Let's grow medaka in the biotope! What tools do you need for breeding?

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What is a biotope anyway?

Roughly speaking, a biotope is "a reproduction of nature under a certain environment." In buildings, schools, and home gardens, you can create a world that looks like nature and enjoy the scenery. For the biotope, seeWhat is a biotope? How to make and 11 recommended creatures!"Please refer to the.

Recommended for biotopes, let's keep medaka together

Well, this time, I would like to introduce medaka as a fish that is easy to breed in such a biotope. Medaka, which lives in streams, ponds, and paddy fields, can be said to be the perfect fish for a biotope that mimics nature.

Types of biotope medaka

In recent years, medaka breeds have been improved, and various seeds are on sale. I will introduce some of them, so please look for your favorite medaka.

Beautiful red body, Yang Guifei Medaka Miyuki Medaka is characterized by its blue body. Daruma medaka is characterized by its large body.

Recommended container for biotope medaka

Medaka can be bred if you have a tank of a certain size, but if you want to make it a biotope, it is better to put a large container such as a plastic boat outdoors. There is also a large case in the shape of a pond, which will help you think of a stylish biotope layout.

Medaka Bowl Large

Zensui Biotope

Mold pond Biotope

Substrate material recommended for biotope killifish

If you breed medaka in a biotope, you need bottom sand as a substrate material. If you want to reproduce the natural scenery, Arakida soil and Akadama soil are good. The pace of moss growing in the water is slow with Oiso stones and pebbles, so it can be kept relatively clean.

Arakida soil

Akadama clay
Oiso stone
Shiratama gravel

Recommended aquatic plants for biotope killifish

When breeding medaka in a biotope, if you breed aquatic plants together, it will be a biotope full of taste. Recommended aquatic plants include Matsumo, Anacharis, and floating water hyacinth, which are easy to keep.

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water hyacinth

Let's enjoy medaka in the biotope!

This time, I introduced the breeding of killifish in the biotope. There is no doubt that the medaka will enhance the atmosphere of the biotope, which is inspired by nature. How about raising medaka in a simple and easy handmade biotope?

Let's keep medaka in the biotope!

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