Breeding of batrax cats and diseases to watch out for! Lifespan, food, price, etc.

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What is Batrax Cat

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batrax catfish (Asterophysus batrachus) is a catfish and is characterized by its large head and mouth.


It grows to a size of only about 30 cm, which makes it easy to keep as a pet. Overseas, it is also called Gulper Catfish.


The batrax cat is native to the Negro River in the Amazon River system, and it was imported to Japan in 2002, so it has a relatively short history as an ornamental fish.


Due to the small number of initial imports Phantom CatfishHowever, in recent years, it has been imported to Japan in bulk.


Battrax Cat market price

Battrax cat price

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Ten years ago, due to its rarity, one batrax catfish was sold for more than 1 million yen, but now the price has stabilized.


Prices vary by size, but many pet stores About 3000 yen to around 10,000 yenIt is sold in, and generally, the larger the size, the higher the price.


Medium-sized individuals of about 8 cm to 12 cm are often distributed, but small batrax cats of about 5 to 7 cm are distributed every autumn. If you want to grow slowly from a small size, it is a good idea to get it at this time.

What is the lifespan of a batrax cat?

the batlax cat Life expectancy is about 10-15 yearsIt is said that. The growth speed is not so fast, it is slow eyes.


The lifespan of ornamental fish, not just the batrax cat, varies greatly depending on the environment such as the quality of facilities, the amount of food given, water temperature and water quality.


When breeding batrax cats, the key to extending their lifespan is to keep them in an environment and facilities that have as much room as possible.


Breeding equipment and breeding environment for batrax cats

Breeding a batrax cat is the first step. You can keep them for a long time if you take care of them properly.

Water tank/filter

The batrax cat is a fish that can grow up to about 30 cm, so even if you keep it alone, it is better to have a regular size tank of at least 60 cm.


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Because they are carnivorous and tend to pollute the water, it is recommended to use an upper filter or an external filter with good filtration efficiency.

Water temperature/water quality

The batrax cat is a breed that is very easy to keep once it gets used to the environment. Care must be taken only for white spot disease at the time of introductionis. Almost always, white spot disease occurs immediately after introduction, so let's manage it at a high water temperature of about 28 to 30 degrees at first.


water quality Weakly acidic to near neutralThere is no particular problem if it is bred in . However, if the water becomes dirty, the whiskers will melt and cut off, so be sure to change the water regularly.


The batlax cat is nocturnal, so basically no lights are required. However, just as there is day and night in the natural world, you can create a rhythm of life by turning the light on and off in the aquarium.


Also, to enjoy the beautiful appearance of the cute Batrax cat, it is a good idea to use an LED light. Observing how they swim actively after turning off the lights is the real pleasure of breeding.


I prefer the layout to be as simple as possible. There is no problem in breeding in a bare tank with nothing in the tank, but it will be easier to calm down if you submerge it in a clay pipe that will serve as a hideout.


It's easier to change the water if you don't add bottom sand, but if you do, it's a good idea to spread a thin layer of gravel with a heavy specific gravity such as garnet sand.


batrax cat food

batrax cat food

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The batrax cat is carnivorous. Depending on the length of the batrax cat, give him medaka or small red. If you get used to it, you may be able to feed it in addition to live food, so it is also recommended to give it krill.


If you buy live bait such as medaka, it is best to give it after treating it with a salt bath so as not to bring in diseases.

About bathrax cat swimming

Battlax cat mixed swimming

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Because the batrax cat swallows fish of the same size as itself, It is not suitable for mixed swimming with other species and is basically kept


However, if they are of the same species, they can be bred without much fighting. However, if there is a difference in physique between batlax cats that are mixed together, the larger one may swallow the smaller one whole, so choose the same size when swimming together.


Also, for some reason, it is said that the same catfish (corydoras, etc.) will not eat even if they are swimming together. However, the size that fits in the mouth can be eaten at any time, and even if you can swim with corydoras, corydoras may feel stress.


Therefore, if possible, keep them of the same species or individually.


Diseases to watch out for in the Batrax cat

As mentioned above, batrax cats need special attention for white spot disease immediately after introduction. Since the batrax cat is a relative of the catfish without scales, the use of common ornamental fish remedies is risky and not recommended.


White spot disease in its early stages can be sufficiently treated with a 0.5% salt bath and raising the water temperature to nearly 30 degrees. In the unlikely event that the symptoms progress, use methylene blue, etc., and give them a medicinal bath at about 1/3 to 1/2 of the prescribed amount.

In addition, although the batrax cat is a medium-sized tropical fish, it is a carnivorous fish that easily pollutes the water, so it is necessary to be careful of columnaris disease and aeromonosis caused by deterioration of water quality.


Medicated baths such as kanpara are common for these treatments, but as with white spot disease, it is important to use less than the usual amount. Above all, make sure to change the water regularly to avoid getting sick.

With regular water changes and proper filtration, this fish doesn't get sick very often.

Sex determination and breeding of batrax cats

Breeding of the batrax cat has hardly been done, and there are many points that have not been elucidated. Sex can be distinguished when the body length reaches 12 to 13 cm, but individuals smaller than that seem to be difficult to distinguish.


Males are said to have a white copulatory organ at the tip of their anal fins, and females are those that do not. Since there is little information on mating and egg laying, it is currently very difficult to breed.


However, it is not that there are no cases of breeding in the tank, and when I noticed it, I was laying eggs! It's rare, but it does happen. Recently, the distribution volume of the batrax cat has been stable, so please try breeding with males and females.

Like a deep sea fish! Challenge to breed a batrax cat

This time we will introduce you to the Batrax Catfish. It looks a little goofy and cute, but it eats anything with its big mouth.


How about raising such a lovely Batrax cat? Breeding is also not clarified, so if you are a breeder, please try breeding!

Breed a batrax cat