountain stream fishing involves a lot of walking around the mountains, it is necessary to decide in advance where to enter and leave the valley. Especially for beginners, it is easy to get lost, so it is necessary to check in advance.

If there is someone ahead of you, please refrain from entering the valley.

Manners are important for mountain stream lure fishing


The more popular the point, the more the presence of the predecessor. It is also an important manner to refrain from entering the valley if there are other people ahead of you. Taking up too much space can cause trouble, so make sure that both parties can enjoy fishing comfortably.


Carefully selected recommended lures that can be caught in mountain streams by type!

Various lures are on sale from each company, and it is difficult to decide which one to choose. Below are some recommended lures that you can use as a reference.

Mountain stream lure fishing with minnows is fun!


Recently, it is a lure that has become mainstream even for trout, and it looks like a real fish, of course, and by operating the rod, you can make the action more natural and attract the bite of the fish. It can be said that it is also attractive that you can easily control the range by selecting floating or sinking, and you can enjoy just winding.

Daiwa Silver Creek Minnow 44S

The stable flight attitude makes it easy to aim at pin spots, and the action is easy to convey when retrieving. It is a model that can be said to be a high performance minnow with enhanced basic performance that is easy to handle even for beginners.

Total length (mm): 44
Weight (g): 4.2
Type: Sinking

Smith minnow D contact 63mm

A heavy sinking minnow that can penetrate the range even in fast currents and deep waters, and lures fish bites with its unique inertia slide. By using a tungsten material with a high specific gravity, it boasts an overwhelming flight distance compared to the same size.

Total length (mm): 63
Weight (g): 7
Type: Heavy sinking

Duo Spearhead Ryuuki 38S

It can be said that it is a minnow with a small grain size and a high bite performance that is the most minimum model in the series. Despite this, it has a stable flight posture and swimming, and is a minnow that can appeal firmly even though it has a small body.

Total length (mm): 38
Weight (g): 2.8
Type: Sinking
Let's catch a trout using a mountain stream minnow!

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Large standard spoon for mountain stream lure fishing


Mountain stream lure fishing standard among standardIt is a lure that can be said to be easy to use, so it can be said that it is easy to handle even for beginners of mountain stream fishing. However, it is a lure that can be said to be versatile depending on how it is used with a wide range control. It is a good idea to choose the size, shape, weight, etc. according to the situation and field.

Smith Spoon Pure 3.5g

The shape of a spoon, which can be said to be a classic among classics, is a versatile lure that can be said to be versatile. It is a model that can be said to be indispensable even for mountain stream fishing that is easy to handle and brings stable fishing results under all conditions.

Daiwa Crusader Super Hot

It can be said that it is a reliable spoon that can be carried to the pin spot and firmly capture the bottom even in the flow or deep points. There is no doubt that it is a versatile model that can be used in any situation and is easy to fly.

Forest MIU native abalone

We have a lineup of abalone colors that are highly effective, from popular models that are easy to throw and reel and catch even for beginners who can easily get results. An effective spoon for all trout, and a useful one to have.

/ Spinners are also effective in mountain streams


It is also used as an effective lure for mountain stream fishing, and although it is similar to a spoon, it is the most appealing lure for mountain stream fishing. The biggest feature is that it can attract a wide range by receiving water flow with the blade.


It would be effective to change the size and color of the blade and select it.

Daiwa Bretton

It can be said that the spinner's strength is its versatile shape that can flexibly respond to any changes in water flow with a teardrop type blade that can be said to be basic. With over 40 years of reliability and achievements, this spinner is also used by experts.

Smith AR Spinner Trout Model 4.5g

Of particular note is the amazing blade rotation performance, which boasts enough performance to start spinning immediately after landing on the water. In addition, it is easy to slide left and right by twitching, and it is possible to strongly appeal to fish with a sharp action.

Lubrex Serta 3.5g G4

It is a classic spinner that is loved not only in Japan but also around the world, and is a popular model that is used by many experts. The reasonable price is a nice point, and it can be said that the point that you can attack hard is also attractive.



Vibration is also active in mountain streams


Vibration, which is also used by more and more anglers for mountain stream fishing, is often heavy and has a long flight distance, making it an excellent lure for exploring a wide range. It can be said that it is a lure that is effective even for bottom capture, has high appeal and is easy to use.


In addition to choosing by size and weight, ease of action is also a point to choose.

Duo Ryuki Vibe 45S

It is a vibration model of the popular series, and it is a high-appeal lure that can capture the bottom firmly even in deep points and fast currents. It is a versatile lure that goes well with techniques such as lift and fall.

