Basic knowledge and 4 steps of betta breeding! How many babies are born at once?

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What kind of fish is a betta?

The betta isBettaBetta splendens is a general term for fish of the genus, and the ones you see at pet stores are Betta splendens.Betta splendensThis is the kind of thing that says. It is characterized by its very large fins and colorful body color, but it is mainly the males that have the beautiful body.


It is native to the Mekong River in Thailand and lives in rice fields, streams, small ponds, and sometimes puddles. This fish has an interesting feature: it has something called a labyrinth organ in its body, which allows it to directly take in oxygen from the air.

Determining male and female betta fish

How do you distinguish between male and female bettas?

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The easiest way to tell the difference between the sexes of betta fish is by the size of their fins. The larger one is male and the smaller one is female. However, this is limited to species with large fins such as traditional bettas and show bettas.


In the case of other varieties, individuals that have grown to a certain extentLook at the abdomen, if you see a white ovipositor, it's a female, if not, it's a male., can be distinguished.

When to breed bettas

Male betta fish build bubble nests above the water surface, and females lay their eggs there. Therefore,If the male starts making bubbles on the water surfaceThis is a sign that the cat is in heat.


It will be okay to move on to breeding. Females have ovaries near the ovipositor, so if the area near the ovipositor in the abdomen is large, it means they have eggs, so try breeding them.

4 basic steps of betta breeding (preparation and procedure)

Once both the male and female have entered the breeding season, it's time to breed them. Betta breeding is"Preparation"and"Compatibility"is very important.

① Preparation of breeding environment

The breeding tank should be larger than the one you normally keep.At least 30cmPlease prepare the following.The optimum water temperature is around 28℃.So let's warm it up with a heater.


Aquarium as much as possiblebright placeor install lighting. It would also be useful to have floating plants that will strengthen the male's bubble nest, obstacles that will serve as a hiding place for the female, and water conditioners that will stabilize the water quality.

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After preparing the breeding tank,"Marriage"I'll let you do that. Instead of putting the male and female in a tank all at once, put the male in a breeding tank and the female in a separate small bottle tank, and place them next to each other so they can see each other.

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We are both in heat,Once the male has built a 4-5 cm bubble nest, gently introduce the female into the breeding tank.


The female heads to the bubble nest built by the male. At this time, the male attacks the female to lure her to the nest.The female's body will fall apart, but let's keep an eye on her for a while.


The male wraps himself around the female to mate and lay eggs. The fertilized eggs fall to the bottom and the male picks them up and takes them to the bubble nest.

④ Isolation of females

After confirming that the female has spawned, or if she has not mated or spawned within a few days, isolate the female and return her to her original tank. Since the body is injured, infections may occur from there.


Let's bathe them with medicine to prevent illness. A salt bath is fine, but it is a salt bath developed for betta fish.SUMAI recommend this drug.

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How to raise fry

This leaves eggs and males in the breeding tank. The male blows air into the eggs and removes dirt from them. The eggs will hatch in a few days, and after a few days the yolk will disappear and they will be able to feed on their own. Remove the male from the breeding tank at this time.


For young fish,infusoriaorartemiaIt gives plankton called. All are commercially available,Easily hatched under certain conditionsIt is convenient because There are also equipment specifically designed for plankton hatching, so give it a try. You can also prevent diseases by adding SUMA, which I introduced earlier, to your aquarium.

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Genetic relationship between betta breeds and colors

When a young betta fish is about 2 months old, it will grow to about 3 cm, and its bright fins and body color will appear. The breed (fin size) and body color areIt is not guaranteed that you will inherit 100% of your parents..

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In particular, there are various patterns in body color, and even if the parents have the same color, a child may be born with a different color from the parent. Breeding over several generations is required to maintain a stable increase in variety and body color.

How many babies can be born in one spawning?

Bettas only spawn once50 to 100 pieces, sometimes 200 piecesIt lays eggs. If the breeding tank is too small, it will become overcrowded and it will be difficult for the fry to grow, but if things go well, they will grow to a certain size by 50-70%.


They become adults after about 4 months of age, but the survival rate is low due to fighting between individuals. When they grow to a certain size, separate them into separate aquariums.

When Berry Slider was born

When breeding betta fish, belly sliders may be born. Berry sliders are individuals that cannot float and swim along the bottom.


If such individuals are born, to make it easier for them to grow,Keep it in a shallow aquarium, do not put sand or aquatic plants in it, keep it separate from other animals., let's do the above tricks.

Let's breed bettas!

Betta breeding challenge


This time we introduced the breeding of betta fish. Bettas will mate and lay eggs right away if you give them a little help.


If you take good care of them, they can grow into colorful fry, lay eggs, and reproduce for many generations. Why not try your hand at breeding and breeding colorful betta fish?

Breeding bettas is surprisingly easy