Total length (mm): 45
Weight (g): 5.3
Type: Sinking

Jackson Metal Vibe Kymo 45

The unique shape and metal material make it possible to deliver the lure to the bottom firmly even in places with currents. It can be said that the weight that makes it easy to cast distance and is easy to handle with any rod power is also attractive.

Total length (mm): 45
Weight (g): 6
Type: Super Sinking

Rudy's Uoko Vibe

Although it vibrates for salt, it is an effective lure for trout, and the small grain size boasts sufficient performance to make it bite. It can be said that it is a vibration that has a wide variety of colors and can be used in various situations.


bottom plug

Bottom-type lures that sink quickly are also effective in mountain streams.


As its name suggests, it is a very effective plug for bottom capture. After landing, the tail stays in the floating state, so by adding retrieve and action, it is possible to produce a unique swimming style, such as imitating small fish that peck at the bait on the bottom.


It is a plug in a genre that has been gaining popularity in recent years.

Smith Bottom Knock Swimmer II

Even at the bottom, the tail part floats and the body stands firmly, and the bottom pump lures fish by swinging left and right. Various appeals such as vibration in retrieve and swing action in twitch are possible.

jackson dirt magic native

It is a lure specializing in darts with a high appeal that fish bites like crazy, and anyone can easily create intense dart action by using line slug moderately. This lure is easy to handle even for beginners.


About choosing the color of the mountain stream lure

In the mountain stream, you can further extend the catch by choosing the appropriate lure color according to the situation. Here, I will explain the points of color selection in mountain stream lure fishing.

Choose by light intensity or light blue

Choose the color of the mountain stream lure by the amount of light and light blue


If the amount of light is dark or the light blue is cloudy, using a chart-type or gold-type lure color that stands out will make it easier for the fish to find the lure. If it is particularly cloudy, choose a color that stands out.

Select according to the target fish species

Let's use different lures depending on the target


Choosing a color that matches the target fish is also a way to enjoy mountain stream fishing. For yamame trout, there are patterns such as trout-specific colors and trout-type gold colors are effective.

Select by time zone

Let's use different colors of mountain stream lures depending on the time of day


In the morning, it is also effective to use silver or gold colors that reflect the amount of light and make it stand out. On the other hand, low-appeal colors such as matte and natural colors may be effective in situations where it is slipping.


Rod suitable for mountain stream lure

Choosing the right rod for a mountain stream lure


In mountain streams, there are many trees and grass growing on the riverside, and fishing while moving while narrowing down the casting point. 5 to 6 feetis easy to handle.

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In addition, for throwing light lures and for taking delicate bites of mountain stream fish Ultra light to light actionIt is a good idea to choose a rod with

Major Craft Troutino Stream TTS-462UL

It is a serious trout rod equipped with sharp blanks that suppress shaking during casting and power that can handle sudden big fish while being delicate. The natural wood reel seat has a good texture and is a gem with high design and functionality.

Overall Length (ft): 4.'6"
Joint number (book): 2
Lure weight (g): 1-8
Fit line (lb): 2-6
Applicable line PE (No.): 0.3-0.8

Abu Garcia Trautima Kiss Nano TMNS-516L II TE

It is an easy-to-handle rod that casts any lure firmly with nano carbon blanks. With its high performance and light weight and high sensitivity, there is no doubt that it is the best rod for mountain stream lure fishing.

Total length (m): 1.55
Close (cm): 45
Own weight (g): 65
Lure weight (g): 2-8
Fit line (lb): 4-8

Reels suitable for mountain stream lures

Features of reel suitable for mountain stream lure fishing


Spinning reels are necessary for mountain stream lure fishing. 1000-2000 numbersWe recommend a small model that you can hold in your hand. Larger reels have the disadvantage of making it difficult to understand the reeling feeling because many of the lures that are handled are lightweight.


In addition, gear ratios such as high gears with a large amount of winding are recommended because they do not lose to the flow.

Daiwa Revros LT2000S-XH

It is a lightweight and tough LT series model, which is Daiwa's concept, and it is a high cost performance reel with a fulfilling performance side, although it is a reasonable point. It also matches the situation where you are exploring at a good tempo with a large amount of winding.

Gear ratio: 6.2
Maximum drag force (kg): 5
Weight (g): 200
Winding length (cm): 81
PE thread winding amount (No. -m): 0.4-200, 0.5-170, 0.6-150
Nylon thread winding amount (lb-m): 2.5-200, 3-150, 4-100 <br

Shimano Stradic 2000SHG

This reel is Shimano's middle-class model, and it can be said that it is a high-performance versatile reel that achieves a high-level balance between price and performance. It is a reel that can be said to be attractive because it is light enough and durable enough to handle unexpected big fish.


Line suitable for mountain stream lures

What line do you use for mountain stream lures?


Nylon and PE lines are recommended for lines suitable for mountain stream lure fishing. Beginners should start with nylon, which is easier to handle.We recommend 4 lb or 0.3 to 0.8 as the thickness.


Once you get used to it, let's actively challenge the PE line, which is easy to fly.

Sunline Nylonline Troutist

It is a line with excellent visibility in a green color with good color development. Especially for beginners, using a line with good visibility will greatly reduce lure loss, so it can be said that it is a recommended line if you are not used to it.

Rapala PE line Rapinova X multi-game

It is a high-cost-performance PE line with high binding strength, flexibility, and ease of binding, as well as a reasonable price. It is a recommended line with many users from beginners to experts who have high trust and achievements all over the world.


Equipment necessary for mountain stream lure fishing

Mountain stream equipment required other than tackle


In mountain stream lure fishing, there are various equipments that can be said to be indispensable besides tackles. By having these items, you can enjoy mountain stream fishing more safely and comfortably.


Waist or chest waders are convenient because you will often walk across mountain streams and get wet with boots alone. In addition, it is recommended to choose a felt sole type wader because it has a high grip because it is slippery on moss-covered stones.

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polarized sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses that suppress glare on the surface of the water due to sunlight are essential items for mountain stream fishing, which is daytime fishing. We recommend sports models with brown or gray lens colors that are easy to handle even for mountain stream fishing, and that fit your face and do not come off easily.

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landing net

Occasionally, unexpectedly large fish may be caught, or there may be points that cannot be approached to the water's edge.

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Mountain stream fishing tends to involve a lot of detailed tools such as lines and lures, and it is a type of fishing that requires a lot of movement. By preparing a special bag etc., you can carry your luggage smartly, and it is also effective for increasing fishing results because it makes it easier to change lures.


A compact shoulder bag or waist bag for light games is recommended.

lure case

There are various types and colors of lures in mountain stream lure fishing, and the number of lures is increasing. By preparing a lure case, it will be easier to manage these together neatly. A compact type with customizable partitions is recommended.


It is a container to temporarily store the fish you catch, and in the case of mountain stream fishing, it is often far away from the car, so many anglers use it as a temporary storage until the car with a cooler box. Easy-to-use Viku has been released by each manufacturer.


Fishing is an attractive way to enjoy nature, but there is also the danger of encountering wild animals such as bears, so bear bells and insect repellent sprays are essential tools.


Also, you may get injured on steep mountain roads, so you should prepare first-aid equipment. Compasses and maps are also necessary to avoid getting lost on mountain trails.


How to use mountain stream lures

Since many types of lures are used in mountain stream lure fishing, it can be said that skillful use of them is also a point that affects the fishing results.

What is your target point?

Points to aim for in mountain stream lure fishing


Let's actively aim for the point of change. The points where fish are likely to stick are such as the twist of the flow and the place where it falls. In addition, there are times when you can aim for big fish at deep points such as deep pools, so it can be said to be a good point.

Action tips and tricks

Stream lure fishing tips


The basic action is to invite the minnow with a retrieve action by just winding it, lift and fall with vibration, twitch with a spoon, and dart with a spinner. You can increase your catch.

Change points at a good tempo and shoot

Mountain stream lure fishing is the ultimate Langan style


In mountain stream lure fishing, it is said that not sticking to one point for too long is the key to increasing catches. let's go.


There is also a fishing method called mountain stream bait finesse

Mountain stream bait finesse is also rapidly gaining popularity


Bait finesse tackle is attracting attention as an effective tackle in mountain stream fishing. It can be said that the high accuracy of casting unique to bait rods and the good return that allows you to shoot at a good tempo are effective.


In addition, in mountain stream lure fishing, which often handles lightweight lures, the fineness of the finesse tackle enhances sensitivity and is excellent for lure operation and flow detection.

Let's enjoy the mountain stream more with lures!

Enjoy mountain stream lure fishing


Mountain stream lures are attractive because of their high gameplay, where you choose your own points while moving and cast the lures. There is a risk that the point is narrow and it is easy to get through, and there are many obstacles and it is easy to lose the lure.


In addition, the legs and lower back are strengthened by traveling long distances on mountain paths and riversides, making it a good exercise for those who usually lack exercise. It's fun to catch mountain stream lures, improve your fishing skills, and relieve your lack of exercise!